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I am thrilled to be among the roster of top design talent (including Michael S Smith, Jake Arnold, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Joy Moyler and more)  on a fantastic new platform called The Expert. Through The Expert, you can book one on one video consultations with me (25 or 55 minutes) and use the time for any design dilemma you may need solving. I sometimes receive inquiries for smaller projects that may not be a fit for my design firm, so this is a wonderful way to get professional advice if you don’t have a full-scale design project to tackle. Whether you need expert advice on selecting paint colors, styling tips, designing a room together on the fly or any career or marketing/PR/social media/brand-building advice, these are all issues we can work on together via The Expert. Each call is tailored to your specific needs. As a former educator I am passionate about imparting the wisdom and expertise I have accumulated after 14 years in the design industry, so I am very excited about being able to work with more of you in this way. Given my schedule, I can only take on a couple of these sessions per month, so if your design business isn’t quite where you’d like for it to be or if you need a professional designer’s help, be sure to check out The Expert.

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