Homegoods Stylescope Giveaway: $500 Giftcard


Recently, Homegoods created a fun new feature on their website that helps you to pinpoint your design style. “Just as your horoscope determines your personality, your Stylescope determines your personal décor style. Authored by Interior Designer and HGTV Host Taniya Nayak on behalf of HomeGoods, the new Stylescope is a unique one question quiz that will reveal your design mood with 12 Stylescope personalities. Your style today may fit perfectly in to one of the 12 distinct style personalities – Boho, Classic, Metro Modern, Socialite, Farmhouse Glam, New Country, Spa Life, Set Sail, Vegas Baby, Sassy, World Traveler, or Urban Chic – or you may be on the cusp, pulling in design elements from more than one personality!”


Homegoods asked La Dolce Vita to be the blog associated with their “Vegas, Baby” aesthetic. “Vegas, Baby” is colorful, bold, and glamorous, so it was a great fit. La Dolce Vita and Homegoods have also teamed up to offer one lucky reader a $500 gift card to Homegoods! $500 will go a long way at Homegoods! Simply take the Stylescope quiz on the Homegoods website, then report back and leave a comment on this post letting us know what your Stylescope personality is and how you would incorporate that decorating style into your home. Official details may be found below. Good luck!


1. To enter the giveaway, take the Homegoods Stylescope Quiz and leave a comment on this post between today, Monday, September 17th and Monday, September 24th letting me know what your Stylescope personality is and how that is reflected in the way you decorate. The winner will be selected and notified on Tuesday, September 25th.

For Extra Entries:
2. Tweet about the giveaway with a link to this blog post for another entry (follow La Dolce Vita on Twitter in order to show me your tweet). It is up to you to return to this post to enter your additional entry after tweeting about the giveaway.
3. Become a fan of La Dolce Vita on Facebook.

Anonymous entries will be ignored, so please include your e-mail in your comment. Your e-mail address will never be used for anything other than to notify you if you are the winner.

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  1. Farmhouse Glam is pretty spot on for me. I love mixing antique touches with feminine things. For instance, I love an all white bed with monogrammed linens but I swoon for a reclaimed farm table and deer antlers on the wall.

  2. Turns out I’m a Socialite! With a touch of the Traveler 😉 Completely and utterly true since the way I decorate is all centered around entertaining and having a good time with family & friends. Thanks for sharing this, such a fun quiz to take!

  3. My Stylescope personality is sassy with a touch of new country. I love to bring the “sassy” into my home by taking fun thrift store finds (ceramic duck for instance) and giving them a coat of a bright colored paint to liven up a bookcase or a bedside table. Love you blog! Great giveaway!

    Tara Figi

  4. Not surprised to see that Boho is my stylescope, especially because I chose the Buddha and colorful images. I love anything that is in the Boho style, however when it actually comes to decorating my own home, I normally go with neutrals and more of a rustic/farmhouse/glam style. I guess my style is all over the place (or I just love elements from every style)!

  5. I’m a little surprised I got sassy! I think I could take this ten different times and get a different answer every time – I’m a little ADD with design.

  6. I’ve been pegged as Socialite with a touch of Sassy, which I’m sorta surprised about! Nonetheless, would love a Homegoods gift certificate to decorate my home! 🙂

  7. This was so fun! I am Vegas Baby with a hint of Sassy thrown in! I love the glitz and glam but also comfort and funky details. We are currently in the process of re-decorating and I have plans to add a fun black dining table with re-upholstered chairs in a funky fabric and lots of gilded mirrors for that glam factor.


  8. HI hi!

    Looks like I’m New Country! This isn’t too surprising to me because I had always thought of my style as woodsy chic with preppy bits thrown in. Love me my monogrammed pillows and bright flowers. It’s official, I am New Country. Bring on the warm, manly details please!


  9. What a fun quiz and giveaway! I was classic, and I must say that’s a very accurate description. I like everything to be organized, in it’s place, clean, and comfortable.

  10. I wouldn’t have guessed it, but I am Boho and a touch of New Country! I’m not a big thrifter, but I do love layers of pattern and texture and I also love a good antique piece, so I suppose it’s quite perfect.

  11. It said I was ‘the traveler’ which I agree with – I decorate eclectically with a mix of styles and colors!

    scg00387 at yahoo dot com

  12. I am classic. Classic knows there’s a place for everything—and everything belongs in its place. She’s a perfectly tailored dress. A smooth, 4-tiered wedding cake. And she imbues her sense of structure with a graceful elegance, an undisturbed calm, and of course, an irrefutable beauty

  13. I use a lot of natural elements in my downtown loft so no wonder I got urban funk with a touch of classic! Sticks, leaves, flowers along with classic leather furniture, black and white fabrics, big fireplace, brick walls- and a few quirky accessories thrown in. Very excited about this opportunity to win! Woohoo!

  14. I was Sassy with a side of Boho. I took it a second time and was Spa with a side of Traveler. I think I try to reflect these styles in my home decor, but am sometimes a little timid!

