In the Mood: November 2018

I don’t typically love oxblood, burgundy, or maroon. Maybe it’s because I was a teenager in the nineties when hunter green, burgundy, and navy reigned. They are three perfectly lovely colors on their own, but you may recall that particular combination to be very 90s! However,  I have suddenly developed a crush on this color. It’s perfect for Fall and Winter. While it may be a bold choice to commit to in one’s home– though the examples in this post will show you how to do it beautifully– it is a fun hue to try in one’s wardrobe or in an even more palatable dose, compliments of a chic nail polish or lipstick or mixed in with other neutrals. While oxblood may not be one of my go-to colors, I am certainly in the mood for it this month!

{Pablo Paniagua}




{Cy Twombly}


{Steven Gambrel}




{Cy Twombly}


{Alex Papachristidis}


{Olivia Palermo in Self-Portrait}


{Cy Twombly}

{Hannah Cecil Harden of deGournay’s Master Bedroom as featured in The Coveteur}

© Noa Griffel 2015

{Tory Burch}


{Markham Roberts as featured in Architectural Digest}


{Emily Weiss}


{Cy Twombly}






{Cy Twombly}

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  1. I really like your post today………the commentary & image selections are very nice! The Focus color & design styles really did shift my perspective to the season changes. Its funny…….I have been noticing in the stores recently, the color I would normally call burgundy is referred to quite often as “FIG” !!!! Beautiful, nonetheless……..thank you for your post.