Friday Favorites: 01.12.18

Happy Friday! I had been in a bit of a funk recently and had to remind myself that one’s mindset is everything. I had kind of been down in the dumps so far this year and then on Sunday, I took a really bad spill down the stairs at our house. Luckily, I am fine and just have bruised tailbone, but I was shaken up thinking about the fact that I could have broken a limb or hit my head badly and let my thoughts get away from me. Between the New Year funk, my fall, and a couple of things not panning out the way I’d hoped, I realized I was allowing myself to wallow in negative energy. I finally just reminded myself that the way I feel is ultimately up to ME. I am a big believer in the idea that the energy you project is what you will get back from the universe. A couple of days ago, I just made up my mind to focus on the positive, celebrate even the smallest of victories, and put out good energy. And you know what? I’ve noticed a big difference. Mindset really is everything!

This morning, Devon from my office and I are heading to Atlanta where I have a few work obligations including a fun interview, shopping the AmericasMart market, and speaking on a panel sponsored by Editor at Large this Saturday, January 13th at 10:00 am in Building 1, Floor 14, Vignette Gallery, 14-D-9 where I’ll be discussing trends from Coast to Coast along with what we are each working on in our respective cities with fellow designers and bloggers, Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors and Erin Gates of Elements of Style. If you’re in Atlanta, I hope you’ll join us for a fun and interesting discussion. In the meantime, here is what has been on my radar lately. Have a great weekend!

Design: While in New York this fall, I was interviewed by a fabulous website for entrepreneurs called The Lifestyle Edit. The Q & A  is all about how I run my design firm from day to day, the process of connecting with ideal clients, and the role social media plays in my business. I’ve had such wonderful mentors in this industry, so I always relish the opportunity to share what insight I can. Hopefully, you’ll find some valuable takeaways in this interview!

Style: Amanda, one of the girls in my office wears silk scarves so beautifully and effortlessly. She always inspires me to try it. I even bought myself a beautiful Hermes number at Christmas, but I need to commit and execute the idea! I am currently loving this graphic and classic Corto Moltedo scarf, this chic Gucci scarf, and at $19.99 plus an extra 50% off this Tiger Garden silk scarf from Loft has Gucci vibes without the price tag.

Read: If you are as obsessed with beautiful, hand-painted Chinoiserie wallpaper as I am, this new book, Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland is an absolute must-read. It is filled with the fascinating history of this favorite design element along with tons of beautiful photos.

Beauty: I don’t know about you, but I am ready for warmer weather. I know our winter weather is nothing compared to what many others are dealing with in colder climates, but aside from wearing cozy sweaters, I just don’t enjoy cold weather. It feels gloomy and the dry air and hot water wreak havoc on my skin which veers towards the normal/dry range. This winter, I have noticed that my skin hasn’t gotten parched like it has in past years and I am pretty certain it is because of my new skin regimen. I am still using my regular products that I’ve used for years, but the difference between previous years and this year is that I have worked in several Tata Harper products including her Regenerating Cleanser which gently sloughs away dull, dry skin; her Rejuvenating Serum which I use in the mornings and at night (it’s my favorite serum EVER); and Tata’s Beautifying Face Oil which I mix in with the serum. During warmer weather, I barely use a drop of the oil and mix it into the serum, then apply it to my face. In the winter, I have been adding a drop or two of the oil each time and my skin has stayed hydrated all winter. Tata Harper skincare is also organic, non-GMO, free of artificial ingredients, toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, and artificial fragrances. The products all smell divine and are formulated with the highest quality, natural ingredients that really work to deliver anti-aging results. I’m hooked!

Eat: I always crave soup in the winter. Mary Kate, our newest team member is always sharing new soup recipes with us and just yesterday, I came across this article on My Domaine with 11 Delicious Winter Soups which I am excited to try. I don’t really love eating leftovers, but don’t mind eating leftover soup or pasta since the flavors usually come together over time. You can’t beat a meal that’s easy, delicious, and in the case of many of these soups, also healthy!

Shop: In the winter, I love wearing fabrics with great, cozy texture like cashmere and velvet. I am currently loving this relaxed velvet blazer, these easy velvet pants that look like they’d be super cozy for a long flight, and these chic embroidered smoking slippers

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a fall. I hope you are feeling better! Your readers get a lot of positive energy from reading your blog so just know you don’t have to be perfect all the time and be sure to take care of yourself. Also, lots of hugs from your adorable Tate are sure to help! -Tamara

  2. Wow – I actually started following your blog from the Lifestyle Edit- which I really enjoy- but that was about 6-8 months ago.. I shared your blog with my sister and I just love your sense of style as well as all the designers you feature..
    speedy recovery to you.
    I agree- everything is mindset!!!

  3. I am touched by your total honesty…..and also find that it is sometimes hard to get up to full speed in January. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and best wishes for 2018.

  4. Paloma, my year has started with a similar vibe! I also had a bad spill in Rock Center and was so blessed not to have been badly hurt
    I just had a moment to read your interview with The Lifestyle Edit and was truly inspired by your wise words. I am so impressed with your journey and learn from you and your gracious attitude every day.

    Feel better and all good things to you and your family in 2018!