Friday Favorites 01.19.18

Happy Friday! Hopefully, you are thawing out wherever you live. It has been the coldest week I can remember! As such, we had a few “winter storm” days here in Houston, which I am sure must have seemed laughable to people from up North, but our city just doesn’t know what to do when a little winter precipitation hits. It has been so nice to be back in the office with my team now that things have cleared up. We’ve been working on new projects, including two fabulous ones that I am super inspired for in Greenwich, Connecticut and Chicago and have also been brainstorming about a very exciting initiative that will launch later this year. I can’t wait to tell you about it! In the meantime, here is what has been on my radar this week.

Design: One thing that I get a lot of requests for from readers and clients alike is how to style one’s bookshelves. recently asked me for my top tips for curating a stylish bookshelf, which I shared in this article which ran earlier this week.

Style: Staud seems to be the current go-to brand for the “It Girl” set. Founded by Sarah Staudinger, the former Fashion Director at Reformation, the brand is beloved by tastemakers like Alexa Chung and Leandra Medine. Their chic handbags are the perfect statement piece to complete any outfit at a palatable price point. I am currently loving the Moreau Macramé and Leather Bucket Bag, the Grace Crushed-Velvet Tote in Baby Pink, and the Bissett Leather Bucket Bag in classic black. 

Read: I feel like I am pretty good at conversing with people in both social and business settings, although it doesn’t always come super naturally to me since I am more of an introvert and I don’t love meaningless small talk. Every now and then, you’ll meet someone who doesn’t give you much to work with in a conversation which is why I loved coming across this article with 11 Meaningful Conversation Starter Questions for Avoiding Small Talk. I’m sure I will end up weaving some of these into my conversations soon!

Eat: I love having smoothies in the morning because it makes me feel good about getting a nice chunk of my vegetable intake in at the beginning of the day, but a cold smoothie is just about the last thing I want for breakfast on a frosty morning. Instead, I have been loving warm bowls of hearty and filling oatmeal. Lively Table, one of my favorite food blogs, just shared some easy and tasty recipes for making creamy and nutty Steel Cut Oats, Four Ways.

Beauty: My team and I were just having a conversation the other day about using green skincare that isn’t filled with artificial chemicals. So many of us choose to embark on a dietary detox at the beginning of the year, but what about detoxing your skin, which also happens to be the largest organ in your body? Violet Grey gives us the lowdown on Skin Detoxifiers in order to get pure, beautiful, healthy skin.

Shop: Eventhough it doesn’t feel remotely like spring out, we can get into the mood with beautiful, spring-inspired statement earrings. This understated leaf pair and these intricate gold blooms add instant glamour while this pair of Mother of Pearl studs is just plain pretty and a steal for $36!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lust List: January 2018

Can you believe how cold it is? The weather in Atlanta was brutal while we were there this weekend. The temperatures were in the 20s, but with the wind chill, the news said it felt like 7 degrees. It was brutal! Houston just got a big cold front and a “winter storm” yesterday. The roads are iced over and we’ve had some sleet and snow. I’m sure it seems like child’s play to our friends in other parts of the country who experience real winters, but Houstonians can’t handle it, so the city just shuts down essentially. I love winter clothes, but I am ready for milder temperatures! As a result, this month’s Lust List is filled with cozy warm weather staples like coats and a few great jackets, but you’ll find some fabulous transitional pieces as well for those living in milder climates or who are planning to travel to slightly warmer locales. You’ll notice there are quite a few chic bags on my list this month. It wasn’t intentional, but there are so many fun new designs that I have recently came across. What are you in the mood for this month? Are you relishing winter or are you also dreaming of warmer temperatures and an escape to someplace sunny and warm?

LDV Loves: Timeless Treillage

{A Trellised Room by Paris Hadley}

After my recent trips to Paris, I have been a little obsessed with treillage. Treillage, French for trellis work has been around forever, but was popularized during the reign of Louis XIV in France. While originally intended as outdoor use to train and support climbing vines, it eventually made its way indoors as it is a fabulous way to add instant architecture to a room. Legendary landscape architect, André Le Notre used it at Versailles and if you fast forward to more recent centuries, you’ll find that it is a favorite of some fabulous decorators with classic taste. Elsie de Wolf famously designed a treillage-clad room at the Colony Club over one hundred years ago while some of my favorite designers have found creative ways to reinterpret treillage. I am dying to use this in a project! It just doesn’t get any more fabulous. Is this a look you’d try at home?

{Fresh and Garden Inspired by Amanda Lindroth}

{Timeless and Beautiful by Bunny Williams}

{How amazing is this dramatic treillage application by Cathy Kincaid as featured in House Beautiful? | Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna}

{Nathan Turner used Accents of France for this stunning treillage which was featured in House Beautiful.}

{I am so in love with my friend Bailey McCarthy‘s little girl’s bathroom which features a lovely treillage application. | Photography by Roger Davies}

{Chic and Classic in Locust Valley by Christopher Maya}

{If anyone can make treillage look fresh and modern, it’s Kelly Wearstler.}

{Over the top Glamour by Jean-Louis Deniot— Yes, please!}

{Shelley Johnstone‘s Fabulous Trellised Sun Room}

A Note on Style: Closet Update for 2018

Hello, LDV readers! This is Karima from A Note on Style. Like many, the new year brings a fresh perspective and an opportunity to start with a clean palette in the home, closet and even mentally. I’ve spent the last week editing and reorganizing my closet which has allowed me to see voids to fill and mistakes not to repeat, like buying too much of the same thing. How many black or gray sweaters do I really need?

