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{Kourtney Kardashian in her Chic office– Notice the way the floors are laid.}

Yesterday, as I was watching the Today Show while getting ready, I noticed Matt Lauer sat down with Architectural Digest‘s Editor-in-Chief, Margaret Russell to discuss their new celebrity issue. Naomi Watts and Live Schreiber are featured in their New York home, while Marc Anthony is sharing his stunning tropical compound in the Dominican Republic. Two of the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney and Khloé are also sharing their Los Angeles area homes designed by my friend, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are huge figures in pop culture and I don’t believe they are going to go anywhere anytime soon.

What I found interesting is that the girls have very different styles which Martyn was able to capture beautifully. It is pretty well known that Kourtney enjoys interior design and I was especially struck by her modern take on a Mediterranean house. She has amassed an impressive collection of art and mid-century furnishings. This home is a more toned down, chicer iteration of her style from her last house. I found myself really enjoying most of the spaces. I hesitated whether to post this thinking the Kardashians might be polarizing, but I realized that I don’t have to like someone to appreciate their style. Ultimately, it is all about the design!


{I love the simplicity of the entry.}


{The living room features Christian Liagre sofas upholstered in Schumacher wool, custom light fixtures, and a triptych by Richard Serra.}


{The neutral kitchen features stainless appliances, limestone floors, and Alison Berger Glassworks Stools}


{In the dining room, a custom table and Pierre Jeanneret chairs reside upon a Mansour Modern rug.}


{The master bedroom features artwork by James Turrell, Jean-Michel Frank chairs, and a vintage cocktail table from Lucca Antiques in Los Angeles}

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{Photography by Roger Davies for Architectural Digest}

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  1. Absolutely obsessed with those Jean-Michel Frank chairs. Thanks so much for sharing. I need to pick up a copy of this issue!

  2. You are right – the Kardashians are very polarizing and I for one, am unhappy with Margaret Russell for including this home in the magazine. Like Anna Wintour, I guess she wants to sell magazines. I wish you wouldn’t have posted this home. Martyn Lawrence Bullard is the talent here not Kardashian as I doubt she has ever picked up a book in her life or knows anything about design except how much it costs. Just my opinion.

    1. AB, Anna Wintour has some creative input over all Conde Nast publications, so it would not surprise me if she had a hand in this selection. That being said, when I decided to share this home, I sort of removed the Kardashian quotient from the picture and really looked at the home objectively as what I believe to be a chic project executed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, a designer I admire and also call a friend. Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate your thoughts.

  3. Wow. This house is completely different from her previous one. I love it.

    I think this might be my favorite MLB interior. It’s chic but still feels like a family home. Not an easy thing to do especially with a house of this size.

  4. Paloma, I understand your hesitancy presenting something Kardashian. I too love this interior and concocted several disclaimers in my head before sharing it with my staff! But you are right… in the end it’s all about the design.

  5. Hate to admit it but the rooms are beautiful. However, it is easy to “amass quite a collection” of valuable furniture and art when you are wealthy and it is frustrating to see how just because you have a famous name you are now considered a valuable voice in whatever industry you choose on any given day. How sad that Bullard’s name is associated with a Kardashian.

  6. Hi Paloma,
    Thank you for presenting these spaces! As a lover of MCMod furntiture and design, I was happy to see these rooms featured, and especially loved the dining room, the office and the bedroom – the Jean-Michel Frank chair reminds me of one we had when I was little. When we look at something, we know without thinking whether it strikes us as beautiful, and the degree to which it strikes us that way. That’s quite apart from the circumstances and particulars – which tend to invite analysis. I do share Diane’s frustration about the ease with which the “nouveau riche” can amass and display what would take others more effort and time – and indeed, ingenuity – but I’m not going to hold that against the Pierre Jeanneret chairs.

  7. Sigh. I too am disappointed with AD for publishing the sisters in their “celebrity” issue. Featuring them in such a well-respected publication seems to somehow further legitimize their (un-earned, IMO) celebrity status. But the project is beautiful and MLB is a true talent…I still drool over his project that Veranda published a few months ago!

  8. It is so interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts on this project. I’m glad I am not alone. I supposed the celebrity factor is front and center in this particular case and it is impossible to ignore. Usually, we have the luxury of admiring published spaces and deciding if we like them based on their beauty without regard to the homeowner since they are usually anonymous. I stand by the fact that I like this house and admire Martyn’s talent without being a fan of the Kardashians or anything they stand for. I guess the AD cover is working as the editors may have hoped since this is a hot topic of controversy and discussion this week.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspectives, everyone! I am glad that we can have an open dialogue.

  9. I see enough Kardashian nonsense in People every day. I never expected to see them on your blog. Design or not your beautiful blog should leave the Kardashians to the tabloids.