In the Mood: April 2020

{Black and White at Paloma & Co}

My “In the Mood” posts in April have historically been filled with pastels and verdant hues that echo in the new season. This year feels different– for all of us. I can’t think of a time where we have all needed a blank slate more than now. It has been a time of increased clarity. Everything seems to be coming into focus. We have a better grasp of what really matters right now. For once, it really is black and white. The contrast of black and white, so powerful, in and of itself. Black to represent the collective sorrow, stress, anguish, and uncertainty we are all going throw. White to represent hope, faith, dreams, and a brighter tomorrow. What has this time taught you? What silver linings have you found? What is giving you hope right now?

{Cy Twombly}


{My Dining Room | Photography by Kerry Kirk}

{Carolyn Carr}

{via The English Room}

{Darryl Carter via ELLE DECOR}

{William McLure}

{The Chicest Pajamas via Pinterest}

{Paloma Contreras Design | Photography by Max Burkhalter}

{Kayce Hughes}

{Image via Pinterest | Original Source Unknown}

{Paloma & Co.}

{Abstract by William McLure}

{Melinda Eklof via Pinterest}


{Reed and Delphine Krakoff}

{Mid-Century Abstract by Angel Alonso}

{Linn Haaglund via Pinterest}

{Betsy Brown | Photography by Annie Schlecter for Veranda}

{Abstract by Kimberly Moore}

{Image via Pinterest | Original Source Unknown}

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