Dissecting the Details: Anne Wagoner

Hello LDV readers, Nancy of Marcus Design here, happy to be back for Dissecting the Details today! I’m turning my attention to a lovely and talented North Carolina based designer, Anne Wagoner. She creates such beautiful spaces with a classic foundation; let’s peer through some very special moments Anne creates in her vignettes. Whether in an entry foyer or in a small nook of a larger room, Anne expertly draws us in to the space through these vignette designs. Let’s dissect 4 key elements she utilizes:



photo by Anna Routh
photo by Anna Routh
Whenever Anne is utilizing a mix of lamps, objets, boxes, and art, she plays with the depth of the field by placing each item at a staggered position. Even small artworks are layered in front of large, and if they are small enough they may be placed on a mini-easel for even more interest. Having items at varying depths allows the eye to recognize the 3
dimensional space in it’s entirety rather that creating a flat vignette.


photo by Anna Routh


Anne is an expert and combining pieces of art with each other and creating fanciful arrangements. Antique & contemporary art are intermingled to give the vignette soul. I particularly love her addition of plates displayed amongst framed pieces as well, there’s something so satisfying about the way they add circular shape to her galleries.


photo by Anna Routh
photo by Anna Routh
Whether it’s a pair of chairs, stools, or lamps, you simply can’t go wrong with bilateral symmetry. The human eye finds left and right pairings so satisfying, and Anne’s designs here are a perfect example of that. Just look at those green glass urns!
photo by Anna Routh
Never underestimate the difference specialty lighting can add to any space. Anne has brought stunning pieces to each of the projects you see here; from the Bunny Williams chicken feather lamp, to chandelier sconces, and gorgeous brass floor lamps. It’s a jewelry effect that cannot be matched!
And there you have it, four major elements Anne uses to create memorable and detailed vignettes in her projects. I’d love to carefully consider and add each one of these to my own home. Which is your favorite detail? Be sure to find Anne Wagoner Interiors and her extensive portfolio here, as well as on IG here.
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