Jackie + A Question for You

Have you seen the trailer for the new movie, Jackie starring Natalie Portman? Several actresses have portrayed Jackie Kennedy in the past, but the exquisite Portman really seems to get it right in the upcoming film. Between the score and the heartbreak, it looks like it will be quite a powerful, and likely Oscar-worthy film. I love the faded hues of the cinematography which are transportive. I also love Jackie’s wardrobe, hair, and chic style– always– and especially in this film. I can’t wait to see it!

On another note, I have a question for you. For more than nine years, I have published a new blog post, Monday through Friday. I love my blog and am so thankful to all of you for reading it. I was at a work event in Seattle earlier this week with a group of food bloggers and was surprised by how sporadically most of them post. One woman said she used to post everyday, but that her readers told her they couldn’t keep up, so now she posts a couple of times a month. I don’t have any plans to ever scale back to such an extreme, but wondered your thoughts on the frequency of my posts. Are they too much to keep up with having 5-6 per week? Do you like the current rhythm? Would you be disappointed if one week I only posted 3 or 4 times?

My blog is such a source of inspiration and devotion for me, but some weeks, it is challenging to do it all between meeting the demands of my interior design business, traveling for work as much as I do, and maintaining any semblance of a personal life. Plus, I want to feel inspired and excited about the things that I feature on the blog and when a week is unusually overwhelming or busy, it can be more difficult to feel that way. In the past, I have been nervous to scale back at all because I don’t want to disappoint you, but hearing the feedback from the food blogger’s audience, I couldn’t help but wonder how you feel about it. How many posts per week would you like to see from me?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. I completely understand your dilemma, however, I look forward to reading your blog EVERY day and LOVE it.
    I also am an interior designer and you provide a tremendous amount of inspiration and support, your quotes are amazing.

  2. I have come to look forward to your posts! Love the Monday quotes and how so many of them are spot on for my inspiration of the day. Because I am not on email every day sometimes I don’t get to absorb each of them the way I should. I think 3 a week MWF would be great!

  3. Love your blogs 5 days a week – totally understand if you need to scale back. Your blog is a constant source of information on people to watch on instagram, interior design, clothing design and overall inspiration! Thanks for all the hard work.

  4. I cant imagine how you tackle all your tasks on a daily basis, so I do understand your delima and questioning the frequency of delivery. You are one of my very favorite bloggers. I look forward to it everyday. I am an interior designer and I love the inspiration you bring through your blog. At the end of the day I feel you need to do what works best for you.

  5. I was just thinking that you must have hired someone to do the blog. How can you keep up with all that you have going on?
    Make yourself happy. Peeling back a bit may be the sane thing to do.

    You do a great blog!

  6. 3 times a week would be perfect. I think it would probably add to your quality of life and that is very important but it’s so sweet that you would include your readers in on this decision.

  7. I agree with Elizabeth. A couple times a week would be plenty! Also, I enjoy weekend posts so they don’t have to be all during the workweek

  8. I do love getting your emails every day, Paloma. It’s admirable that you post so often. It conveys a level of commitment that makes you unique–you operate more like a proper editorial magazine than a blogger. I wish many other bloggers had the level of commitment that you do and I never get sick of your emails. That said, I think your readers would understand if you couldn’t post every day.

  9. I would be happy with 3 posts a week, I also have an interior design business and benefit greatly from your blog but we are all busy and I know there are days that I don’t get to even look at all of the blog posts in my inbox until the next day or so. Enjoy your life, leave some room to breathe in your schedule please! Your readers will be fine with it.

  10. I think you could cut back to 2-3 times a week. I love getting your blog, but I probably wouldn’t notice missing 1 or 2 a week. It would make me really look forward to them. I think you would enjoy it more without having such a burden in preparing for each week.

  11. As fellow interior designer, I follow a number of blogs for design that are interesting and helpful for resources and inspiration but often hit “delete” when I need to clear out the inbox or they have become less appealing; yours, however, I check almost every time you post. You have a wonderful mix of length, subject, copy and pictures that seem to make it readable and usable more often; covering design from several aspects, (projects, fellow designers, books, trends) as well as fashion and travel is appealing. That being said, the ability to keep up with all you do intrigues me! It seems like it comes easily to you–maybe that’s why the posts are so enjoyable. I would keep reading even if you decreased the number of posts and wouldn’t want you stray from far from what your gut and life tell you is best.

