The Style Files: Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn and his wife, Ann,  founded their super chic, eponymous stores in Atlanta in 2007 after moving from New York where they’d each had illustrious careers in fashion– he, designing for Ralph Lauren and J. Crew, and she, as an editor at Vogue and Glamour. As you would imagine, they are quite the stylish duo and have impeccable taste– a combination of innate style and training at some of the most hallowed halls in fashion. When launching their shops (the men’s side came first), they sought to create more than just a shop, but an experience. Fabian and I both shop at the Mashburn stores quite often and can attest to the fact that they have achieved their goal. The staff always greets us by name, we’re always offered a beverage, and they offer alterations if needed with your purchase, making it a seamless and pleasurable experience. The Mashburns have an amazing aesthetic which permeates everything they touch, so it should come as no surprise that since opening in Houston just a few years ago, they have most recently expanded to Dallas, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, and have with vastly broadened their flagship store in Atlanta to include a coffee shop, a children’s collection called Kid Mashburn, and items for the home. The Mashburns also happen to be some of the kindest and most charismatic people I have the pleasure of knowing. They make everyone feel like a friend and exude such warmth and enthusiasm for what they do that it is simply contagious. I hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know more about Sid today. He’s the most stylish guy I know– just don’t tell Fabian!

Paloma Contreras: How would you describe your style?

Sid Mashburn: Things I can wear from Mississippi (where I grew up) to Milan (where I spend a lot of time for work) without looking or feeling out of place. I like things to feel easy… when it’s cut right, you can wear a suit like a pair of jeans.

{Sid’s Closet}

PC: How has living in Atlanta influenced your style?

SM: Well, I grew up in the South so the environment hasn’t changed my sense of style so much as it’s changed my day-to-day. Ann & I built our business here, and as leaders, we naturally dress a little more formally… I wear ties way more often than I used to.

{Ann and Sid Mashburn | Photography by The Brinsons}

PC: What does your home say about you?

SM: Our home is a mix of modern and old. We like some formality, but comfortable & without pretense. We have five grown-up daughters who are constantly in & out of the house, so there’s always a lot going on… my main contribution is the soundtrack. There’s always music playing (whether I’m there or not.)

{The Mashburn’s Home in Atlanta}

PC: Where do you turn for inspiration?

SM: My 1960s childhood laid the groundwork for most of my inspiration – the stuff my older brother & sisters were wearing, and TV shows like Get Smart and the Dick van Dyke Show. I have all these references bouncing around in my head as far as silhouettes and cuts… but as a designer, I’m super inspired by the raw materials (fabrics, buttons, trim) and how to combine those in a way that feels fresh but still accessible. Everything from a suit in a really coarse hopsack, to a beaded necklace sewn along the pocket of a khaki trouser, to a pair of tassel loafers made out of tanned sharkskin.

{Dick Van Dyke}

PC: Who are your personal style icons?

SM: Sidney Poitier, Dick van Dyke, Alain Deleon

{Sidney Poitier}

PC: What trait do you most admire in a person?

SM: The combination of humility & drive. I like people who grind.

{The Sid Mashburn Store in Dallas}

PC: What is your guilty pleasure?

SM: Krystal, no cheese. They have Wifi.

{An Inspiration Board at the Sid Mashburn Store in Washington, D.C.}

PC: Who or what has been your greatest professional influence?

SM: Arthur & Emily Cinader at J.Crew, because they gave me a chance… and because it was really exciting to be building something together. And then later on, Jerry Lauren… a real industry pro.

PC: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

SM: My mind goes to Italy really quickly when I hear this… driving around the countryside en route to a factory, with Ann in the passenger seat & a great playlist going, and stopping for panini at one of the good Autogrills.

PC: What can we look forward to next from you?

SM: We just opened an expansion in Atlanta with coffee & home products, so we’re working to refine that. And on the men’s side of the business, we’re amping up our “On the Road” program, where we travel to cities where we don’t have shops to do private appointments and made-to-measure fittings.

Go-To Outfit: An air force blue high-twist suit

Style Mantra: Keep it easy but tight (a la James Brown)

Scent: Whatever soap is in the shower – I like the Swedish Dream Sea Salt one.

Piece of Jewelry: A strand of African beads under my shirt

Color I Never Tire Of: Every blue there is

Flower: Camellias – my dad grew them

Indispensable Design Element: The zipper

Era for Design: The 1960s

Dream Project: I’m doing it already!

Fabric/Textile: High-twist wool – it still blows me away that it comes from a sheep

Hostess Gift: Flowers

Meal: Diner breakfast

Drink: Currently a rye old fashioned, served up

Way to Unwind after a Long Day at Work: Chipping away at the Sunday crossword… Spelling Bee is another favorite puzzle

3 Things I Love About My City: The people, the weather, the canopy of trees (the airport is a close 4th)

Weekend Destination: Our backyard

Hotel: Hotel Ritz in Madrid

City: Milan

Museum: Musée Picasso

Artist: Everyone from Sir John Everett Millais to Cy Twombly to Clyfford Still to Frederic Edwin Church

Song that Always Puts Me in a Great Mood: Happier Than the Morning Sun

Actor/Actress: Peter Sellers

Prized Possession: Ann and my 5 daughters – Elizabeth, Louisa, Daisy, Harriet, Pauline

Risk Worth Taking: Opening this business

Greatest Extravagance: Buying records

Go-To Color Palette: Blues and greens

Movie Set Design: I like almost all of Wes Anderson’s sets, but I have a real love for Being There

I can never have too many… Red licorice scottie dogs

For more on the Mashburns, you can read the Style Files on Ann Mashburn here.

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