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Lilly Bunn is a young, New York-based interior designer known for her penchant for color, pattern, and sumptuous details. Lilly began her career as a fashion editor at Town & Country magazine. While she had always loved interiors, it wasn’t until she worked in fashion that she realized she wanted to focus her passion for interior design into her full-time career. Lilly went on to work for the renowned design firm, McMillen, Inc. and eventually struck out on her own in 2009, founding her eponymous design firm. Since then, Lilly has completed a long roster of chic projects which marry exquisite design details with an extraordinary sense of ease and comfort, creating the ideal mix for stylish, young families. Lily’s work has been featured in an array of publications including House Beautiful, ELLE DECOR, and Lonny, and was named an “It Girl” and “One of Four Young Interior Designers to Watch” by Vogue in 2012. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Lilly and find out more about the things that inspire her and some exciting projects on the horizon. Enjoy!


Paloma Contreras: How would you describe your style?

Lilly Bunn: Glamorous, chic, yet casual enough to feel comfortable.


PC: Has living in New York influenced the way you decorate in any way?

LB: Yes! There isn’t room for a ton of stuff so everything needs to be perfectly curated.


PC: What does your home say about you?

LB: That I have a young family and we use every inch of the space. We also have a lot of fun!


PC: Where do you turn for inspiration?

LB: Pinterest, of course!


PC: Who are your personal style icons?

LB: Jacques Grange, Jacques Grange, Jacques Grange.


{An Iconic and Vibrant Room by Jacques Grange}

PC: What is your guilty pleasure?

LB: Cadbury Cream Eggs


PC: What trait do you most admire in a person?

LB: Honesty.

3.5 DR

PC: Who or what has been your greatest professional influence?

LB: That’s a tough one. Probably just living in NYC with so many interesting people doing cool things.


PC: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

LB: Spending time with my family.

lilly bunn playroom

PC: What can we look forward to next from you?

LB: I’m at the early stages of a book. I’m trying to think of a cool name.




Go-To Outfit: Tailored, but casual.
Style Mantra: If it’s really expensive, make sure you will wear it a lot.
Scent: Dove soap
Piece of Jewelry: Anything from Editorialist
Color I Never Tire Of: Purple
Flower: Gardenias
Indispensable Design Element: Color! Every room can use a little bit of it (or a lot).
Era for Design: Art Deco
Dream Project: A hotel. I’m dying to design one!
Fabric/Textile: Suede
Hostess Gift: Cire Trudon or Rigaude candles.
Meal: Sushi, or anything covered in Sriracha.
Drink: Daytime: Grand Pike from Starbucks // Evening: Martini.

Way to Unwind after a Long Day at Work: Pedicures and New York Times.
3 Things I Love About My City: Central Park, The Met, Barney’s.
Weekend Destination: Oyster Bay
Hotel: The Mark Hotel
City: NYC
Museum: Museum of Modern Art
Artist: The photographer, Tina Barney
Song that Always Puts Me in a Great Mood: Lion King Soundtrack (I have a four-year-old and a six-year-old).
Prized Possession: A Natasha Law portrait of my two daughters, Grace and Daisy. It’s so awesome and I had such a great experience working with the artist.
Risk Worth Taking: Wallpaper! I’m always afraid I’ll get tired of it, but I never do.
Greatest Extravagance: Chanel bag
Go-To Color Palette: Black and navy
Rule to Break: Chintz!

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  1. Thank you, Paloma!! This is the direction I’ve been going in, style-wise, so it is wonderful to find a kindred spirit in Lilly bunn.

  2. Paloma,
    Your site is fantastic! I look forward to seeing what is going to be in your emails! I LOVE the rock crystal candle holders and they would be perfect in our dining room. Do you by any chance know where I could find a pair. Thanks!!

    1. Thank you, Anne! That means a lot. I haven’t seen those exact quartz candle holders anywhere. I usually find votive-sized ones, but you might try Kathryn McCoy who specializes in quartz and natural stone accessories for the home.

  3. Lilly’s home is beautiful. I will say when I began reading & scrolling I never imagined children living there. It doesn’t seemed lived in (especially having two children). How does she keep such an impeccable home?! I’m currently looking at a bunch of little toys scattered throughout my breakfast nook and dining room. I pick it all up during her nap and as soon as she’s up…the toys/stuff are back. I realize every designer’s response is always bins and have a place for everything–which we do, but I also want to let her be a kid as well as try to keep a beautiful home. If Lilly has any tips I’d love to here them!

  4. I recognize much of her work, especially the polka dot powder room, so it is nice to get to know her a bit better. Thanks for sharing the interview.