And Baby Makes Three…

In case you aren’t following me on Instagram, I wanted to take a moment to share a very special development with you here. We recently received the most joyous news when we learned that I am expecting! Fabian and I are finally having a baby after fifteen years of marriage and are expecting a baby girl in June! We are absolutely overjoyed and Fabian is especially excited about being a girl dad. I wasn’t sure this would ever happen for us, so it feels like the most incredible blessing.

I’m nearly 17 weeks along now and can happily report that the second trimester has been a bit easier than the first which was quite ROUGH! I had terrible morning sickness all day long for weeks to the point that I had to go on a prescription for it. My biggest issue now is that I have been getting chronic tension headaches. You can only take Tylenol when pregnant which hasn’t done much to help, so if anyone has experienced this issue and can share anything that helped, please let me know.

I know that our lives are about to change tremendously, though everyone says that it is going to be for the better; that children enrich their lives beyond measure. I am incredibly excited to experience the wonder and joys of childhood; to watch her learn and grow and become her own person. On another level, I have a feeling that God sent me this baby to teach me that work isn’t all there is in life. I am a total workaholic and am incredibly passionate about my career to the point that my professional life has often taken precedent over my personal life. I also know that she will surely teach me how important it is to surrender. As a total Type A personality accustomed to being the boss, I cannot control everything and I suspect that there is nothing quite like motherhood to teach one such a lesson. Knowing that we have our sweet baby on the way, I plan to focus my intentions for the New Year on two words–“surrender” and “balance”. I have to learn to set boundaries within my professional life and must learn to go with the flow a bit more in order to be able to be as present as I can for both of my babies– my child and my businesses. Easier said than done, I am sure, but if any of you are balancing motherhood with your career, I would love to hear any advice. I feel like the world has just opened up in a completely new way and I have SO much to learn, but I could not be more excited for the journey!


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  1. As the mother of 2 daughters, I am thrilled for you and your husband. You will be in my prayers. Life will never be the same, but it will be wonderful. Bless you.

  2. Congratulations to you and fabian! i know that you will be fabulous parents. Raising children is the most important thing i ever did! as for me, i always put my faith and trust in god to lead and guide us on our journey, and i can report that he did not let me down! i have two wonderful daughters, and i also had a great career after raising them! best of luck to you and fabian!

  3. Wow Paloma! Exciting news and congrats to you and Fabian. I have been fOllowing your blog pretty much since you started it I think. It has been a pleasUre to watch you grow as a blogger, a desigNer, a business owner and a retailer. You got Tate when I got my Siamese boy, Tai, who is still my little prince! This news is the crowning event! You will be a terrific mom and a child grounds us as well as shows us the way. We become at once both teacher and student. Be at ease and know that all is as it should be. Hugs, Erica

  4. I’m so happy for y’all! Take it from another Type A, it’s going to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Cherish every moment.

  5. Paloma, im so happy for you and Fabian!! You BEAUTIFULLY expressed how your little bundle of joy will enrich your lives. I have no doubT thaT you will be a wonderful mother and will figure out how to Accomplish the work-life balance. CONGRATULATIONS and may the remainder of your pregnancy be an easy one!!

  6. Very vEry long time reader… i rarely Comment, but i Must Now! Huge news! So happy for you! Children BrIng so much joy and love that the SACRIFICES and work involved dont even feel like a burden. Feel good and congrats!

  7. A huge congratulations to you! YOur words for the new year are well chosen! you have so much to look FORWARD to and it’s true life will never be the same. Surrender is a Perfect choice! Thrilled for you,

  8. I am *SO* thrilled for yoU! I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning, and I remember your moves etc. related to shifting expectations for your life.

    Best advice I have, after raising two girls who are the light of my life, is that no matter, good or bad, everything is a phase and will pass, and to savor *every* minute because it flies by…


  9. Love your aesthetic. Have been so enjoying your podcasts; can’t even tell you! Thank you.
    Is there a possibility of having printed versions? I have learned so much but would love to read and review.
    Also, warmest CONGRATULATIONS on your WONDERFUL news.
    Best, Josie

  10. What wonderful news!!!
    the best to you, Fabian, & baby girl!!!
    I just knew 2021 would bring glorious joy & excitement!!!

    happy New year,

  11. So very happy for you both. Sincerely,
    And your little girl will change your life in many wonderful ways! Cant wait to see her nursery!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS & BeSt wishes for you & Your hUsband.
    So happy you are not going to Constantly going to show us your ( hate to say it…)“bump”…its a trend i can really do without.

  13. Congratulations! I guess i missed it on instagram. As a chronic migraine sufferer i can offer a few tips: ginger sometimes helps the headaches, i also use an ice cap that Helps (sometimes heat helps). If you take tylenol too FREQUENTLY it Loses effectiveness. Meditation helps me (i use headSpace), as does exercise. Many people swear by yoga. Hope the headaches subside soon.

    1. I forgot the biggest thing that helped my headAches: theres a diet Recommended by the American Migraine Foundation. AmerIcan headache association has a similar one. Its pretty easy for pregnancy because ypuve probably already cut put caffeine and alcohol.

