The Style Files: Brendan Monaghan

As you all know, I am a big proponent of travel. Not only is extensive travel a big part of my job, it is also the biggest source of inspiration for me. I firmly believe that in order to continue to grow and to stay inspired, the eye has to travel. Admittedly, travel is also one of my greatest extravagances. I’d much rather book a fabulous trip than receive a new piece of jewelry from Fabian and am of the mindset that lavish hotels are always worth the splurge!

Given my propensity for luxury travel, I have followed Brendan Monaghan on Instagram (@teambrando) for several years now. His account is a must-follow for anyone who enjoys a jet-setting lifestyle! Brendan recently joined Beautiful Destinations as it new Chief Business Officer after stints as Chief Revenue Officer and Publisher of Condé Nast Traveler and as Senior Vice President of Advertising for Luxury The New York Times and as Publisher of T : The New York Times Style Magazine. Brendan’s Instagram gives us a fabulous glimpse at his frequent travels and enviable life of style. He certainly lives the lifestyle he is accustomed to promoting in his career, but is also a man of substance. Enjoy! 

Paloma Contreras: How would you describe your style?

Brendan Monaghan: I would describe my style as navajo-meets-countryside chic. I love RRL Navajo sweaters and I typically pair them with Brunello Cucinelli cargo pants and always Gucci horsebit loafers. It’s a modern twist on preppy casual – clothes should always look good and make you feel good.

{Classic, American Style: Brendan and his Fiancé, Mark Herman | Photography via @teambrando on Instagram}

PC: How has living in New York influenced your aesthetic?

BM: It’s hard not to have NYC dictate your sense of style. My style has certainly evolved over the years. When I moved here in the late 90’s it was all about labels, now its all about understated elegance. I love NYC because youre walking all the time, so street style always plays an important role for inspiration – I could people-watch all day long for style tips and tricks.

{Brendan’s Greenwich Village Terrace}

PC: What does your home say about you?

BM: My fiancé, Mark and I  live in a 1930s apartment with a large terrace that overlooks almost all of NYC. We are lucky in that we also have a working wood-burning fireplace. I would describe our aesthetic as a nod to old Hollywood 1970s glamour. Our apartments feels very very cozy but also like you’re in a Woody Allen movie. While it screams New York (mostly because of the view) the warm fire also begs you to stay in and have a nice night at home. We are so incredibly happy in our home and try to entertain as often as possible.

PC: Where do you turn for inspiration?

BM: @beautifuldestinations (of course), Architectual Digest, and the many hotels and places I’ve visited around the world. Hotels are playgrounds for design and style fanatics. When I look around our home I see so many design aspects that weve pulled from from some of our favorite places and spaces in the world.

{Brendan’s Travels Recently took him to The Ocean View Club in the Bahamas.}

PC: Who are your personal style icons?

BM: Ralph Lauren, Brunello Cucinelli and Tom Ford

{Ralph Lauren’s Home in Round Hill, Jamaica | Photography via Architectural Digest}

PC: What trait do you most admire in a person?

BM: Honesty

{Photography via The Coveteur}

PC: What is your guilty pleasure?

BM: Red Wine and Sour Patch Kids

PC: Who has been your greatest professional influence?

BM: I have had so many incredible mentors, particularly working at Condé Nast for 17 years. Working at that organization was an experience I will never forget with some of the greatest leaders and visionaries in the business. Working there in its heyday was indescribable.

{Brendan’s Mentor, the late S.I. Newhouse, owner of Condé Nast}

PC: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

BM: Living well without a care in the world…….

{A Beautiful Vista on a Recent Trip to Italy via @teambrando}

PC: What can we look forward to next from you?

BM: I am so excited to be joining Beautiful Destinations as its Chief Business Officer . The company is on absolute fire and is the future of what media is going to look like in the very near furture. There are so many exciting things that are coming from us – be sure to follow us @beautifuldestinations and prepare to be inspired!

{A Stunning Shot of Rome via @beautifuldestinations}

Go-To Outfit: RRL Navajo sweater, button down, cargo pants and Gucci horsebit loafers

Scent: Terre d’Hermes

Piece of Jewelry: Yellow Gold Tiffany T Bracelet coupled with Yellow Gold Cartier Love Bracelet

Color I Never Tire Of: Camel

Flower: Peonies

Era for Design: Mid-Century

Hostess Gift: Dom Perignon is always welcome!

Meal: Chinese (another guilty pleasure!)

Drink: Turley Zinfandel

Way to Unwind after a Long Day at Work:  a Titos martini with just a splash of St Germain, no vermouth

3 Things I Love About My City: its history, its glamour, its honesty

Weekend Destination: The Hamptons

Hotel: Ocean View Club, Harbour Island

City: London

Museum: Louvre

Song that Always Puts Me in a Great Mood: Anything by Frank Sinatra

Actor/Actress: I love a rom com with Diane Keaton

Prized Possession: The original Gucci sign from the storefront from the year I was born (1974)

Risk Worth Taking: Every risk I’ve taken was well worth it.

Greatest Extravagance: flying when you can/should drive

I can never have too many… pieces of firewood, honestly – I never thought having a fireplace would be so expensive!

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