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antonino buzzetta

I am continuously inspired and amazed by my peers, so any time a new name comes onto my radar, I am excited to have fresh talent to share with my readers. An alumnus of famed interior designer, Juan Pablo Molyneux’s design studio, Antonino Buzzetta founded his eponymous New York design firm in 2010. I originally learned of Antonino’s fabulous taste and talent a few months ago when he participated in the Southport Congregational Church Rooms with a View event. The space he designed was bold; filled with striking color, graphic patterns, and a mix of modern and traditional elements. Naturally, it resonated with me in a big way! Antonino’s design philosophy is that of a “traditionalist wrapped in a cloak of modernity” and he is strongly influenced by art, fashion, and design. While his style is eclectic and draws from various eras of design, color always takes center stage. What’s not to love about someone with such a vibrant outlook on design and life? I recently had the opportunity to chat about design and inspiration with Antonino. I have no doubt that big things are on the horizon for this young talent. Enjoy!


Paloma Contreras: How would you describe your style?

Antonino Buzzetta: I would describe my style as a sexy blend of glamour and sophistication. I like to cultivate a mix of styles that are as sensual as they are comfortable.


PC: Has living in New York influenced the way you decorate?

AB: Absolutely! New York is the hotbed of everything that is new, exciting and glamorous. You can’t walk a block in this city without being inspired by something stylish and new.

antonino foyer

PC: What does your home say about you?

AB: I’d like to think that my home says that I’m a bit of an experimentalist; I am always changing things around, trying out new items and layouts.  The only thing that is permanent is the high style.

antonino dining room

PC: Where do you turn for inspiration?

AB: To art and fashion – one of my favorites is Alberto Giacometti, his post-impressionist works are so intriguing, it’s hard not to design a room without his art in mind.

alberto giacommetti

PC: Who is your personal style icon?

AB: Tom Ford, anything that man touches is golden.

tom ford

PC: What is your guilty pleasure?

AB: Pasta!  As you know I am Italian/Sicilian, and I love great Italian food, I can’t resist it but I can’t eat it all or I’d be as big as a villa.


PC: What trait do you most admire in a person?

AB: Honesty. If you don’t have that implicitly, then nothing else matters.

Snip20150209_204{Antonino’s Ultra-Chic Room at the Southport Congregational Church Rooms with a View Event | Image via Antonino’s Instagram}

PC: Who has been your greatest professional influence?

AB: Juan Pablo Molyneux, I share his love of high glamour and aristocracy in design. Having the opportunity to work there was truly inspirational.

Juan Pablo Molyneux Townhouse

PC: What is your idea of “la dolce vita”?

AB: High style and co-habitating with art. Being able to surround yourself with beautiful things and friends both old and new, is pure pleasure.  And having my dog, Ford, by my side too!

antonino 5th ave livingroom

PC: What can we look forward to next from you?

AB: I have several projects about to be published over the next 5 months so keep your eyes peeled on the newsstand, I promise you won’t be disappointed!  (The Hamptons home is to die for.)

antonino vignette



Go-To Outfit: Belstaff Waxed Denim, a fine wool sweater and my Lanvin sneaks!

Style Mantra: Sexy and Confident….. goes a long way.

Scent: Tom Ford – Oud Wood

Piece of Jewelry: My brass hammered cuff from The Caliber Collection; Jewelry for a cause – Its made with the serial numbers from illegal guns and metal from bullet casings taken off America’s streets.

Color I Never Tire Of: Charcoal grey

Flower: Black peonies

Indispensable Design Element: Lighting is key. Don’t kill a room by just having overhead lighting, rather, set the mood with several table lamps throughout key points in the room… with dimmers.

Era for Design: I love the sexy glamour of the 70’s, that decade just oozed sex appeal!

Dream Project: Any project with a limitless budget!

Fabric/Textile: Fur or animal print, every room always calls for a touchh

Hostess Gift: La Manufacture des Chateaux Sire candles– their fragrance is like no other and make the perfect gift.

Meal: Anything Italian!

Drink: A Negroni cocktail

Way to Unwind after a Long Day at Work: Refer to answer above!


3 Things I Love About My City: The energy, the style, and the glamour are what I love about my home of New York City.

Weekend Destination:  Cape Cod – A little bit of a hike for a weekend but always worth the trip. It’s so magical in the summer months

Hotel: The Halekulani Resort in Honolulu

City: Roma! There’s no place like it. A city filled with amazing art, architecture and of course amazing food!

Museum: The Tate Modern in London is ever changing and always has new exhibits of amazing new works by new artists.

Artist: British Artist Lucian Freud

Song that Always Puts Me in a Great Mood: S’ Wonderful – Diana Krall

Actor/Actress: Cate Blanchett

Prized Possession: My Parsons Jack Russell Terrier, Ford

Risk Worth Taking: Bold dark colors, I’m definitely not afraid of them.

Greatest Extravagance: The best you can afford

Go-To Color Palette: Greys…. All fifty shades of them.

Rule to Break: There are no rules, if you love it, then do it!

Movie Set Design: Ingrid Bergman’s Fabulous Flat in the movie, Indiscreet

I can never have too many… Shoes!

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