Friday Favorites 05.18.18

TGIF! After being out of the office for the past two weeks installing our window at Mecox for Legends of La Cienega and then back to Los Angeles the following week for the event itself, this was my first full week in my office in the month of May. As fun and glamorous as that sounds, and it certainly was at times, it is still work, so between our installation, taking meetings, networking events, and running back to the hotel to take conference calls and phone consultations, it can feel both exhilarating and exhausting. It’s been a very productive week, working on quite a few design projects, meeting with new clients, and for the past several days, the team from a big national magazine has been at my house photographing it for their September issue, so stay tuned!

I must admit, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to balance everything, which is why I was only able to do three blog posts this week rather than my usual five. I will continue to aim for five posts per week, but every now and then, I may come up short. I’d rather share something I’m truly excited about instead of just phoning it in. Anyhow, I am really looking forward to my first low-key weekend at home in a while. I plan to watch the Royal Wedding on Saturday morning and then we’re finally going to see Hamilton that evening! We’re not usually huge fans of musical theatre, but it seems like a must to see the cultural phenomenon everyone has raved about for the last couple of years. Here is what has been on my radar lately.

Design: In case you missed the huge news last week, ELLE DECOR just published its prestigious, annual A-List and I am extremely honored to be included. It truly is such a highlight in my career and I am so grateful to be included amongst so many incredibly talented people whom I admire and respect. It’s so nice to be recognized. As anyone in a creative career can attest to, it isn’t always easy. Presenting your creative ideas, whether to clients, editors, industry partners, or peers requires an incredible amount of vulnerability. You’re sharing the embodiment of your creativity and sometimes those ideas land but other times, they don’t. Having someone like the editors at ELLE DECOR essentially say that they are behind you and like what you are contributing to the design world is tremendously humbling. You can see the entire list, along with our six inch tall doob figurines in the June issue of ELLE DECOR.

Style: Are you planning to watch the Royal Wedding? It will be so fun to see the fanfare and of course to see Meghan’s dress, whether or not Harry decided to shave, and the main reason to tune in– Prince George and Princess Charlotte! I wish Harry and Meghan a lifetime of happiness. It is refreshing to see such a non-conventional, American commoner accepted into the Royal Family.

Watch: Like so many, I am fascinated by the Kennedy family. The glamour, influence, legacy, and tragedy are mesmerizing. I watched the CNN documentary about the Kennedys and it was clear to me that Bobby was the true political star with endless potential. Tragically, as you know, he was assassinated like his brother John. It’s unbelievable how much tragedy has befallen this family. Many of you have recommended that I watch Bobby Kennedy for President on Netflix, so I plan to do so this weekend. You can watch the trailer here.

Health: Summer is just around the corner, which means many of us are feeling the pressure to get in shape! I enjoy eating and drinking wine a bit too much to go on a crazy diet, so instead focus on moderation. I just came across this list of “6 Protein Packed Foods to Help You Get in Shape“, so I’ll be working more of these foods into my diet.

Beauty: My skin is pretty fair, so I usually avoid the sun. However, after wearing more and more dresses as the weather warms up, I can’t help but think my pale legs and I could benefit from a little sun-kissed glow. I don’t love self-tanners because they’re usually messy and smelly, but I just read about what Miranda Kerr calls her Miracle, (Clean!) Self-Tanner and plan to order it and give it a try. Evidently, it works gradually, smells fantastic, and most importantly is certified organic and is free of DHA and other controversial chemicals.

Shop: With the warmer weather, sandal season is officially upon us! There are so many chic options this year and I plan to do a whole LDV Edit on the topic, but for now, here are my current favorites: One | Two | Three

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  1. non-conventional???!!!!!
    yes——she’s fabulous …her looks , her style, her philanthropy … this so – called commoner is far from that—miss marble has not lost her sparkle but doubled down to emerge the DUTCHESS OF SUSSEX….Get it girl!

    kennedy’s no thank you …the curse is deserved

    1. Yes, absolutely! In the eyes of the Royal Family and traditional British aristocracy, Meghan is non-conventional on paper. A “commoner” as they call those without aristocratic titles; divorced American actress of mixed race. The beauty of it all is that she and Harry are deeply in love. They are the future of the monarchy and have already brought in such incredible energy. Their wedding was beautiful and meaningful on so many levels. It’s a beautiful thing.