Fashion in Film: Two for the Road

Hi, all! Jessica Amento here with a new installment of“Fashion In Film.” This month, we’re putting the spotlight on Stanley Donen’s 1967 dramedy Two for the Road. With Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney at the helm, the British movie tells the story of a couple’s relationship over the course of twelve years through snapshots of their travels.

Presented out of sequence, the film relies heavily on hair, makeup and, lucky for us, costumes to convey time. A bold choice for Hepburn, her character Joanna Wallace served as a departure from previous roles in that the wardrobe was entirely cutting-edge. Shedding her go-to classic Givenchy garb, Hepburn assumed the part and the bold, colorful looks that came with it to appeal to a younger audience. It worked! Up-and-coming designers from Paco Rabanne to André Courrèges and Mary Quant dressed the already iconic actress, epitomizing late 1960’s London mod style via short hemlines, experimental fabrics and eye-catching accessories. Here, we take a look at some of the most standout costumes from the movie.
(College-aged Joanna in a crew neck red top, high-waist jeans, a brown leather belt and Keds. She also has her hair pulled back in a headband which helped to indicate her younger years.)
(Joanna in a sporty navy and white sweater, high-waist jeans and Keds.)
(Mark and Joanna stopping for a picnic; Joanna in an all-pink ensemble including a matching bucket hat.)
(Fast-forwarding to the later years, a pixie-haired Joanna vacations in the French Riviera in a bold striped two-piece, oversized sunglasses and a straw hat.)
(Joanna storming away after a fight with Mark in the most daring outfit in the movie—a PVC suit by Michele Rosier layered over a striped button-up. Obsessed.)
(Joanna in a Rugby-chic shirtdress. Feels very Marc Jacobs, no?)
(Mark and Joanna at the Riviera resort; Joanna is at her wealthiest in a super-chic mini dress by American designer Ken Scott who was among the first to popularize psychedelic prints. This was Audrey’s most-adored look from the film.)
(On one of many road trips, Joanna dons a daring sporty-futuristic dress by Mary Quant.)
(Joanna lounging in a geometric one-piece suit, a frilly yellow hair cap next to her.)
(Joanna in a beautifully embellished pink dress and sparkling hair brooch.)
(Joanna appropriately dressed to the nines at the climax of the movie; she’s wearing a jaw-dropping silver disc cap sleeve dress by Paco Rabanne with earrings to match.)
If you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend streaming it ASAP as there are a handful of more au courant costumes to drool over. Until next month, LDV readers!
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