One thing I’ve decided to focus on is to look at ways to modernize so many of the classics I already own. With a base of black and white, which can go in almost any direction from polished to boho, I love the addition of tan leather, especially in pieces that have a handcrafted, earthy vibe. The color adds a beautiful warmth. The tan accessories I’m falling for this season, a braided leather Loewe necklace, a macrame Staud bag and two-tone Trademark sandals, are unmistakably luxe additions that elevate the simplest outfit.

In addition to a batch of cool new accessories, I am continuing my love for blazers. Fall brought us some great tweeds and plaids, but a crisp stripe looks so right for spring. I’d wear Veronica Beard’s striped twill jacket with everything from straight or wide leg trousers to jeans or even a strapless dress. It’s chic and quite versatile.

Friday Favorites: 01.12.18

Happy Friday! I had been in a bit of a funk recently and had to remind myself that one’s mindset is everything. I had kind of been down in the dumps so far this year and then on Sunday, I took a really bad spill down the stairs at our house. Luckily, I am fine and just have bruised tailbone, but I was shaken up thinking about the fact that I could have broken a limb or hit my head badly and let my thoughts get away from me. Between the New Year funk, my fall, and a couple of things not panning out the way I’d hoped, I realized I was allowing myself to wallow in negative energy. I finally just reminded myself that the way I feel is ultimately up to ME. I am a big believer in the idea that the energy you project is what you will get back from the universe. A couple of days ago, I just made up my mind to focus on the positive, celebrate even the smallest of victories, and put out good energy. And you know what? I’ve noticed a big difference. Mindset really is everything!

This morning, Devon from my office and I are heading to Atlanta where I have a few work obligations including a fun interview, shopping the AmericasMart market, and speaking on a panel sponsored by Editor at Large this Saturday, January 13th at 10:00 am in Building 1, Floor 14, Vignette Gallery, 14-D-9 where I’ll be discussing trends from Coast to Coast along with what we are each working on in our respective cities with fellow designers and bloggers, Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors and Erin Gates of Elements of Style. If you’re in Atlanta, I hope you’ll join us for a fun and interesting discussion. In the meantime, here is what has been on my radar lately. Have a great weekend!

Design: While in New York this fall, I was interviewed by a fabulous website for entrepreneurs called The Lifestyle Edit. The Q & A  is all about how I run my design firm from day to day, the process of connecting with ideal clients, and the role social media plays in my business. I’ve had such wonderful mentors in this industry, so I always relish the opportunity to share what insight I can. Hopefully, you’ll find some valuable takeaways in this interview!

Style: Amanda, one of the girls in my office wears silk scarves so beautifully and effortlessly. She always inspires me to try it. I even bought myself a beautiful Hermes number at Christmas, but I need to commit and execute the idea! I am currently loving this graphic and classic Corto Moltedo scarf, this chic Gucci scarf, and at $19.99 plus an extra 50% off this Tiger Garden silk scarf from Loft has Gucci vibes without the price tag.

Read: If you are as obsessed with beautiful, hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper as I am, this new book, Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland is an absolute must-read. It is filled with the fascinating history of this favorite design element along with tons of beautiful photos.

Beauty: I don’t know about you, but I am ready for warmer weather. I know our winter weather is nothing compared to what many others are dealing with in colder climates, but aside from wearing cozy sweaters, I just don’t enjoy cold weather. It feels gloomy and the dry air and hot water wreak havoc on my skin which veers towards the normal/dry range. This winter, I have noticed that my skin hasn’t gotten parched like it has in past years and I am pretty certain it is because of my new skin regimen. I am still using my regular products that I’ve used for years, but the difference between previous years and this year is that I have worked in several Tata Harper products including her Regenerating Cleanser which gently sloughs away dull, dry skin; her Rejuvenating Serum which I use in the mornings and at night (it’s my favorite serum EVER); and Tata’s Beautifying Face Oil which I mix in with the serum. During warmer weather, I barely use a drop of the oil and mix it into the serum, then apply it to my face. In the winter, I have been adding a drop or two of the oil each time and my skin has stayed hydrated all winter. Tata Harper skincare is also organic, non-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, and artificial fragrances. The products all smell divine and are formulated with the highest quality, natural ingredients that really work to deliver anti-aging results. I’m hooked!

Eat: I always crave soup in the winter. Mary Kate, our newest team member is always sharing new soup recipes with us and just yesterday, I came across this article on My Domaine with 11 Delicious Winter Soups which I am excited to try. I don’t really love eating leftovers, but don’t mind eating leftover soup or pasta since the flavors usually come together over time. You can’t beat a meal that’s easy, delicious, and in the case of many of these soups, also healthy!

Shop: In the winter, I love wearing fabrics with great, cozy texture like cashmere and velvet. I am currently loving this relaxed velvet blazer, these easy velvet pants that look like they’d be super cozy for a long flight, and these chic embroidered smoking slippers