  12. I read your posts like a digest – a couple of weeks at a time during designated pleasure reading times. Other blogs I follow post far less frequently. Post as you feel inspired. As one ages, one’s energies necessarily must become more specialized; as expertise and influence grows, best practices become honed, priorities emerge, and things and even people are edited. Rest and recovery are a part of the adaptive process of productivity which lead to top performance. Blessings to find a new rhythm effective for this phase of your life!

  13. 3 or 4 times a week would be fine if you need to scale back but I read it everyday and love your style, likes and in put.

  14. I look forward to reading your blog every day while I’m drinking my coffee; however, as a loyal reader, I understand if you need to post less than 5x per week.

  15. I read every post, but understand if you scale back. I am always inspired by
    the interiors that you bring to your blog.

  16. I love your blog and it’s a huge source of inspiration for me! I’ve been following you here and on Instagram for a while now and I just love what you do! I also have a blog and find it a huge challenge to post more than once or twice a week! Amazing that you can post every day! Post whenever it works for you, I’m sure your readers will support any decision you make! Thank you for all the beauty!

  17. I read your blog every day. I love that you post so frequently and you always do it so well. I definitely lose track of blogs that post sporadically. However, you do what’s best for you, since you have already done a lovely job for us!

  18. I love your blog and read it about 3 times a week. Your blog is always inspiring and fresh and up to date – I love everything about it. I’ve stopped reading other blogs because they post so infrequently and love they you post so often but I think everyone who reads your blog totally understands how busy you are and we wouldn’t mind if you didn’t post everyday and just a few times a week. Love your blog!!

  19. Love your posts, but don’t feel obligated to post every day!!! 3-4 times per week would be perfectly fine. In fact, if you had not mentioned the possibility, I would not have noticed. I don’t pay attention to the frequency of any of the blogs I follow? I’m just happy to see beautiful things, whenever they appear!!! Take care Paloma!

  20. I love the consistency of your posting as a lot of other bloggers aren’t always so. I enjoy knowing I can come to your blog daily and have something to read or see. I do think, however, that maybe doing 4 a week wouldn’t hurt readership. I’d also love to see more of your projects featured 🙂

  21. I love it just the way it is! But would understand if you need to scale back. I do know that that’s what makes you different from all the other bloggers.

  22. Please don’t change a thing. Love the Monday quotes and daily creative nudge.Design inspiration is not food. So sorry those foodies can’t keep up! Designers NEVER slow down. We set the pace! Keep up your great work, Paloma

  23. I read your blog every morning and always love it. That said, I have always wondered how you do it! I would totally understand if you blogged less especially when there are work deadlines and / or you’re traveling. Thank you for all of your marvelous and inspiring posts! I have learned of new interior designers through you and I love the mix of fashion, interiors and travel.

  24. I love reading your blog every morning while I am having my coffee. I’m in Phila so I particularly enjoy the Southern and west coast views on design Completely understand the time factor, perhaps use guest bloggers when time gets tight.

  25. I enjoy reading your blog every day, but can also understand the pressure involved in having new content available so consistently. I’ve always been surprised to see two posts on Mondays: your quote of the week (day?), and then a content post. Maybe just pare down to the quote of the week, and then however many posts you feel inclined to post during the week. It should really be what works best for your schedule, I would think. Personally, I enjoy your blog so much that I would continue to read despite a slowdown of posting. As long as the content is good (and it always is!), the frequency shouldn’t matter. So if you feel a personal need to roll it back a bit, I think it’s a reasonable thing to do.

  26. I love your posts and look forward to them as they inspire me to think outside the box. But I too am busy so completely understand the demands on your time so 3x a week would be great-inspired consistency is better than producing because you have to. It will eventually detract from the quality. Thank you for sharing your visions with us

  27. I look forward to your post everyday during the week! Remember, this is what has made you so popular…..you can hire people to help write high quality post and you can concentrate on getting big endorsement deals and interior design work.

