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Hello again, it’s Erika from small shop sharing with you a 7th edition of "Design Under the Influence." I was thinking recently, one goal that any graphic designer like myself shares is to create a graphic that is not only instantly recognizable, but highly regarded. Such is the case with the famous Goyard pattern. You know the one, those interweaving "Y"s …

Did you know that the company associated with this pattern was founded back in 1853 (one year before Louis Vuitton), and to this day sits on the rue Saint-Honoré in Paris? L. Maison Goyard has a rich history and is considered a pioneer in the ultra-luxurious luggage industry, initially designing and manufacturing customized trunks for traveling aristocrats in the 1800’s, and monogramming the pieces with clientele’s family crests and colors.

More recently, Goyard’s handbags have become the "it" bag for all Manhattan-ites between Madison and 5th it seems, and "it" celebs alike. But getting your hands on a highly coveted bag is not so simple; Goyard does not sell online, and currently has only twelve stores worldwide.

New York Times "The Trophy" by Bill Cunningham

One of the reasons Goyard’s line of trunks and bags is so in demand is because each is hand sewn, lightweight, waterproof, and the pattern adorning each is hand painted. You can get a Goyard piece in a variety of colors, configurations, and customizations:

I’ve heard the "Y" pattern, made up of three chevrons, symbolizes the family "tree" of three generations/centuries of the Goyard family. As a graphic designer I get giddy with excitement when I think about how something so visually simple could represent something so exclusive and steeped in history. And to see it replicated in wallpaper, dinnerware, and textiles would be the perfect compliment, in my humble opinion.

Osborne & Little’s "Trifid" wallpaper

Photo: Patric Johansson

Catilin Moran

Caitlin Wilson Textiles "Hong Kong" pillow

Goyard Bowl, Furbish Studio

Pick up one of the above, or if you’re really lucky, a Goyard bag really does make a nice accessory doesn’t it?

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  1. Love, love, love this post! I love learning these fun facts. I recently visited the Goyard shop in Paris and fell in love. Serious love.

  2. I love this! I learned so much. This is an “it” bag that actually seems worth all the hype-considering it’s hand-painted! And waterproof, that’s always helpful. I love the luggage, and the Goyard inspired decor items are fab! Wonderful post.

  3. I found you through Feather Factor, and I’m so excited to start reading your blog! I also think Goyard is so pretty! One day I want to own one of the totes. I love that they’re all hand-painted.

  4. Hi Paloma! I discovered your blog via an interview posting on Feather Factor. Your site is great! I lived in Houston for a number of years, and am happy to hear that its incredible sense of style and ease is finally being captured online.

    I have been noticing a lot more Goyard logos in Los Angeles as of late, and didn’t realized they were so popular! The bags look sturdy and functional though, so I will definitely be sure to recommend them to my sister, who has two small children (who are always running around with markers on hand!)


  5. Great post!
    I saved for a while to get my pieces of Goyard luggage. I LOVE them and the whole experience was fun! I also think it would be great to get a trunk or piece that is bespoke for your profession – I would really like to have a case to keep all my paints and brushes in. If you design the ultimate graphic – you could have a trunk with it on!