      1. Hi Susie – our experience is that migraine sufferers are always sent to neurologists (believe me, we had all sorts of specialists!), who treat things with drugs, which certainly are useful. In fact, BOTOX WAS ORIGINALLY A MIGRAINE MEDICINE AND CAN BE QUITE HELPFUL. The Problem is that not all migraines are electrical. some are caused by mechanical issues (like the difference between a heart attack, which is mechanical, and cardiac arrest, which is electrical). There is a surgery developed by a plastic surgeon who noticed that his brow lift patients no longer had migraines which might be of help. we tried it in desperation, and In our daughter’s case, it actually cured her headaches – she went from constant agony to having had 2 in about 10 years! Hope that info helps!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS, you and Fabian will be WONDERFUL parents! So happy fOr you and your family . What a Blessing . The news of your littLe girl coUldnt have come at a better time. gOd bless

  15. Congratulations! This is going to be your most enjoyable project, every minutE is amazing! I started my own designing firm when my daughter was 8 months old! I endured my business for 32 yearS and it was a definite chaLlenge, but totally worthwhile. My daughter is now 43 and sn orthopEdic surgeon. I have been retired now for 12 years bc we wanted to travel and reap benefits of hard work. Good luck and you will have a wonderful journey. Best!!!!

  16. Paloma,

    As a moTher of two, my advice is to always trust your instincts and Not to worrY about having everything perfect, Children just need lots of love, food and a warm bed.

  17. Congratulations to you and your family on Such an exciting time in your life. Time seems to stand still yet fly by when raiSing children. Savor every minute and cherish every day with Your daughter. As the mother of two children, i Think She Is tHe most precious gift you will ever receive!

  18. So happy for you! Been reading your blog and haven’t commented before but this news is just the best ? CONGRATULATIONS to you

  19. Hey paloma!

    I am a mother of two and have my own j terior design business. I have two boys 3 and 2. They are so much fun and really the best things! It def Changes ypur pRiorities and your life, but trUly for the better! ThE best thing they had done for me has taught me patience. Being a mother Will test you in so many ways, but then you remembeR that you are there everything, literally! They need and love you so much. My number one thing has been to also remember you and fabian are in this together, so lean on each other and figure it out together. That is the fun part! Congratulations to you both! You got this mama!! Yall will be amazing!

  20. What joyous news! I was an “oLder” Mom having my first son at 38. I was so into my career that having a child was a bit FRIGHTENING as I Considered how I would manage travel, work and a new baby.
    I’m happy to tell you, you will figure It out. Your heart will be filled and your priorities Will change… you will be an amazing Mom!
    My advice is to savor the momeNts, savor the blessings you have been gIven.

  21. CONGRATULATIONS! I would suggest you dab a drop or two of PEPPERMINT oil at your temples when you feel a HEADACHE coming on. The PEPPERMINT smell also helps quell the FEELING of NAUSEA. Good Luck!

    1. I have been a follower for a while, and always Enjoy and appreciate your candid, honest and open style. It is refreshing and endearing. I am sure you are going to be a terrific mother! Congratulations!!!! I am not a mother myself, but I was a migraine sufferer for years before menopause. I combined what two of the commenters above recommended. I woulD take Tylenol. then put an old fashioned hot water bottle under my neCk/back of head, and peppermint on temples and forehead (origins made a good one called Peace of Mind, not sure if still available). Then lay down, relax and it would usually help in 10-15 minutes. I agree about the pepperMint and nausea, worked for me too.

      I Also hope you will be blessed with a great layer of managers between you and your first baby, so you can let go a little more. I am betting you will figure this out, and beautifully!

      Very best wishes!

  22. Paloma, Congratulations on your amazing news – Babies are truly a blessing and I am so happy for you! The funniest thing I heard about children was from our priest: The hours go by so slowly but the years go by so quickly – this is absolutely true As before you know it, they’re off to college!

    You mentioned headaches – we know a lot about this as our daughter spent many miserable years in the “Migraine Maze” as we call it. A lot more to tell (And i’m happy to talk with any of your readers about this) but she had a pretty simple surgery which fixed the problem.

    we also learned about The “penny power” program, developed by a doctor who noticed his dyslexia patients’ headaches were disappearing by doing an eye exercise. Here is his video:

    it literally costs nothing but two pennies and a few minutes of your time each day. it works for me, for a former NHL player plagued with migraines from too many concussions and other friends. Give it a try!

  23. CongratulAtions to you and your family paloma!! As i read your post, you’re so honest as self aware, i saw myself. I also was insTantly assured that you weRe going to be just fine! As a mother of five, i grew my familY as i grew my design business. What i know for sUre, as with you, is that your faith will get you through Those time when you feel like you’ve lost controL of everything around you. An unconsolaBle screaming infant can make you feel that way. Ha! However, i also leaRning to Allow people to help me and tO accept that they may not do things the same way i Would but whatEver it is—housekeeping or otherwise, it was allowing me to do what only i coulD do and that was to be my children’s one and only mother. And as for the headAChes, FLUCTUATING hormones are pretty wicked, but i fOund some relIef in getting proper rest, staYing hydrateD, and Not skipping mEals. Keep snaCks in your bag! Hope this helps! Here if you need me 🙂 xo!

  24. Paloma, Congratulations! Your news brings me great joy and reminds me what a privilege it is to be mother to my two daughters. Your care for life shines through in your work and will make you a wonderful mom. Becoming a mom will take your work to new places, and your passion for your work will take your daughter to wonderful heights.