Jet Set: Mezzatorre Hotel in Ischia

I have never understood people who justify staying in lackluster hotels by saying things like “it doesn’t matter where you stay, you’re only sleeping there”. Such a point of view could not be further from my own. I firmly believe that if your budget allows for it, you should stay in the best hotel that you can. It doesn’t always mean the most expensive place, but it should be a place that acts not only as a respite but also as a source of inspiration. Aside from the obvious factors of cleanliness and comfort, extraordinary service and great design can make for a memorable experience.

As such, I am constantly adding new hotels that come onto my radar to my wanderlust wishlist. The most recent addition is the Mezzatorre Hotel in Ischia, Italy. The brainchild of Marie-Louise Scio, CEO of her family’s Pellicano Hotel Group which includes the iconic Il Pellicano and La Posta Vecchia Hotels, Mezzatorre is the latest addition in this chic group of hotels that embodies “la dolce vita”. Inspired by films such as the Talented Mr. Ripley (a personal favorite) which was filmed by Ischia, the property features expansive gardens, multiple terraced pools, and stunning views. The potential was evident from the time Scio first laid eyes on the property, so she lead the design efforts and a massive overhaul in a matter of months. The new iteration features miles of Pierre Frey fabrics, scalloped umbrellas, wicker, and other timeless touches. Mezzatorre seems to be the “it hotel” of the moment. I’ve recently seen it profiled in the Wall Street Journal and in Domino as well as all over my Instagram feed. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a visit on the Italian Coast!

{Photography via Mezzatorre Ischia}

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  1. If you have not been there, i Don’t think it is right to post about. It just seems like you are posting in exchange for a free stay

    1. I think you are missing the point of the post. I am in no way endorsing the hotel or sharing my experience after being there, simply saying that the design and setting are inspiring to me and as such, this is a place I have added to my list of places I would like to visit. How you arrived at such an opinion based on this post is a mystery to me. Anytime I have been compensated for a post or given a free stay somewhere, I have clearly disclosed it in the post. Integrity is everything to me. Rest assured that I do not need to angle for a free stay somewhere.

  2. Totally agree Paloma. The photos of this property have propelled it to the top of my travel wishlist. Beautiful!

  3. Paloma, I could not agree with you more. I Have gained so much INSPIRATION from travel from wine pairings to the perfect shower size! thanks for sharing this:>

  4. when we stayed In sorrento i preferred staying in the hilton with the big american king beds and big showers. We had top floor view of sea, concierge level with private bar pool and dining. I found the italian hotel beds to be smaller not as coMfy. Ill go to dinner or drinks at the posh hotels like this instead. When got further up the italian riviera we stayed at a posh italian hotel and It confirmed my findings on the bed and shoWers.

    1. I couldn’t agree with Paloma more. The magig of the hotel brings a big element to the holiday. There is nothing more luxurous than staying in a beautiful hotel. it’s such a lift to the spirt and makes the memory of the trip so much more… memorable! We have one life to live. Lets do it inthe best we we can afford to!

  5. This is fabulous – I haven’t been in Ischia in many years, and at the time it was rather grotty; Capri was infinitely nicer. But now I’m going to put it on the list – this is a lovely spot, and probably not the only one there. Thanks!

  6. Ischia used to be rather grotty, but it certainly must have gotten nicer! Thanks – now it will be on my list.