Anatomy of a Home: The Kitchen

Today, we have another fabulous and hilarious "Anatomy of a Home" post from LDV Contributor, Lauren of Semi-Designed Life. Enjoy!

Munger Interiors
At this point, you’ve welcomed your guests into your house, wined and dined them and they’ve used your facilities. Let’s get down to the ‘ness and discuss what everyone really cares about when it comes to your home: the kitchen. It’s really true that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Why? It’s simple really. We peoples likes foods.
Wouldn’t it be nice to distract your inner fat kid with other things in your kitchen than croissants and eclairs? This kitchen is courtesy of my girls at Munger Interiors here in Houston. I know the awesomeness that is Munger Interiors personally. These girls have skillz. And their hiliariousness brightens my day each time I see them. My inner eclair eating self would be totally distracted in this beach house kitchen.
Anatomy Lesson #1: Distract your inner fat kid with lovely details like paneling, open displays, beadboard ceilings and modern niceties like lucite bar stools.  

Elle Decor

This kitchen will just straight shut you up. I don’t think I would have the guts to even open my mouth in this kitchen. This kitchen deserves silence, respect, and worship. Subway tile walls, brass hardware, double sinks, LOOK. AT. THAT. STOVE.

Anatomy Lesson #2: Invest where it counts. The brass hardware makes this kitchen. They’ve saved by only putting marble on the island and granite everywhere else. The subway tile makes a BIG impact for a little investment. Spend where it counts, save where you can.
Windsor Smith

Oh, Windsor. Windsor, Windsor, Windsor. This goodie has been around for quite some time but she’s standing the test of time. The cozy cottageness of this kitchen is too charming to elaborate any further. There would be no need to ever tell your guests, "make yourself at home". They just would be.

Anatomy Lesson #3: Make anyone who walks in your kitchen feel at home. A nice long table with lots of room for early morning coffee or late night wine drinking. The pleated wingbacks just amplifies the comfy coziness.

Elle Decor

This kitchen is the epitome of country charm. A beaten rug, original cabinetry, and kitsch to boot. A kitchen that’s been lived in is a kitchen that’s welcome in my book.

Anatomy Lesson #4: While an all white kitchen is stark and serene, let an original kitchen show it’s scars. There’s little you can do to recreate the charm of an old, historic kitchen. Try not to disturb original charm. She’ll thank you for it.
Elle Decor

And this is the opposite of anatomy lesson #4. This is the kitchen most of us decoristas are drawn to. And you know why? Because she’s perfection. The coffered ceilings add a touch of charm that most all white, granite kitchens lack. Which is why she’s a lush.

Anatomy Lesson #5: When all else fails, go white. Just not insane asylum white. The sane kind.
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  1. Great kitchen images! I love that black and white kitchen from Elle Decor… you’re right, it deserves some sort of award, it is divine.

  2. I (awkwardly) gasped out loud at work – I LOVE the subway tile and brass kitchen! Not normal. I also laughed out loud at “just straight shut you up”. What a great post! Love it 🙂 -l

  3. This is the third time I’ve come back to this post, because I am OBSESSED with the first image! I would die for some ghost stools in my kitchen. Love!