Style Profile: Luis Bustamante


{I am in love with this stunning dining room. It is the perfect embodiment of “masculine chic”. I love the polished silhouettes, perfect symmetry, and blending of elements to make some very classic pieces feel completely fresh and new.}

Last Friday’s “Fabulous Room” featured a chic gentleman’s suite designed by Madrid-based designer, Luis Bustamante. Bustamante started his career in the 1980s as a sculptor and painter after studying fine arts at the Universidad Compultense de Madrid. He went on to exhibit in Madrid’s political capitol of Madrid and its artistic capitol of Barcelona. Bustamante eventually moved to Barcelona and finding himself intrigued by interior design, he opted for a career change. Eventually, he moved to Mexico where he lived for 5 years, cementing his reputation as a formidable international designer.


{This space is one of the most modern in Bustamante’s portfolio. I love the custom bench around the fireplace.}

In the year 2000, Bustamante found his way back to his hometown of Madrid and established the design studio which serves as the headquarters for his business. Bustamante has completed both residential and commercial projects throughout the world. Think high-profile destinations such as New York, London, Miami, Spain, and Mexico. Bustamante’s work reflects his classical sensibilities. His spaces orbit around a perfect sense of symmetry and are imbued by Roman and Greek motifs—think striking sculptures, marble columns and plenty of Greek key. While Bustamante’s work is decidedly more formal and classical than what I typically gravitate towards, I was struck by the sheer perfection of his portfolio. Every space is just so fine. You can tell he uses the finest materials and every detail is attended to with the most precise perfection. Have you ever seen such polished, chic rooms?


{This living room is part of the same home that I posted about on Friday. You’ll notice the minimal, mostly white color palette continues into this space.}


{Ok, can we take a minute to discuss this kitchen? I immediately noticed that this home must belong to someone who loves to entertain. There is plenty of seating, an incredible bar in the background, and plenty of serving space. You may notice that appliances, aside from a pair of matching refrigerators are completely absent. Maybe we’re not seeing the entire thing, but after looking at this home on Bustamante’s website, I am not sure where there would have been room for a stove. Whether the owner cooks or not, I would love to attend a dinner party in this fabulous space.}


{This was one of the first images that really drew me in and piqued my interest about Bustamante. Notice the play on scale and the Greek key trim lining the walls. Again, everything looks so fine.}


{Another Example of Perfect Symmetry and Balance}


{Notice the Greek key trim and dentil moulding in this chic hallway. I love the “Valentino Red”.}


{This is a more modern take on Bustamante’s classic sensibility. The series of abstract paintings is phenomenal. I would love to know who the artist is.}


{How gorgeous is this office? I think I could make myself right at home in this space.}luis_bustamante12[1]

{A Handsome Vignette featuring more Amazing Art—The black wall looks amazing against the bright, white woodwork.}


{I really love the lighting throughout Bustamante’s projects. Notice the floor-to-ceiling bookcases and tufted sofas.}


{Bustamante takes accessorizing to another level. Everything is museum-quality.}

What are your thoughts? Can you appreciate such classical spaces? Can you envision yourself living in one of these homes?


{Images Courtesy of Luis Bustamante Interior Design}

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  1. Oh! I was waiting for this since you teased about it last week. That “kitchen”- wow. You know what I would give for that kind of entertaining set up? Also love all the black and white abstracts and the impact of them all grouped together gallery-style. May borrow from that in the home office re-do I’m working on.

  2. Love these rooms. I know the scupltures and busts make them look very formal, and like you say, they give the a museum-like feel, but there’s something very smart and bold about it all which really works. Thanks for sharing.
    Sorry for the late comment – just catching up reading my blogs from last week!