A Note on Style: Cocooning in Style

Hello LDV readers. It’s Karima from A Note on Style with a new guest post in my monthly series. One thing I’m betting on for fall is the continuation of elevated comfort without sacrificing style. More important than ever, I want to wear relaxed pieces that simply feel good to put on. Soft clothing as appropriate and pretty for lounging as they are for a market run is the goal. A little effort in selecting pieces within a restricted color palette of neutrals easily adds a sophisticated note to even the most casual outfit.

The same theory goes for my beauty routine. It’s all about products and tools that are effective and pleasing to use. Think beautifully scented soaps, shampoos, and lotions for starters. With a bit more time on my hands, rushing out the door is a rarity so taking a moment to pamper is no longer a luxury. I’m going to experiment with new products and test a few beauty devices now too.

Ultimately, the plan is to maximize the enjoyment of my time at home. I’m surrounding myself with things that bring me comfort and make me happy. Fragrant candles, soft blankets, fresh white towels and crisp sheets all contribute to creating the pleasant environment I’m after.

Cocooning in style is tops for me this month. I’m keeping my wardrobe updated and freshening up my home with a number of items from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. Shop my picks through the links below before the sale ends and prices go up:





above: Shearling slide, Santal 26 candle trio, T3 ionic hairdryer, grey jogger pajama pants, Co white pullover, wrap jacket, Anastasia brow set, Celine sunglasses, Le Labo basil verbena hand soap


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  1. What about Men??? Why leave them out?? Many women buy for men. They buy for their boyfriends and husbands. Perhaps they (the men) do not have great taste or just do not have the time to buy for themselves.
    A beautiful woman looks silly next to a badly dressed man!