  28. Love your blog the way it is but understand your situation. I will happily take what you give.
    Enjoy your life and don’t allow room for regrets.

  29. I find I’ve stopped reading blogs (like Elements of Style) once the frequency of new content pares back to 2 or 3x/week. I also find the quality of the content/posts actually becomes weaker over time as the commitment lessons vs. staying at the top of your game and digging deep for inspiration every day. Its this intensity and commitment that sets you apart!

  30. Absolutely one of my favorite blogs. I’d be happy with twice a week. We get so bogged down with things to do, I find myself having to rush through sometimes. I’ll take whatever you can offer though 🙂 And I always will find time or save them for when I do have time. On my off days, I love perusing my favorite blogs. Admittedly, I prefer the fashion posts over the home posts, because fashion is my passion 🙂

  31. I enjoy your daily post and look forward to them. If I get behind because life gets in the way, I know on the weekend I can catch up. Please continue as you have. You honor us your faithful readers.

  32. I love reading your blog! I was able to keep up with it when you posted every day, but your current 3 days a week is great and hopefully is providing you with some balance given all that you are juggling.

  33. Your one of the few blogs I read anymore. I super look forward to your daily posts and love to binge on all 5 posts on saturday mornings while I drink my coffee in my pi’s. Your content is very high quality and I have to admit that the bloggers who have scaled back their posts have lost me. I don’t really bother to go to their blogs anymore because their is so rarely anything new posted. If you are busy and burned out do scale back but my honest opinion is that I love and look forward to your frequent posts and would be very sad to see less of them.

  34. I read your posts daily and prefer no change. However, I have a very small list of blogs that I follow and only have time to read the best ones which of course yours is. Your blog is such a source of inspiration and has quality content. In my opinion, only posting a few times a months or so might lessen interest for some. What sets your blog apart is your readers feel a personal connection to your content, design work, and for me it would feel like my best friend is saying “We will stay in touch vs. Call me tomorrow!”

  35. I have been reading your blog since you started. I love every post. I don’t think it matters that you post everyday as long as you post consistently, be it only a few times a week or once a month. Your readers will always have something to look forward to and when they see a new post pop up, it will get them excited to stop what they are doing so they can read it.

  36. I am an event planner and love to get inspiration from the interior design world. I have to say yours in one of the only ones in my daily inbox. I read every post and also have been amazed at how much you do. I think you have a post on Monday with a quote and another design post that day? Maybe I’m making that up but that could certainly be just a quote. Or take Monday’s off! Either way, like I said I love everything that you post and look forward to seeing it in my inbox but you wouldn’t loose my interest if you posted less.

    All the best!

  37. I love your posts – I would be sad to see fewer, but you need to do what makes sense for you!

    On the film – I remember that Jackie was said to have a small girl crush on Audrey Hepburn (don’t we all!). Seeing the trailer made me smile, because it looks as if Audrey is playing her in the movie. Ms. Portman is a fabulous actress, and I cannot wait to see the movie!

  38. Paloma,

    You are the highlight of my day. I get so much from your posts, but truly have asked myself how you do it all.

    For your sanity, 3-4 a week would be fine w/ me. Some posts are lighter than others, an LDV quote can still require time and research.

    I hope you decide to keep some parts of your life easier on yourself. I will not be a LDV pig.

  39. I have really enjoyed getting your blog posts, but twice a week would be great since I will chose to put off my own work in order to read them!

  40. I read your blog daily, because it is my favorite. I, too, have stopped following others who post sporadically. That said, if you just want to post Monday through Friday and take a break on the weekend, we’d still be faithful followers. Oh my, I’d even follow you if you cut back to 3 or 4 times a week, but I’d miss my favorite read! Thank you for your high quality posts.

  41. I love your blog and usually read it two or three times a week, and just read two or three posts at a time. I think finding the best balance for you to still enjoy it and be inspired should be your number one priority- I will definitely keep reading no matter what!

