Friday Favorites: 02.09.18

I’m heading to Los Angeles this morning for a couple of meetings for a very exciting project I am working on! It will be nice to get away from the chilly temperatures in Houston and to spend a quick weekend in one of my favorite cities. Since I knew I would be out of the office today, the week flew by and felt super busy. Lately, I have been in a very productive and creative rhythm as we work on new projects in Houston, on the East Coast, in Chicago, and Los Angeles, as well as working on my book which is starting to feel very real and super exciting! It should be available for pre-order next month which is completely surreal. I will be sure to keep you guys abreast of new developments with the book.

On Wednesday, I shared “Five Things about Myself” on my Instagram stories after my friend Mallory Mathison tagged me. Have you guys seen the “Five Things” going around? Well, it was fun to think of five interesting or surprising things to share about myself. One of the things I mentioned was the fact that interior design is my second career and that I spent over four years teaching high school Spanish right after I graduated from college. I have gotten a lot of direct messages asking about my journey, the adjustment from my first career to my second one, and asking for advice. I will do my best to get back to everyone, but is that something you would all be interested in hearing more about? If so, it might be best for me to share more of my story here on LDV. In the meantime, here is what has been on my radar lately.

Design: I love a good before and after– who doesn’t! Dering Hall recently featured the dramatic before and after of a full bathroom renovation we completed for a client here in Houston. You can read all the details and see the dramatic difference of this bathroom remodel here. I also recently found out that Paloma Contreras Design was named The Best Interior Design Firm in Houston by Houston Architects, which is extremely flattering. I have an incredible team and we work so hard to design beautiful, comfortable homes and to make the design process as seamless and fun for our clients as possible, so it is very nice for that to be recognized. 

Style: I recently stumbled upon a chic Instagram account that I have really enjoyed. Alex Riviere (@ariviere on Instagram)is a fashion blogger with impeccable style. She is not a slave to every trend and instead wears chic staples in a beautiful way. The Spanish beauty can usually be found jet setting across Europe in elegant ensembles, so it’s fun to follow along!

Beauty: Do you have a favorite shampoo that you love? I’ve been using Kiehl’s Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner for a while, but I feel like I need a change. Do you ever find that a shampoo is great for a while and then your hair sort of gets used to it and it doesn’t have the same effects? I am in search of a volumizing, yet moisturizing shampoo. I have fine hair and I also wash it and heat style it almost every day. If you have a great recommendation, I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

Eat: Lately, I have been making a simple, yet absolutely delicious Butter Lettuce Salad on repeat. I posted it on my Insta Stories the other day and got a lot of questions about it. I don’t have an exact recipe per se and I started out by just putting together ingredients that I thought would complement one another. I buy a head of Hydroponic Butter Lettuce at Central Market in Houston, wash it, and cut the leaves into more manageable bites. I then julienne a shallot, add a little olive oil to a small pan and sauté it until the shallots are crispy, but not burned. I add the shallots along with a handful of sliced Champagne Sweet Tomatoes, four slices of crumbled extra crispy bacon to a bowl with the lettuce. At the end, I crumble and add some Roquefort blue cheese along with Brianna’s French Vinaigrette for convenience, but you can certainly make your own. It is the most divine salad! I have been serving it with roasted Arctic Char that I use my favorite seasoning on and crispy roasted baby Dutch potatoes. It is currently my favorite meal. The salad is also great with a steak or if you added avocado, it could be a meal in and of itself. 

Watch: Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? If you’d rather Netflix and chill than go out on Valentine’s, Vogue just published a great list of the 54 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time that you should check out. What is your favorite romantic comedy?

Shop: If you’ve waited until the last minute to shop for Valentine’s gifts or just want to treat yourself, be sure to check out the LDV Gift Guide which features this pretty monogrammed robe, a chic tote that works year-round, and this pair of statement earrings.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I have fine hair (color-treated) and also feel like I need to change it up every so often. I’ve tried everything! The last 2 that I liked a lot were Wella Brilliance (it’s one of the only products specifically for color treated, fine hair). Even if you don’t color-treat, I find that products for color and heat-treated hair have the same properties. Randomly, I tried the Costco brand (Kirkland) moisturizing shampoo and their conditioner because so many people recommended it (people who would not just buy a Costco shampoo on a whim!). It was really good! Sulfate free shampoo but still cleans very well, unlike some others. Conditioner was super moisturizing but doesn’t weigh down my fine hair. And it really revives it after too much blow-drying, curling….

  2. Thank you for the fashion Instagram recommendation. My own style needs some work and I would love more recommendations on stylish / inspirational fashion instagramers if you have any! You have such great taste yourself, I’d love to see more of what influences your style.

  3. I highly recommend L’ANZA hair products. They a salon product and pricey but worth every dime in my opinion. My hair is similar being a fine/medium thickness and long as well as with highlights. I wouldn’t use anything else and my hair looks better and healthier today than it did after trying many different hair products over the years.

  4. Rahua shampoo and conditioner. They have a volumizing product that I find does not work as well as the regular. I too have fine hair, these products are amazing and natural. I have tried everything, this is simply the best!!

    Love your blog!!

  5. Congratulations on your Houston design award – you and your team are so deserving! I also love your sense of style and would appreciate your recommendations on other fashion bloggers you admire.

  6. Congratulations on your award – how exciting! Your salad looks amazing, and butter lettuce is a really nice delivery system for all sorts of good things.

    Happy Valentine’s!

  7. I also use Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner! Does a great job! Can be purchased at Ulta among other places.