Classic Style: In Fashion and At Home

Ralph Lauren Fall 2015 collection show at New York Fashion Week

{A Classic Look by Ralph Lauren}

It seems that at the beginning of each new year, everyone begins predicting trends that they anticipate will be big that year. I can’t say that I am interested in what has been declared the color of the year, the hot new metal finish, or trendy pieces. What happens next year when the new hot thing comes along and you’ve committed the design of your home to his year’s trends? Things can feel one-dimensional and dated really quickly. I don’t think it’s as bad to follow trends in fashion since it changes so quickly and represents less of an investment than home decor. I am completely guilty of buying the hot, new earrings, shoes, top of the season (Les Bonbons– check! Gucci loafers– check! Although, I’d argue that they may be having a moment, but are a classic that has been around for decades. Off-the-shoulder tops? Check! I have plenty in my closet.) I do consider myself to be trend-averse, though. I think it’s important for things to feel fresh and current, but always prefer for the undercurrent to be classic and timeless.


{A Chic Room that Blends Modern and Traditional Elements by Delphine and Reed Krakoff via Architectural Digest}

This got me thinking about what classic style means. Of course, tastes are subjective, but when it comes to both design and fashion, there are certain things that define classic style for me. For example, both in fashion and for the home, I think a neutral palette with a few carefully selected color accents immediately reads as classic. Camel, black, white, gray, and navy are classic and always in style. A carefully curated mix of old and new, traditional and modern, and pieces with meaning are timeless and much more interesting than something that looks like a page out of a catalog or trendy pieces from head to toe.


{A Classic Ensemble: Black Tee, Black Coat, Great-Fitting Jeans, and Black Suede Mules}


{What could be more classic than an iconic interior by Albert Hadley, the master of mixing traditional and modern pieces in a timeless way?}


{A Chic Combination featuring a Navy Coat, Camel Sweater, and White Jeans}


{What’s the design equivalent of the previous outfit? How about a cozy chair in sumptuous blue velvet and a room with great architectural details? | Design by Christopher Burns}


{Elin Kling in a Timeless Striped Button-Down}


{Stripes in a Classic, Elegant Bedroom by Bruce Budd as featured in Architectural Digest}


{Former Vogue Editor and Style Icon, Lauren Santo Domingo in a Beautiful, Embroidered Dress at the Opening of her Moda Operandi Showroom in London}

{Lauren looks like the embodiment of Spring as does this glamorous, classic room by Rose Uniacke}


{A Soft, Feminine, and Undoubtedly Timeless Look as seen on the Runway at Nina Ricci– What could be more classic than delicate lace and a black velvet ribbon?}


{While not a direct interpretation of the Nina Ricci outfit above, this living room by Anne Coyle embodies a similar spirit– feminine, elegant, romantic, yet modern.}

How do you define classic style? Do you find yourself following trends in fashion or design?


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  1. Hi-
    I love the hat and fur in the first picture. Do you know where it came from or who the designer is?

  2. I agree 1000% with everything you’ve said. Right down to the Gucci loafers (I bought a pair last year, myself)!
    What a fun post, it was like dishing with a like-minded girlfriend. I think I smiled and nodded the whole way through reading. 🙂

  3. It’s like those are my words. That is exactly how I feel about design. In a recent redesign, I told the designer that I wanted my kitchen to be timeless, because I had no intention of doing it again. I believe I took her by surprise, as her response was most of her clients redesign/update every ten years. Sorry! I don’t have the energy, money, nor desire to go through another gutting of my home. Plus, I love classic design in my decor and clothes. I will buy an occasional trendy item but not make it an investment piece.
    I love these posts were you compare clothing choices to home decor.
    A belated Happy New Year, Paloma!