  15. I got the Traveler. The colors and patterns were really similar to my living room. I love the idea of layered pieces that look collected instead of staged.

  16. I’m Farmhouse Glam, with a touch The Traveler. This is very reflective in the way I decorate, as I have a little modern country vibe rocking in my house.

    Thanks for hosting the this giveaway!

  17. Home Goods opening in my town this weekend! Woohoo! I took the stylescope and it said I was Farmhouse Glam with Urban Funk! Thanks for posting this giveaway!
    Creativesusy at

  18. I am VEGAS BABY through and through…I adore everything blinged out, glammed up, with fabulous touches of sparkle everywhere! Completely unabashed and over-the-top I’m all for MORE IS MORE where less is just plain boring ;D Gimme floor to ceiling wallpaper in the powder, reflective surfaces on all my furniture, and mirrors mirrors mirros everywhere! Looks like we’re cut from the same cloth Paloma ;D Awesome giveaway!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  19. Fun! I got Farmhouse Glam with a touch of The Traveler. I do like an eclectic look, but the “farmhouse” bit through me a little. 🙂 If I win, I’ll probably focus more on the traveler side of things (or classic, which didn’t come up, but is definitely part of my aesthetic).

    Great giveaway!!

  20. Hi All,
    My stylescope was “Vegasbaby with a touch os sassy.” Fits me to a tee…I love lots of flash and gold accents, mercury glass, mirrors, mirrors, and I love rich colors. Thanks for the giveway!!!

  21. That was such a fun quiz! The report shows that I am Farmhouse glam – which is totally true! I’m drawn to Restoration Hardware type furniture but love throwing in gold accents and more modern touches that definitely are Glam!! 🙂 What a great giveaway! I’m moving to a new city & new apartment in 2 weeks and a $500 giftcard from HomeGoods would be AMAZING! 🙂

  22. First off…I love your blog, it’s one of my favorites. I am constantly inspired by it, and I follow you on Pinterest! Secondly I love that Homegoods is having a giveaway because I am one of their biggest fans! The Stylescope quiz said I was VEGAS BABY with a touch of Urban Funk. This couldn’t ring more true and especially since I live in Las Vegas 😉 If you were to walk in my home you would instantly feel the Vegas flare from the jewel toned hues, animal prints, unexpected mixes, and metallic finishes! Bet on me, I’m a definite win!

  23. I’m sassy with a touch of boho. I would definitely say sassy comes out more in my decorating – pops of color, animal print stools, horizontal stripe curtains, and a bright blue dining room!

  24. I am ‘Sassy’ with a touch of ‘Boho’ which I like to think describes my character as well! Pops of color really appeal to me these days – something besides beige makes me happy! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  25. It makes perfect sense that I’m a traveller with a touch of boho. Before I ever became a designer, I was a travel agent and I adored visiting new places and returning with new treasures. Nearly every room in my home has a remembrance from where I’ve traveled and those are my most favorite things. They bring back wonderful memories and reflect my personality to a tee.


  26. My Stylescope design personality is Farmhouse Glam and a touch New Country.

    It’s weird because the picture they have of the dining room could have been taken in my own home. I have a French Country table, modern crystal chandelier, and blue tufted/nail head chairs.

  27. Totally the Socialite! How did they already know about the zebra ottomans I’m wanting for the entry hall? And yes, I’m a sucker for great enytertaining!

  28. Boho. I was actually a little surprised with that result. I consider myself a little more transitional/sophisticated/glam. I can relate to the feminine, fluttery fabrics that come to mind with boho though. My design style is definitely influenced by my fashion slant and vice versa.

  29. Fabulous Giveaway! HomeGoods has always been a favorite shopping destination for Zuniga Interiors- for our clients and the ZI staff as well! Taking the Stylescope Quiz- looks like we are The Traveler with a touch of Boho! Fits us just perfect over here at Zuniga Interiors!

    All the best-

    Michelle Zuniga

  30. I am Farmhouse Glam with a touch of boho! I don’t know about boho, but perhaps the farmhouse glam comes from growing up in the country and now living in the big apple. I am always trying to make things chic and fabulous but still down to earth and comfortable.

  31. I got Urban Funk with a touch of Farmhouse Glam, which might just be spot on! Looking through the styles I really fit with most of them though. I have a very eclectic but minimalist style, if that is such a thing. I like clean lines paired with funky prints, lots of visual interest but in a non-cluttered way.

  32. I’m Boho with a touch of Classic- I am definitely eclectic and have appreciation of many styles and genres. I think the way I like to play with textures is really reflected in my decor at home!


  33. Apparently, I’m sassy!! Love the bright colors and mix of patterns, but I,too, could probably take this again and get a different result. So many great styles, so little time…and money:)

  34. GoshThey say I a sassy BUT I think I needed more images to chose from ! I am more elegant and classic sometimes – Well I may go back and try another set of images even ! Thanks for a great BLOG Paloma ~

  35. I was classic, and I’m not surprised. I use a lot of antiques in my decorating, along with neutral wall colors and natural fabrics.

