Tate Turns 8!

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{Hey Hey, It’s Tate’s Birthday!}

Today is my dog, Tate’s eighth birthday! It’s hard to believe that it has been eight years or to imagine what life was like before Tate came along. Tate has taught me an endless number of things. He has shown me the meaning of unconditional love, patience, and loyalty. Tate has brought so much joy to our entire family and is so much more to us than “just a dog”. He is our little baby, our constant companion, and a source of unwavering love and loyalty.

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My husband, Fabian had German Shepherds growing up, so he knew what it was like to have a dog, although their dogs were really just the family dog versus getting the royal treatment that Tate does. Fabian has said countless times that he has never had a bond with a dog like he has with Tate. I never had a dog growing up. I was completely afraid of dogs and generally indifferent about most animals before he came into our lives. How things have changed! Because of Tate, I have become a devout animal lover. My fear in earlier parts of my life was due to not understanding dogs or other animals. Tate really changed my life by converting me into a true dog person. You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a dog’s love. It’s unlike anything else. He is our unwavering, fiercely loyal, and incredibly sweet companion.

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As most of you know, Tate has gone through the wringer in the past few years with a couple of injuries that finally resulted in spinal surgery in the summer of 2015. Both of his injuries were extremely trying and sad to witness, but if we learned anything from those experiences, it was that he is a fighter. He is a tough little guy and I truly believe that he fought to get better so that he could remain by our side. He knows how much we love him and he loves us just as much.Tate Contreras

Just last week, Tate sprained his leg and has been on crate rest quite a bit. It’s never easy seeing him that way, but thankfully, it was minor and he is doing a lot better today. For anyone who has met Tate, you know that he can be a little timid and anxious at first, but once he gets to know you and you become one of his “people”, he will love you forever. He loves the girls in my office so much that he gets super excited when they arrive at the office each morning and cries when they start packing up to leave in the afternoons. It’s really sweet, but that’s Tate. Tate Contreras 2

Happy Birthday, Tate! You are the best dog anyone could hope for.Tate Contreras 6

For more of Tate’s adventures and more regular updates, follow me on Instagram along with his hashtag #TatetheCockapoo. If you’re not acquainted with Tate and are curious about him, he is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel/Poodle Mix). As a result, he is highly intelligent, hardly sheds, allergy friendly, and extremely affectionate and adorable. He is on the larger side for a Cockapoo and weighs about 36 pounds making him a medium sized dog. If you’re considering a doodle, they really are the most wonderful dogs!

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  1. Dear Paloma,
    I remember well when Tate joined your family which means I have been following you for some time!!
    Today is our Seal Point Siamese cats birthday and he turns 9!!?
    He is a total love bug and I cannot imagine life without his
    sweet personality that brings us so much comfort.

    Happy birthday Tate!!

  2. I grew up with dogs, but just got my first labrador this past August. I was afraid he would be ‘so much work’, but it turns out that it’s no problem because I love him so much. He is 16 months old and weighs around 85lbs. He is a gentle giant and my best friend. I cannot imagine my life without him. I’ve had 2 daughters who are grown and out of the house. I wanted a companion to hang around with. Cooper is certainly more than ‘just a companion’. He is precious and I cherish him….thank God for creating dogs!!

  3. I recall seeing pix of Tate shortly after you got him. Could that have been eight years ago?!
    Happy Birthday Tate and cheers to eight years of enjoying his adventures and the LDV blog!

  4. I follow you everyday. Tate is a beautiful Cockapoo. Yes, they are the best dogs! I have had two Cockapoos and, they were wonderful! How I miss them! The breeder I used has gone out of business. Would you mind giving me the information on your breeder, and the names of Tate’s doggy parents? Thank you so much in advance.

    1. Hi Grace,

      I’m so glad you are a fellow Cockapoo lover. I don’t think Tate’s breeder is around anymore. I did so much research and found what I thought was a reputable breeder, but when we met her to pick up Tate he was covered in fleas and had contracted giardia from a pond on her farm. At that point, it was love at first sight and we couldn’t leave him behind, so we feel like we rescued him and nursed him to good health. Needless to say, if the breeder were still around, I don’t think I could recommend her.

      Good luck! I hope you find a great one!


  5. Happy Birthday, Tate!! He looks adorable and sounds like the sweetest pet you could ask for.

    Both my husband and I are dog lovers, fierce dog lovers, so I totally understand the sentiment. A dog’s love is simple and pure, uncomplicated and everlasting. They make the best and funniest companions!

  6. I know exactly how you feel as I have no kids and Billie has been a big part of my life for 5 years. She is the best rescue and I celebrate her birthday on the day that she rescued me @4yrs.old. Your dog is adorable.

  7. I grew up with cockapoos – two of them – but they were toy poodle mixes so they were really small, but also the best dogs! Such a great mixed breed. I miss them! Happy Birthday Tate!

  8. Hi Paloma, this post hits home for two reasons – (1) my son, Tate, just turned 8 last month ?; And (2), we just got a cockapoo puppy, Ginger, in December. She is such a happy, playful love. We love following your Tate to catch a glimpse into our future with Ginger.

  9. Yes, animals are a wonderful way to connect with nature! We have 3 pets, and they each have their own personality! Even the lizard, relieve it or not!

  10. Happy birthday to your adorable dog! I would just like to be the voice for rescuing dogs that are ready for homes as opposed to purchasing dogs from breeders.