LDV Loves: Timeless Treillage

{A Trellised Room by Paris Hadley}

After my recent trips to Paris, I have been a little obsessed with treillage. Treillage, French for trellis work has been around forever, but was popularized during the reign of Louis XIV in France. While originally intended as outdoor use to train and support climbing vines, it eventually made its way indoors as it is a fabulous way to add instant architecture to a room. Legendary landscape architect, André Le Notre used it at Versailles and if you fast forward to more recent centuries, you’ll find that it is a favorite of some fabulous decorators with classic taste. Elsie de Wolf famously designed a treillage-clad room at the Colony Club over one hundred years ago while some of my favorite designers have found creative ways to reinterpret treillage. I am dying to use this in a project! It just doesn’t get any more fabulous. Is this a look you’d try at home?

{Fresh and Garden Inspired by Amanda Lindroth}

{Timeless and Beautiful by Bunny Williams}

{How amazing is this dramatic treillage application by Cathy Kincaid as featured in House Beautiful? | Photography by Miguel Flores-Vianna}

{Nathan Turner used Accents of France for this stunning treillage which was featured in House Beautiful.}

{I am so in love with my friend Bailey McCarthy‘s little girl’s bathroom which features a lovely treillage application. | Photography by Roger Davies}

{Chic and Classic in Locust Valley by Christopher Maya}

{If anyone can make treillage look fresh and modern, it’s Kelly Wearstler.}

{Over the top Glamour by Jean-Louis Deniot— Yes, please!}

{Shelley Johnstone‘s Fabulous Trellised Sun Room}

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  1. These rooms are absolutely gorgeous. I wonder how one keeps treillage clean though. I imagine those little squares and diamonds are a pain in the derriere to dust!

  2. It’s all gorgeous!

    I too would wonder how to clean it (looking at the mirror behind the trellis in the little girl’s bath and imagining Windexing all those little squares. But so lovely!


  3. Oh dear, my fantasy is ruined….I was consumed with where I might apply Terillage in my home, it is so lovely in every way. But how to clean , that’s a problem! Perhaps a soft brush on the vacuum?
    But,truthfully, who wouldn’t want to curl up with a good book in either of PH or BW rooms, exceptional.