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Lindsay Cowles has been a long-time supporter of La Dolce Vita and sponsor on the blog. Over the years,  it has been wonderful to see this immensely talented young artist develop and expand her business into various arenas. A self-taught artist, Lindsay works mainly with oil paints, creating vibrant, abstract paintings evoking a variety of emotions. I find Lindsay’s oeuvre to be filled with rich textures, beautiful colors, and striking compositions. Lindsay’s work has become a favorite of many bloggers, editors, and interior designers alike. In fact, I’ve even used Lindsay’s chic artwork in client projects. I especially love seeing the amazing colors in a neutral space! Lindsay’s background in the fashion industry—she honed her skills in both New York and Los Angeles, has certainly contributed to the unique way in which she applies color and texture to her works. She is currently based in Richmond, Virginia, but her work has ended up in spaces around the country and she has recently expanded her business into the decorative industry offering wallpaper, fabric, custom pillows, and even a few fashion accessories in addition to original paintings and prints. If you aren’t already familiar with Lindsay Cowles, I hope today’s Style Files interview will give you an insight into her work and the inspiration behind it. Enjoy!

Snip20150406_71Paloma Contreras: How would you describe your style?

Lindsay Cowles: Sophisticated and polished, to edgy and minimalist, to bright and funky. I have lived in New York, Los Angeles and Richmond, VA and my style has been very strongly influenced by each of the three cities. I love a good mix. It makes life that much more interesting!

Paloma Contreras Design Dining Room Progress

{I recently selected one of Lindsay’s pieces for a client’s dining room.}

PC: How is your style reflected in your work?

LC: You can find bits of each city and style in all of my work. From my minimalist black and white, to my bold color infused original paintings. I paint wherever I am in my headspace at the time—sometimes I am wild, bold and energetic and use lots of color and other times I am quiet, reserved and deliberately minimal. The same goes for when I am working on my wallpapers and fabrics. I love to think about how my style of art will translate onto walls, curtains, pillows, chairs, etc— where they will go and what purpose they will serve. I gravitate towards an eclectic mix because there are so many uses and so many places that art, wallpaper, fabric can go. It is so amazing to see the transformation of walls and rooms into large scale art pieces— bright and bold to sophisticated and subdued.

43014 Blue Wallpaper FoyerPC: Where do you turn for inspiration?

LC: I find inspiration in the every day—through people that I am with, colors that I see, experiences that I have, and by taking risks, facing challenges and learning something new.

white painting frame

PC: Who is your personal style icon?

LC: Oscar de la Renta. His designs will always be timeless.

oscar de la renta

{Oscar de la Renta via Vogue}

PC: Who or what has been your greatest creative influence?

LC: Shape. Form. Color. Movement. Texture. There are so many combinations that can be made with these elements and no combination is the same.  

6314 original painting

PC: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

LC: Learn something new everyday.

lindsay cowles art mark d sikes

{Lindsay’s Art was Selected by Mark D. Sikes for his Window Design at Hollyhock during the 2014 Legends of La Cienega Event in Los Angeles}

PC: What is your idea of living “la dolce vita”?

LC: Family, friends, Mimi and Roux (my french bulldogs), sunny weather, great food, good wine, a gripping book, art, design, travel. I love what I do. I love my family. I love getting inspired different places and people. Finding a way to balance all of the beautiful things in life is living “la dolce vita”.


{Lindsay’s Sweet French Bulldogs via her Instagram}

PC: What can we look forward to next from you?

LC: New wallpaper and fabric installations are popping up every day.   It’s so much fun to see how my work is used differently in each installation. Follow me on Instagram to see the new installs @lindsaycowlesllc. I have just launched a collection of pillows, as well as cummerbunds and bow ties made with my fabrics. I am rolling out new styles and patterns all the time. They can be seen and ordered on The cummerbunds and bow ties were born from my wedding last October, when my husband surprised me with cummerbund sets for the groomsmen made from my ‘Storm’ fabric. I loved the idea so much that they are now a part of my ‘wearable art’ collection.

Storm Pillow



Go-To Outfit: jeans, a jacket and 5” heels

Scent: Flower Bomb

Current Obsession: Barre class

Color I Never Tire Of: Charcoal Gray

Flower: Anemones

Era for Design: 50s-60s

Fabric/Textile: There are so many that I love, but if I had to choose one—1515 linen cotton from my collection.

Hostess Gift: a great bottle of wine

Meal: whole grilled fish

Way to Unwind after a Long Day at Work: a walk to the VMFA with my frenchies and my husband

3 Things I Love About My City: Ease of Life, Accessibility, Creativity

Weekend Destination: Charlottesville, VA

City: New York

Museum: MOMA & ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art— which is currently being built in Richmond, VA. It’s going to be an incredibly inspiring addition to this city!)

Song that Always Puts Me in a Great Mood: anything by Hot Chip

Prized Possession: my french bulldogs: Mimi and Roux

Go-To Color Palette: Black and White–it’s the perfect backdrop for a pop of color!

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