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I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that today is Friday. This has felt like the longest week! We’ve been very busy at work finalizing several presentations and working on a few special projects in addition to our regular workload. On top of that, Fabian’s back has been acting up again and he has been in excruciating pain. He can hardly walk because the pain is so severe, but the doctor seems to think a conservative regimen of an anti-inflammatory steroid and strong pain medication paired with rest will have him on the road to recovery. I am dubious because we’ve gone through this before a couple of years ago and consulted with orthopedic surgeons as well as one of the top neurosurgeons in Houston who eventually concluded that he did not need surgery at the time. I am concerned because Fabian says the pain is much worse this time and I am hoping his regular doctor didn’t miss something during our visit on Wednesday. Would you get a second opinion? Who would you go to? With all of this going on, I’m hoping for a bit of a mental escape and luckily, there are plenty of diversions currently on my radar.

Design: One Kings Lane recently debuted the One Kings Lane Connecticut House, a showhouse in New Canaan which also happens to be the home of their president, Debbie Propst, who designed the house in conjunction with the Studio at One Kings Lane. Check out the tour and chic wares here.

Style: It was announced this week that Jenna Lyons, style icon and president and creative director of J.Crew would be leaving the company after 26 years. Jenna helped transform the company from a catalog of basic wardrobe staples to a brand that shows at New York Fashion Week and dressed First Lady Michelle Obama. The New York Times has an interesting take on this development as well as the current state of retail. It will be interesting to see what happens at J.Crew and what Jenna ends up doing next!

Watch: Of all my reality TV guilty pleasures, Real Housewives of New York is one of my top favorites. These women’s over-the-top antics are a very entertaining and welcome escape from reality each week. Who is your favorite Housewife?

Read: Each morning, as I get ready for work, I watch the Today Show on NBC. Earlier this week, they mentioned a new biography about Prince Charles which will shed light on his relationships with Diana and Camilla– watch the clip here. I have been a “royal watcher” from a very young age, so of course, this piqued my interest, especially because like everyone else, I loved Princess Diana. Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life by Sally Befell Smith has already been declared a bestseller–order your copy here!

Drink: I love all types of wine, but usually drink Sauvignon Blanc at home. I find it crisp and refreshing. As much as I love red wine, I don’t open a bottle of red all that often since my husband is more of a beer drinker and I can’t commit to polishing off an entire bottle on my own before the wine starts to oxidize and turn. As a result, I was really surprised by the final verdict in this article from My Domaine: How Long Red Wine Lasts After Being Opened. I don’t know if I buy it! Oenophiles, what say you? Should I still spring for a Corvine? To see how long other types of wine last after being opened, check out this handy infographic from Wine Folly.

Shop: Many of my recent posts have featured high-contrast, neutral palettes. I love this combination because it is striking, but also maintains an effortless and timeless quality. The new AERIN x WS Home collection includes these fabulous gold scalloped gallery frames which would look perfect in a house with this type of palette– or any palette for that matter. Meanwhile, I recently discovered the chic, Greek line Zeus + Dione whose current collection is composed of high-contrast neutrals– black, ivory, olive green, and gold. They have really pretty dresses and tops as well as some very stylish bathing suits.

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  1. Have you tried craneo sacral therapy with an osteopath or craneo sacral therapist and chiropractic care? These two therapies have helped my family with alignment/back pain. Hope he recovers soon!

  2. Hi Paloma –

    I have read your blog for 9 years and you still remain my fave. Sorry to hear about Fabian’s back problems. So many causes could be making it flare up and he has probably tried everything, but have you tried getting a new mattress? I know it seems silly and so easy, but I used to have horrible lower back problems and spent $$ and hours at doctors only to be told I didn’t need surgery. Until one suggested I buy a very hard mattress and put a super firm foam bed crate on top and try sleeping on this. It has been over 10 years and I have not had anymore back problems. When I go on vacation and the bed is soft and not firm, I usually go home feeling a twang in my back, but once I am home. and sleep on my super firm bed everything is alright again.

