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Ina Garten Barn 1

I have loved Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa for as long as I can remember. I have all of her books and make sure to watch her show whenever the new season airs. I love her elegant and effortless approach to food, entertaining, and living. I also love the special bond that she and her sweet husband, Jeffrey share. Ina also has a spectacular house in East Hampton, as well as what she refers to as her “barn” and garden on an adjacent property. My fellow Ina fans know that the first few seasons were filmed in Ina’s own kitchen, while the latest seasons have been filmed in her barn/test kitchen.

I thought it might be fun to revisit this wonderful tour of Ina’s Belgian-inspired barn as it was recently announced that Ina is currently filming a new show, “Cook Like a Pro” with Food Network. The show is slated to begin airing in mid-May and according to Ina, her goal is to use her “decades of experience in the food business and writing cookbooks to show people how to cook with confidence.” Rather than simply focusing on how to execute recipes, the show will aim to teach viewers various cooking techniques. Ina told that she feels younger generations are hungry for this type of didactic show. “People are growing up without anyone to show them how to cook, and millennials want to cook for their families and have dinner parties. “They’re hungry not just for the nourishment of cooking but also the community of it.” she says. I, for one, love everything Ina does and will absolutely tune in to her new show! She’s already taught me so much about cooking beautiful, delicious, simple food, so hopefully, I’ll learn some new techniques as I watch “Cook Like a Pro”.

Ina Garten Barn 2

{Ina’s barn features spaces for cooking, entertaining, and even for hosting overnight guests.}

Ina Garten Barn 3

{The barn is heavily influenced by Ina’s love of Belgian style with many pieces hailing from Axel Vervoordt.}

Ina Garten 5

{Where the Magic Happens}

Ina Garten Barn 5

{A Simple, Elegant Bedroom}

Ina Garten Barn 7

{A Beautiful Waterworks Bathtub Anchors the Bathroom}

Ina Garten Barn 6

{This space, with its antique desk, functions as Ina’s office in the barn.}

Ina Garten Barn 8

{I absolutely love the vignette in the entryway which features as 19th century settee, reupholstered in simple muslin, as well as the 17th century Venetian mirror. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s Light Gray}

Ina Garten Barn 9

{Loads of style can be found in the barn’s interior and exterior.}

Ina Garten Barn 10

{The covered porch features chic 1920s rattan chairs. Can you believe they are nearly 100 years old?}

Ina Garten Barn 11

{A Stone-Topped Trestle Table on the Terrace}

Ina Garten Barn 12

{Ina loves to entertain on the bluestone terrace.}

Ina Garten and Paloma Contreras

{A couple of months ago, we were in the Hamptons to install a client project and we ran into Ina and Jeffrey at a restaurant in Bridgehampton! It was honestly one of the most exciting moments of my life because she is one of the people I find most inspiring. I have had my fair share of celebrity sightings and never bother anyone or intrude on their privacy, but I knew I would regret it forever if I didn’t say hello and introduce myself. I am sure I must have made an utter fool of myself, but Ina and Jeffrey could not have been lovelier or more gracious. It was a moment I won’t soon forget!}

Paloma Signature

{Photography by Simon Upton for House Beautiful}

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  1. This space is stunning. The exposed wood beams on the ceiling are magnificent. They add such warmth to the space and create a cohesive feel from the exterior to interior of the home.

  2. Between you and the Contessa how can we not be inspired!? LBD has a file on her alone and an upcoming post about celebrity kitchens. We can all be stars in our own cookery’s!-Laurel Bledsoe

  3. How lovely that you ran into her and what a testament to her grace that she and Jeffrey were nice! I would venture to say that I too would be gobsmacked to see them in person! Simple elegance never goes out of style. Ina is the epitome of simple elegance and timeless style!

  4. Hello There … I feel the exact same way about her that you have expressed. She’s my Julia Child. I have learned so much from her. Not only how to cook but, how to live a life you love & how to gather the things you love (including people) around you. She’s fabulous.

  5. My friend Pam Krauss is Ina’s editor and also a vice president at Clarkson Potter. She knows how much I love Ina and has told me some great behind the scenes stories. The thing I loved most is that she said that Ina and Jeffrey really are the way they act on television.

  6. I Have admired her place for years. Would you happen to kn or inquire whate the paint COLOUR is that she usesin the main KITCHEN/ greatroom area. Its sO warm.