Updating My Breakfast Room

{My Breakfast Room in its Current Incarnation}
As an interior designer and design blogger, I am constantly getting new design ideas and coming across inspiring images. As wonderful as this is, it can also get a little crazy because it means I am constantly wanting to update my own house. As you know, I have been totally into square back Louis XVI chairs lately and really want to incorporate them into my house. I worked them into a design concept for a client’s breakfast room and when we decided to take things in a different direction in their kitchen, I ended up changing the breakfast room design as well. I was a little bummed not to go with the design, but I then decided to do a variation of it in my own breakfast room and I couldn’t be more excited. 
{Before we had the house photographed back in May, I had toyed with the idea of replacing my square wood table with a marble-topped Saarinen Tulip Table. When I found out the size I needed was on backorder, I decided to hold off, but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. You may also recall that I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to replace my Extra Large Hicks Pendant with something else, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. It is so much easier to make design decisions for my clients than it is to do it for myself!}
{The chairs are vintage from the 1940s. Fabian painted and reupholstered them and we recently talked about changing the upholstery again, but I’ve decided to try something new altogether which is where the Louis chairs come into play!}
So here is what I am envisioning. I’ll keep my beautiful linen curtains with Greek key trim. Then, I’ll replace the current dining table and chairs with a marble-topped Saarinen Tulip Table and Ballard Design’s Leonardo Chairs upholstered in Saddle Leather. Next, I’ll switch out the Hicks for this chic Choros Chandelier from Circa Lighting. Finally, I’ll swap out my existing rug for West Elm’s Jute Herringbone Rug (pictured above). This may be TMI, but I do worry about going with that rug because we’ve had other jute rugs and when Tate has gotten sick on them, the stains have never come out. Why do dogs always have to get sick on rugs and upholstery? My current rug was actually sent to me by FLOR years ago when they did a line with Martha Stewart. I love the color and the fact that FLOR is pretty much indestructible around pets. I just wish they still had this same pattern so that I could make the rug just a tad bigger. Maybe this FLOR pattern could be a good alternative to the jute rug?
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Dear Paloma, the changes you are making are perfectly stunning!! Isn’t it Joni that says Seagrass is the best for cleanup. will have to check with her…

    Review: “Fifth Avenue Style”

  2. You’re not going to believe this but I own the exact same table and chairs! I’ve had them for over a year and combo is perfect. I literally sat in over a dozen Louis style chairs and combed the Internet for just the right dimensions, colors and pricing. The Ballard chair is ridiculously comfortable. The wait was well worth it. The palomino leather is holding up nicely for our family with young children. The dimensions are nearly identical to Oly Studio which is how I knew that the Ballard chair was going to be comfy. The table is stunning and classic. The combo is the right mix of modern and classic lines. Everyone comments on it. Great choice!

  3. I’m really glad you’re going with the Choros chandelier. I really liked it when you posted about it last time.

    Not sure about the jute – could you find something in a 100% wool as it’s so much easier to wash out stains. Jute is pretty but it seems it eventually ends up out on the curb.

  4. i got a tip about the natural rugs from my go to showroom, don’t use jute or sisal, go with seagrass. my vendor got out stains from an entire cherry cobbler being dropped on her seagrass rug!

  5. That is a great price for the marble-topped Saarinen. Any idea how it stacks up quality-wise to the versions available at DWR or Room and Board? I don’t know if the prior Anon will chime in, but if they meant they purchased the table from this source, maybe they can let us know? Thanks!

  6. Hi just wanted to quickly respond to the question re: saarinen table. I purchased mine through DWR. The other options like through Bellacor is a good alternative, but the difference is in the quality of the marble top and the type. There is more white in the DWR and less grey striations – at least that’s my observation. I think mine is arrabiasco (Sp), whereas others are carrera. Hope that helps.