  42. As a blogger who “only” posts twice a week, I totally get how much time and commitment posting every day takes. Frankly, I don’t know how you do it — so I have a lot of admiration for you! As for JACKIE, I loved seeing this trailer on the same day as a post in our city magazine: the Georgetown house where she moved after the assassination is now on the market: https://www.washingtonian.com/2016/10/06/now-can-see-inside-jackie-kennedys-stunning-georgetown-home/

  43. I also look forward to reading your posts everyday but understand that it is very difficult to keep up with your schedule!

  44. I read and enjoy your posts every day and would love to see them continue on a daily basis. But if daily postings become a burden to you, then I’d rather you cut back. I would hate to learn suddenly that you are ending the blog due to burnout. Your blog is excellent and my favorite!

  45. Love your blog and posts and appreciate all the time and attention you put into them! 3-4 times per week sounds great. Thank you and best wishes!

  46. I believe your commitment to posting daily during the week and high quality content really set your blog apart. I look forward to checking your blog daily. As others have said, though, I completely understand if you feel the need to scale back.

  47. I love that you post everyday! It drives me bananas when I find a cool blog and they only updat a few times a month. I stop following them….isn’t that the point to follow a blog? Not sure how you can with such infrequent posts.

    Love love your blog!! It would be okay 5 times a week if needed to slow down…that is still “following” for me;)

  48. I also blog and started out doing 5 per week, which left no time for anything else in my life. I honestly don’t know how you do it, PLUS maintain clients in a design career. I cut my posts back to 3 per week and try to make it on the same days each week, though that sometimes varies. It works better for me, and I think my posts are better now that I don’t do so many. Sporadically a few times a month would probably mean I’d forget about that blog but maybe not. You need to do what works for you. If people enjoy your blog (and it certainly appears they do, as do I), they will understand and continue to follow.

  49. I absolutely LOVE reading your posts every day and am amazed how you are able to produce such beautiful and inspiring blogs 5 days a week! I, too, am in interior design and am so impressed with how you pull this all together. I totally get if you wanted to scale back a bit, for your own sanity, but I look forward to seeing all of your fresh and gorgeous content Monday-Friday. Other sites I follow are way less frequent, and to be honest, I kind of forget about them after a while because they don’t keep me engaged and inspired like yours. Do whatever you need to do to keep your balance and beautiful ideas flowing!

  50. I love your blog, but would be just as happy with reading it 3-4 times a week. I have wondered how you keep up a daily blog, & assumed that you had a team working at it!

  51. Paloma! Your blog and one other are the only ones I follow. You are truly inspiring and your quotes are some that hang on my wall. As a designer I appreciate all that you share but completely understand cutting back. Do what is best for you my darling. If not everyday, it will be that much more rewarding when we do hear from you! Thanks for a job well done!

  52. I think it’s so kind of you to ask your readers. Of course, I love reading your posts but I myself have crazy weeks and cannot always check in daily. Two to three posts a week would satiate me and even less if you just cannot manage it. I will always have you bookmarked and enjoy your images and thoughts. Take care of yourself first and all will be well. 🙂

  53. Your blog is one of my absolute favorites and I am looking forward to your new blog posts but you should do what feels good for you. It should not be a burden.

  54. Paloma, your posts are the highlight of my day. Just please don’t stop altogether, a few times a week will be fine. I can’t wait for you to publish a book. Maybe your new home? Your style is impeccable.
    Jackie – I am not sure about the lisp? I know Jackie did speak with a lisp, does this make it authentic?

  55. Paloma, your blog is one of my favorites. Either way is fine with me and you won’t disappoint. I do find that it is hard for me to keep up, and 3-4 times a week sounds good. Just do what feels comfortable to you!

  56. Dear Paloma: please don’t change. We love to read your blog every day.
    Keep in mind that food bloggers have a different kind of readership.
    Thanks a lot!

  57. I love your daily blog posts, and will go back and read them even if I don’t get to it each day. However, I’m a big believer in finding balance with work and home life. Your readers want you to still be inspired and enjoying it!

  58. I think it has all been said. Your blog is loved and appreciated by many. You inspire both in your decorating style and your inspirational quotes. I look forward to seeing you in my inbox in the morning to enjoy with that first coffee of the day before life gets busy. But..you must do what is best for you.

