Do Tell: Where is your “happy place”?

My husband, Fabian and I just returned from a quick little weekend getaway to Los Angeles, (mostly) compliments of American Express Member Rewards. We arrived in L.A. on Saturday and were back home in Houston yesterday afternoon. The short two days went by in the blink of an eye, but they were exactly what we needed. We returned home feeling rested, recharged and motivated—let’s make things happen! I enjoyed this trip so much because I’ve traveled to L.A. quite a bit and have fallen in love with the city, but Fabian had never been there, so it was pretty special to show him my favorite places in the city and see him fall in love with it, too. We spent time in my regular stomping grounds of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills and ventured out to beautiful Malibu where we spent most of Sunday afternoon. While we’ve been fortunate to travel to many beautiful places, there’s just something about L.A. that makes me so happy. I joked that it was my “happy place”—the sunshine, palm trees, hills, ocean, delicious food, and abundance of fabulous design speak to my core and I feel right at home. There’s no stress of traveling internationally and things are different enough to be exciting while being familiar enough to feel like it could maybe be home one day.

Do tell—what is your happy place?

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  1. LA for sure! My heart remains there, home! I adore LA and can’t wait to go back next month:) My hubby and I have some great memories there. We lived at Park Labrea, I’m sure you saw the giant towers arcoss from The Grove…sigh…

  2. What a wonderful post! A few happy places off the top of my head- The Impressionists wing at the National Gallery of Art, riding my horse through shaded woods on a summer day, watching people and having tea at Angelina in Paris.

  3. I just came back to LA from Houston so my happy place is usually where my family is…I’ve got all my aunties and uncles in Houston (where I was raised) so I guess traveling back and forth is what makes me smile 😀 Can’t wait to see what you’ve been doing here…I’m sure shopping at all the haute design spots!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  4. Sounds like a great weekend… first happy place is definitely Napa Valley, I am as happy and relaxed as humanly possible. The wine, food, scenery, weather and overall vibe is all so perfect.
    A close second is Hawaii….a place that literally seduces me the second I walk off the plane and smell that fragrant tropical air. Ahhhhh, feel more relaxed just thinking about those places!

  5. It is definitely London! The Champagne bar at Harvey Nichs 5th floor with my husband, people spotting. All of London, and Stockholm, who is my hometown. And, I try to keep a happy place inside myself, I think we shall have such a place to go to as well when needed:)

  6. I live in LA, and I’m still in love with exploring this city! There’s always a neighborhood gem that I have yet to find.

    For us, our happy place is SF. We fly out there once every other month, and absolutely love it. It’s a quick flight, and the perfect getaway for us when work gets too busy and we need an escape. Our place is the Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, and a quick brunch in South Park. We love the fresh, local food and the wonderful service. My boyfriend also can’t get enough of the ice cream at Bi-Rite :)Visit SF when you can!

  7. Sipping Cappuccino at San Marco’s piazza, Venice Italy.
    Nepenthe Restaurant, Big Sur CA. Breath taking views.
    Walking in the main door at Saks 5th Ave. Manhattan.
    Seeing snow fall at night from my family rm window.
    People watching while lunching at Barney’s (Fred’s) NYC
    Watching the sunset at Jetties Beach Nantucket.
    Positano Italy.
    Christmas dinner with my entire family at my table.
    Oh and of course….blog reading with a cup of coffee.

  8. I’ll just say 3. I like to travel, although I don’t as often as I’ll like. So my 1st happy place is on a plane (and sometimes in a vehicle if it’s a road trip). Just that anticipation of what’s in store and the city that awaits you. I love that feeling.

    2nd, I’d say Chicago. It’s a quite 1.5 hr trip from my city and I almost know their downtown by heart. Almost…

    3rd I’d stick with a place within my city and that’s lake drive. Seeing the beaches and all the things along Lake Michigan in the summer is just so relaxing. Summertime in Milwaukee is by far the best. We still have hot temps and we tend to try and make the most of it considering how long and dreadful our winters are. Just parking my car down there and reading or people watching and feeling the warm air is one of my happiest moments. And if it’s thunderstorming? I’m in heaven.

  9. LA…. it’s where I feel most alive and happy. I live in SF with my husband and kids, and we have a condo in Santa Monica. It is the perfect get away, especially in the summer when SF is foggy and cold. I am there at least once a month, and absolutely LOVE it! Your post captured the essence of why I love LA so much.

  10. California is my happy place. I also just returned from a trip there, and the air, the sun, the colors – nothing can bet it except the Italian coast. But you are right – this is not a long plane ride away.

  11. I start getting beach withdrawal ever so often. When this happens, I need to block out a night or afternoon to drive across the bridge (I’m about 30 minutes away) and go reboot by the shore. It works every time.