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Happy Friday! We made it through the first full week of 2016. I hope it treated you well. The February issue of Architectural Digest just came out and it features a chic New York triplex designed by Eric Cohler for his brother. I especially love the modern warmth of the home, which is particularly evident in the living room with its suede-upholstered walls and striking abstract art. The scale of the sculptural fireplace mantel is fabulous! The Ralph Lauren sofa, Louis XVI armchairs, and sleek Parsons table add to the chic, neo-traditional mix. I wish I could crawl into the photograph and spend the weekend in front of that toasty fire, soaking in the inspiration from this beautiful room.

I’ve decided that this year, I may not do these “Fabulous Room” posts every Friday. Sometimes, I am super excited about a specific space and look forward to sharing it on Friday, but other weeks, it can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack and I don’t ever want anything to feel forced here on LDV, so on those occasions, I may post about something entirely different. While we are on the topic of content, is there anything you would like to see more or less of on the blog? I’ve worked hard over the past 8+ years to strike a good balance in terms of topics and have really kept sponsored posts to a minimum. Now that we are in a new year, I am wondering if there is anything you’d like from me to keep things feeling fresh. Do you still like the quotes each week? Would you be interested in having more posts on entertaining and travel? Do you want to see more personal posts?  I am so grateful for my readers, both old and new, and will continue striving  to deliver beautiful, inspiring content that helps you in the pursuit of your very own “dolce vita”.

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{Photography by Pieter Estersohn for Architectural Digest}

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  1. Look forward to the Monday Quotes! Anything travel related is always interesting. I especially like learning of places a bit off the tourist norm and in the United States. Sometimes we overlook all the fantastic places in our own back yards.

  2. Just between you and me, please note that a fireplace surround is spelled mantel, not mantle. It’s a common mistake. I look forward to all of your posts in 2016!

    1. haha, Linda! I just wrote a post about fireplace mantel decor (I think that my name will link to it) where I discussed that very thing about the spelling. It’s difficult when one sees words misspelled so often because that perpetuates the error. Now, I better proof this to make sure my spelling is alright! ;]

      Thank you Paloma for your unending commitment and for paving the way for the rest of us!

  3. Love the variety of the blog, especially quotes and guest commentators. I
    Mail the quotes to the women on my family every Monday. Your color awareness and design insights are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing them with all of us. If you wanted to emphasize a new subject, I suggest
    Landscape and landscape art. Selfishly, focus could be on Texas would be perfect for me. We
    Have it all in our great state. Thanks again.

  4. i like the quotes, and like that you don’t want to be on a set schedule of what and when to share or not , it takes away from the spontaneity and delite from you, keep up the good work …love it!

  5. i LOVE the fabulous room Friday post. Please do as many as you can. I think you pick fabulous spaces and i look forward seeing what you find. Maybe have designers send in images of their work to you and you could post some of their work even if it isn’t national magazine level. Might be easier.

  6. I’m personally only here for the interiors. I love the “Dissecting the Details” series. I like residential spaces more than commercial as I come here for inspiration and thoughts about my own home, so I’m not as interested in fashion or travel posts. I just like good ole interiors and nothing else. (Also, not a quote person, but it doesn’t bother me to have quotes in my RSS feed that I can just mark as read and ignore. However, I find it sort of a pet peeve when I see “Unknown” as the attribution, haha. If I personally were the Quotemistress I would only allow attributed quotes, But again, that’s me, and I don’t really find them that problematic I just skip them and hang in there for the good ole interiors posts!)

  7. I like how you run your blog now. And you have the best quotes around. I don’t even know how you find them, but they’re great and not always the stuff you see on pinterest, which makes it more orginial coming from you. Keep up the great work!

  8. First of all, thank you. I love the Monday quote. I wake up with a brain that wants to create immediately and when I get to checking my mail I find a beautiful, wise or and relevant quote from you that brings a smile and a nod which helps me slow my roll just a bit and savor the day. Secondly, I have been a subscriber and a fan for about a year and bar none there is not a single post that was not worth the calories, bravo! Your work is lovely and your posts refreshing.

  9. I often send the quotes to family and friends.. Please continue. Friday rooms
    are so well selected… I look forward to them, as well. Thank you!

  10. More on travel would be welcomed. Maybe some on garden decor. I am planning on retiring my well used patio furniture and would love some new ideas,

  11. Happy New Year!!! Love your blog and the quotes. I have a small garden and would enjoy viewing small yards/garden areas with great decor inspiration. I live in the south so the outdoors is utilized 10 months out of the year.