  59. Thank you all so much for the kind words and feedback! I don’t plan to scale back regularly, but every now and then, on an exceptionally busy week, I’ll know that it’s okay not to post one day. You can still expect to have 4-6 posts from me each week. It means so much that you would all take the time to share your feelings with me. Thank you for your continued readership and support! XO

  60. I’m amazed you make time to post, daily. I post Brenda’s Blog once a week, but manage the 1010ParkPlace site and edit the other 15 bloggers, their photos and do daily social media. Sometimes I will run a “Special Brenda’s Blog” in the same week but not often. There’s one thing I’ve learned: Readers will care about you and your blog when they know how much you care about them. Bloggers who post on an irregular basis don’t receive loyalty in return. As long as readers come to depend on your schedule, and you stick to it, you’ll be fine. Besides, your content is wonderful. I receive 100 daily email newsletters. Most I don’t read, but I always stop to see what you have to say. Best, Brenda Coffee

  61. I, too, am busy and sometimes just skim over your blogs. I believe that 3 times a week will only make your posts more interesting and I would anticipate them with even more enthusiasm!

  62. I love your blog daily! In fact I look forward to me time and I fill that time with blogs that I love! Your blog is one of only 6 that I follow. You have excellent taste so I know I’m going to enjoy your read & not waste my precious downtime.
    With that being said, if you only want to post 3 times a week to allow some time for meetings and refresh your mind, your readers, including myself, will totally understand! Thanks for including us in your decision making.

  63. I enjoy your FRiday room post so I think once a week is probably OK. As a freelance blogger for other designes I have had several clients cut back on the frequency with few complaints of repercussions. I learned several years ago that the real key is not necessarily frequency as much as it is content, of course, and consistency. If you post once a week, dont skip a week, if you post once a month, dont skip a month etc. Good luck!

  64. Your blog posts are like little gifts. I appreciate each one. You should give yourself the gift of only posting when you are truly inspired. Your readers will respect your decision

  65. Hi Paloma,

    This is my first time to reply to your blog and have been following you for 5 years now. 3 1/2 years ago I decided to pursue my long obsession with interior design and finally made the leap and started my own design firm. I have never looked back and your blog has been a source of my pursuit. I look forward to reading your blog everyday and would miss it a lot if you were to scale down, which I hope you don’t. However, I understand the demands of owning your own business and not having enough time for yourself. I wish you all the continued success and hope to see more your your beautiful posts. Take care! Amy

  66. I can imagine it must be overwhelming some days to do your job, travel and get this blog posted, but I love it and so look forward to reading it every morning. This is the only blog I’ve ever followed for more than a few months because it’s never stale, always interesting and relevant. Post less frequently if you must, but keep the great style and tone.

  67. This weekend I unsubscribed to several sites that were occupying that coveted real estate space in my inbox. La Dolce Vita however, has a very special spot in my inbox and in my busy day. When they arrive I feel as if you are that really cool friend who is so elegantly ‘in the know’ and that always manages to make me stop and smell the roses. Paloma, if you wish to scale down, I am certain your readers will understand. Just never quit staying in touch though!

  68. I love your blog no matter how many times a week you post. To be honest I subscribe to several and am just happy to always have a list of eye candy to read through. I used to blog myself and it is a lot to keep up with, especially for those of us with a full time job outside the home (and children). Instead of scaling back I decided to let my blog go and I still miss it. So do what you have to do for YOU and we’ll all understand and appreciate anything that you do post.

  69. Three times a week would be just fine for your blog. You have a full life outside of it whose quality must be maintained as well. From the reader’s perspective anticipation is always a good thing. When life happens to be busy for me I am unable to read it everyday and “catch up” when I can. The frequency of your blog should be dictated by the quality you can expend to it. I wouldn’t lose interest in it if it didn’t appear everyday. Your blog is so well-done I will look forward to reading it when it appears no matter how often.

  70. How kind of you to reach out to your followers! I would respect your decision to scaling down to 3-4 times a week as your schedule permits. Always look forward to your inspiring posts!

  71. Hi Paloma, I enjoy reading your blog very much and the present frequency of posts suits me just mine, but if you want to scale down to 3 to 4 times a week, that would be fine with me as well. Thank you!