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runner seagrass

I’m working on a big design project right now that is going to turn out to be quite the transformation! It is a large custom home that belonged to an older couple and it definitely felt like “grandma’s house” with peach-colored pickled wood moldings everywhere, a country kitchen, and several other details that needed some updating. To say that we are giving the place a facelift would be a major understatement! The contractor has made some major progress lately and the transformation is really starting to take shape. One of the things I’d love to do to add some texture is add a runner to the staircase. I recently found a bunch of inspiring images on Pinterest that run the gamut from classic, simple seagrass to bold, graphic runners. I have a one story home, so I don’t have a runner, but I’m curious to hear if you love yours. My client has two small children and I can’t help but think it would keep them from slipping. What are your thoughts on stair runners? Do you like the look? What about the functionality?

runner suzanne kasler  {A Runner in a Home designed by Suzanne Kasler}

runner classic {Classic and Elegant—This look is hard to beat!}

runner bonan {A darker runner works well in this hotel setting designed by Michele Bonan.}

runner greek key {I love Greek key, so naturally, I was drawn to the border on this stair runner.}

runner nailhead {How fun is the nailhead detail on this one?}

runner stripes {I love these stripes! They’re clean and modern and would work just as well in a modern townhouse as they would in a coastal house.}

runner leopard {Leopard print adds a bold touch!}

runner antelope

{If you like the idea of animal print, but prefer something just a tiny bit more subdued, there’s always Stark’s antelope print which works as a great neutral.}

runner hicks

   {If a graphic statement is more your speed, Stark has great options like this hexagon pattern by the great David Hicks.}

runner greek key2

{This Greek key pattern packs a punch!}

Are you in favor of stair runners? Which of these is in line with your style?


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  1. I am definitely considering a runner! My 7 year old fell down the stairs the other day and that is a sound you will never forget… those are beautiful runners… I need to come up with a budget-friendly option though

  2. oh my gosh! late last night I started searching for diy stair runner ideas – I think I decided on the look of black painted stairs with a seagrass/natural runner. I think i’m going to attempt to diy it this long-weekend. I also love the look of striped runners and obviously the leopard is amazing too, I might be too chicken to try it though.

  3. I have had a runner for 10 years. I am ready to replace it (my style has changed!) I will say that the runner I have is wool. It looks just as good today as the day it was installed. We do not wear shoes in our house, so that might have something to do with it! So as far as seagrass goes-I can’t imagine that it would hold up as well as wool. Most seagrass I have seen seems to sort of shed, or come apart and have fibers sticking up after a while. I don’t think that would be great for a staircase that people go up and down 100’s of times a day! (IMO). I just ran to the carpet store yesterday, They said I could probably get a new wool runner installed for about 1200.00-that is getting a broadloom cut to fit and adding either surging or a border. Nancy

  4. I love runners, and can’t wait to lay one down at our house. I’ve been in love with Stark’s antelope print for quite a while now…so chic, and understated considering it’s an animal print! I also love the stripes in #7. I like how the stripes are going different ways depending on which part of the stairs you’re on. It really helps to elongate a broken-up stairway.

  5. The runners are beautiful! I hate that our new house has carpeted stairs. It’s a project we’ll tackle one day but with a three year old and one on the way, perhaps we should keep it that way until we have to steady litte ones.

    I LOVE the look of the nailhead but wonder if it would hurt to step on!

  6. Hi Paloma,

    We have recently installed a carpet runner and love it. We have small children and it helps with the noise level and comfort factor when running up and down. I don’t think the natural (seagrass) would be comfortable or as long lasting. We went with a berber type with a hexagon pattern.

  7. One suggestion: use wool! Our stair runner is 20 years old, and after two kids and multiple pets, it still looks fabulous. We’ll tire of the color before the carpet ever needs to be replaced. Buy the best and only cry once. Best wishes!

  8. I have two kids and runners are on the “safety list”. We moved two years ago and I haven’t be able to change the runner. I don’t like mine at all but we kept it for safety reasons. Changing the runner is on my list to do.

  9. Runners are great, although I would avoid thick seagrass – it may seem practical in theory, but in reality it is hard on the feet and holds dust that is impossible to hoover out. Not a good look!

  10. I have had a runner in each house we have lived in. Always will. They are visually pretty, much safer than bare wood, and so QUIET! We have just moved again, and I will getting a runner on the stairs in no time. Happy hunting!

  11. I have had the leopard print runner for over a year now in our home. There are only three of us and our youngest is sixteen. It it very hard to keep clean. I bought a hand held vacuum because the regular dyson was so hard to reach the step crevices and heavy as well. It is still a lot of work and time to keep it looking good. I’d suggest going with a lighter color and maybe something you can use a broom to sweep. The darker colors show everything.