Style Profile: Robert Stilin

image {Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2011: This room illustrates Stilin’s mastery of proportion, texture, and his expert selection of unique lighting, chairs, and art.}

I’ve been familiar with interior designer, Robert Stilin’s name for some time now, but hadn’t delved into his body of work until recently. You see, my “He Said, She Said” partner and friend, Jon Call recently shared how much he admires Stilin’s work which prompted me to seek out his portfolio. I was met with interiors that are not only beautiful, but thoughtfully crafter. The spaces Stilin creates are decidedly modern, yet they exude warmth and a special breed of patina. Not only are these rooms layered with textures, colors, furnishings from various time periods and styles—they are also imbued with personality. I am especially drawn to Stilin’s clever use of interesting lighting and seating as well as his expertly-curated selections of art. Every room is punctuated by remarkable, thought-provoking pieces. Stilin’s approach is fresh, modern, and distinctly American.

{Modernist Beach House in The Hamptons}

{331GR Living Room in The Hamptons: This space exudes a modern American sensibility.}

{331GR Dining Room in the Hamptons: I love the interesting light fixture and styling in this room.}

{Kips Bay Decorators Showhouse 2011: This space features such chic pieces, particularly the end table and floor lamp.}

{Kips Bay Decorators Showhouse 2011: Yet Another Fabulous Light Fixture}

{Red Horse Living Room: Notice the various styles of chairs—each is unique and powerful in form.}

{Red Horse Office: This exudes such beautiful character. I don’t know whose space this is, but I can tell that the space reflects his or her personality. I’d bet he or she is rather interesting!}

{Cove Hollow Bedroom, East Hampton: Modern, Chic, and Tailored}

{Hamptons Designer Showhouse 2008 Living Room: Have you ever seen slipcovers and a brick layer’s table look so modern and chic? It’s all in the execution and silhouettes selected by Stilin.}

{Upper East Side: This room is the embodiment of chic, eclectic style. The room has elements that read as baroque, southwestern, Asian, and modern and they all work together so beautifully thatnks to the color palette and composition created by Stilin.}

{A Detailed View of the Same Living Room from the Previous Picture. I love that the bookshelves extend from the floor to the ceiling. Stacking books horizontally is one of my favorite styling tricks. Stilin plays on the scale of this room perfectly while creating a visually interesting mix of pieces.}


{Images via Robert Stilin}

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  1. I like the clean masculinity. Refreshing. I am also noticing so many chairs. Lot’s of legs going on (like the dining room pic from a Hampton’s house and Red Horse).