Five Minutes with Houston’s Most In-Demand Esthetician

As I have gotten older, I have become more and more passionate about skincare and at this stage, I am really thinking about aging gracefully– but well nonetheless! I am pretty rigorous about maintaining my skincare routine every morning and evening no matter how tired or rushed I may be. I have not resorted to Botox or fillers yet and while I never say never, I am hoping to keep more drastic measures at bay by taking extra good care of my skin. About a year ago, while at the height of exhaustion in the midst of my book tour, I decided to really make an effort to focus on self-care. Running two businesses and traveling as much as I do can be trying at times, so I decided that I would treat myself to regular facials. Previously, I would get facials maybe twice a year. After hearing rave reviews about Deborah Michelson from Houston beauty blogger Kathleen Jennings, I decided to make an appointment and I have been hooked ever since. Not only is Deborah incredibly kind and delightful to be around, but I learn something new about caring for my skin on nearly every visit. Deborah’s facials are unlike any I’d ever had before.

She is the only esthetician in Houston to use the coveted Biologique Recherche line of products and she is always on the cusp of the latest skin techniques. Whether she’s using ice cold water and blue and red lasers on my skin or trying the new Remodeling Face machine on me, I know that Deborah is always going to make my skin look fabulous. I’ve been raving about her to all of my friends and knew that I had to interview her for La Dolce Vita because she is so passionate about skincare and has the most wonderful insight and advice. I hope you enjoy getting know my favorite esthetician! You can book appointments at her atelier through Bella Rinova.

Paloma Contreras: What are the guiding principles of your skincare philosophy?

Deborah Michaelson: Equipping myself with knowledge and continued education, performing quality work with quality products, remains and will always remain at the forefront of all that I do. I have spent countless hours learning products, learning important techniques and honing my craft. More specifically, Biologique Recherche and MBR – Medical Beauty Research have been the benchmark for all things skincare and I am thrilled to offer them in my atelier, along with their extensive and esteemed training.

PC: One of the reasons you and I get along so well is that we are both Francophiles! How do French women and American women differ in their approach to skincare and aging?

DM: French women practice a lifestyle, almost born doing skincare. They do not perceive it as a luxury, but rather a necessity. They enjoy their creams and serums and integrate them into their daily rituals. American women are learning to adapt to their philosophy when it comes to skincare. Even to the extent of the growing trend of women desiring skin that glows, with the ultimate goal of feeling beautiful by wearing less and less makeup.

PC: Your facials are the best I’ve ever had and they’re also completely different from any others I’ve had. What makes your process special?

DM: Because I care! I treat the individual, with each facial being highly customized; no two alike. Also, by measuring nothing, while measuring everything! What I mean is, I don’t skimp on quality or quantity of products used. If three creams are needed for hydration, I do it! I feel my clients quickly recognize the generous amounts of product I use, ultimately giving them the very best, to achieve only the very best.

PC: What development or trend in skincare are you most excited about?

DM: Masking! It is a remarkably easy solution for my clients to achieve more subtle skin. Coupled with regular facials, they wake up hydrated, throw on their sunglasses and just go!

PC: What 3 things do you think are most important for aging gracefully?

DM: Hard to limit to just three, but these are my most recommended suggestions: 1) no smoking, 2) increase water intake/hydration, 3) double cleansing, 4) massaging the face to circulate and stimulate the blood to the surface, allowing the skincare to really penetrate and remove toxins, 5) sleeping on your back, and lastly and equally important, 6) sunscreen.

PC: Which celebrity would you most like to have as a client and why?

PC: Jennifer Aniston. She looks effortless, consistent and timeless. She could be 30, 40, or 50, no one would know unless they ask. And at her age of 50, she has obviously taken good care of herself and it shows!

PC: What product could you not live without?

DM: Holy grail product? Hands down, P50 Lotion by Biologique Recherche! It’s an exfoliator. It gives you the glow, soft skin, eliminates build-up of dead skin and helps other skincare products penetrate efficiently. It is a must have in one’s arsenal of skincare!

PC: You believe in only using ice cold water on the face. It takes a little getting used to, but then it becomes exhilarating! What are the benefits of this?

DM: It reduces inflammation of the skin. Once tried, it’s quickly understood to help reduce puffiness and redness; it’s a game changer.

PC: Do you have a favorite recent beauty discovery?

DM: The Remodeling Face Machine by Biologique Recherche has been around forever. However, I’m ecstatic to now offer to my clients. The machine stimulates the cells, lifts the facial muscles by sculpting and contouring the face. I am thrilled with the results, quickly growing in popularity amongst my clients.

PC: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

DM: Aside from having a job I love; it is to surround myself with all things beautiful and organized! I find tremendous pleasure in the simplicity and the quality. I also stick to living a life of vision, commitment and not counting pennies. Plus, I love ending the day with a chocolate. It’s the reason I give a John Kelly chocolate to my clients with each parting visit.

{Photography via @deborahmichelson_esthetician on Instagram}

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  1. She seems like a wonderful person with great passion foR what she does. Sure wish I lived in Houston to schedule a visit. Thanks for the great advice and skincare tips!

    1. Hi Tamara! Deborah is the absolute best! She treats her clients with such care and her passion is so evident in everything she does. Seeing her is a treat and the glowing skin I get as a result of my visits with her is just the icing on the cake!