    I hope Fabian feels better soon.

    1. Hi Diane,

      Fabian’s back issues originally began flaring up a couple of years ago at which time, we bought a new, firmer mattress. It helped quite a bit. The one in our guest room is even firmer, so when he has a flare up, he sleeps in there sometimes since it feels good on his back.

      I appreciate the tip and kind words for Fabian. I know he does, too!


  3. Hi Paloma! I wanted to weigh in on your husband’s back pain. About three years ago I was renovating my parent’s house in order get it on the market. It required major work, and I mean everything from moving a kitchen, refinishing floors, major yard work, planting trees, painting every room including repairing the falling down plaster. I performed a great deal of that work myself (a 43 yr. old woman) and about destroyed my back to the point I could hardly walk. For me, I did 6 months of chiropractic care from a really good doctor, got a new and firm mattress (like someone else suggested), slept on my side with a pillow between my knees to alleviate the spinal stress, and only took Aleve for the pain. Rest afterwards and using ice packs helped the most. I know I caused permanent damage to my back doing all that heavy work but I just wasn’t willing to use prescription pain medicine. I also had massage therapy every two weeks which helped but it takes time. I feel for your husband’s back pain issue and hope this info is helpful. It took a solid year going the holistic route but I have found relief.

    1. Hi Tamara,

      I am so sorry you went through all of that! Back pain is no joke. My mom has dealt with back issues for her entire adult life and I grew up watching her in pain constantly, even after two surgeries.

      We actually went to the chiropractor today which Fabian says made a huge difference. I think a conservative route of treatment is definitely the way to go. Everyone seems to tell us that surgery doesn’t really fix the issue, but often causes new one.s

      Thanks for the advice!


  4. Poor Fabian. Has he tried Physical Therapy? Or a private session with a highly qualified yoga instructor? The body is designed to heal itself, & perhaps just needs some guidance & encouragement! Drugs are only a bandaid, & the side effects can be so harmful. Good luck, & hope he feels better soon.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Our chiropractor seems to think that strengthening his core further will help to minimize these flare ups. I’ll be sure to suggest yoga and will volunteer to go with him!

      Thanks for your concern and the great advice!


      1. Your chiropractor’s recommendation is the same as the doctor I saw 20+ years ago for the same issue. He said that “getting better” was the easy part by following a similar course of conservative treatment but that I had to change my lifestyle. I was spending too much time sitting – desk, car, airplanes – and lying down for too long also could affect me. After the pain subsided, he started me walking slowly 15 minutes at a time, twice a day for six weeks. I carefully upped my workout routine over time and today I don’t do anything out of the ordinary and only take one class a week – but it has never returned!

  5. I watch ALL the housewives. Ben and I are addicted to Bravo. But I”m loving Carole and her addiction to hating Trump and being obnoxious on Twitter. Sounds like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Paloma

    Research Sarah Key who (ironically) is Prince Charles Physio. He has done the forwards to her books because she solved his back. She solves extremely bad backs thru simple, alternative techniques. Her method has helped me tremendously

  7. Hi Paloma!!

    Sorry to hear about Fabian’s back pain!! I think peoples suggestions of massage therapy, chiropractic treatment osteopath etc. are great suggestions. If they don’t work there is also acupuncture. Steroids and anti inflammatory medication are only bandaids that will mask the problem and may even worsen it. Another simple thing to do is take magnesium supplements. They say that 80% of the population is deficient. Magnesium can help with muscle pain. It certainly won’t hurt to try. Good luck!!! Hope he recovers soon!!

  8. So sorry to hear about Fabian’s back. If you want a second opinion and/or if surgery is required, one of the best neurosurgeons in Houston is Dr. Alphonso Aldama. Check him out for yourself! He came highly recommended 10 years ago when my husband needed surgery and we did our homework. We also have referred numerous people to him over the years or met people who’d been operated on by him.