  36. I LOVE your blog and read it religiously, and I LOVE Homegoods!! Oh how I could transform my living room if I won 🙂 I got Boho which is pretty much spot on. I love to bring a bit of the outdoors inside and compliment these elements with bright pops of color!

  37. I was a little surprised I got Vegas Baby since I shy away from gambling with design for fear of making mistakes….or worse being labeled as ostentatious. I would say I am a bit conservative and way too safe when it comes to decorating. However, when I see the Vegas Baby style in magazines, I immediately gravitate towards it. I want to experiment more with bold colors, accents and accessories. I love sparkle. I love metallic. I love print. And most of all, I love fun. I guess I am Vegas Baby…I just need a little help reaching my full Vegas Baby potential.

  38. I was pretty surprised to find out I am “New Country” because I’ve always tried to shy away from my country roots but after reading the description of that style, it makes more sense. I do try to mix rustic with contemporary and I’m always trying to incorporate natural elements from the outdoors in my home. I love the way a bold contemporary pattern looks next to a side table made from a tree stump or the contrast of a wooden branch in a sleek silver vase.

  39. My style personality on that is the socialite with pops of color which is very true. I tend to decorate with very classic elements which I then add pops of color to

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  40. I am “Set Sail” with a touch of “BOHO.” The Set Sail fits me perfectly, after all my go-to colors for all design are blue and white. I also display shells and sea glass around my house. I recently purchased some rattan-covered vases (from HomeGoods of course!) that add the perfect touch of “beach” to my house. I was surprised that my style is a bit of BOHO because I’ve always considered my style to be more classic, even rustic-farm inspired.

    Meredith –

  41. Man, my style was perfectly picked. Vegas Baby, with a touch of classic. I go for bold colors, lots of reflective surfaces, and lush textiles. The classic may come from the fact that I love things to be orderly, and make sense together. So it’s not all glitter all the time around here. Great quiz!!

  42. Socialite with a touch of Boho. I always knew there was a Socialite lurking in me dying to break free…only my beer and chips budget is holding her back…lol. I always like to mix colors and patterns but I always throw in some bling now I know why.

  43. I’m an Urban Funk gal with a touch of Boho! I love these titles, they’re so fun and it matched me perfectly. I’m definitely one of those who likes to contrast styles as my apartment is a mix of white walls, old industrial number signs, spots of color (red couch, colored vases) and patterned textiles.

  44. I got Urban Funk and a touch of Boho! I have to completely agree. I love sleek modern styles but I also love a little boho here and there.

    calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. I took the quiz and (no surprise) I am Vegas Baby with a touch of New Country. Having lived in Las Vegas for almost 13 years before relocating, I always find myself adding a little touch of sparkle or “wow” to every room…

  46. Farmhouse Glam…appropriate as my husband and i are getting ready to move out of an apartment in the big city to a single family house on a half acre of land. Can’t wait to garden, cozy up to a fire, and make rustic chic! $500 would certainly help us make this new house a home. Cheers!
    caskull at hotmail dot com

  47. I am farmhouse chic…I was a little surprised by the label, but once i read into it and took another look at my house, it is totally right. It is realitvely traditional and rustic, with a few sparkly bits thrown in.

  48. Sassy with a touch of BOHO > building a new house now and have been trying to decide what “my style” is! this explains the funky colored small tables I haven’t been able to part with!! FUN!!!
    Old Facebook fan; Homegoods fan too!

  49. LOVE IT! Set sail with a touch of farmhouse, couldn’t have described it better myself 🙂 mixing vintage finds and family heirlooms with a new piece or two always makes a room feel complete and cozy. Though I don’t think there’s a room you can go in that you won’t find a seashell, starfish, or both 😉

  50. I am New Country and a Touch of Boho! 🙂 This definitely fits in with my eclectic style and how I like laid back simple decorations with a bit of a twist.

    deeg131 at gmail dot com

  51. i got boho with a touch of farmhouse glam! i definitely love to use lots and lots of colors, especially bright ones, and enjoy mixing and matching patterns!

  52. Fun promotion, HomeGoods! I’m “The Traveler” which I knew already (judging by my passport and apartment filled with momentos picked up from all over the world). Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! xoxojess

  53. I ended up being The Traveler with a touch of Classic. I love that! That completely describes my design style. I have a classic color scheme right now. It’s mostly grounded in black and white, with some classic century pieces. I would love to add some Moroccan touches to bring some color, texture and pattern into my rooms. I know Home Goods is PERFECT for their accessories. I could find a lot of cool things to place around the house: statues, maybe some lanterns, a throw, sculptural vases. I just bought a bookcase that I need to fill up with objects that look collected from travels. 🙂 Right now they’re pretty empty and depressing. Pick me and I’ll show you what I did with the space after I go shopping at Home Goods!! Thank you!
    twitter: xbiancasotelo