Glamour Obsession: Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Bag

(Totally inspired by this look for 2012!)

Happy Holidays LDV Readers!  Vanessa Stern here from Vanessa & Valentine.  With Christmas around the corner, I’m happy to say I’ve finished all my shopping for others, but can’t help but daydream about what I really want to buy for myself!  I’ve been completely obsessed with this Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Bag since I tried one on at Bloomingdales a few months back and I literally melted at how utterly stunning the thing was!!!  Besides being totally out of my price range (yes it’s gasp $4800 in lambskin) and totally impractical for a new working mom like me, I can’t help but imagine owning one of these bad boys! (Yes, it’s a total classic, I will own it for years, and it will never go out of style, like my justification??)

I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, but I’m secretly determined to continue working my ass off at work closing deals, so I can treat myself to my very own Chanel Bag in 2012!  Hey, we all need goals to keep us motivated and inspired, even if they are a little frivolous.       
Of course swooning over the gold hardware details.
I especially love how it looks worn everyday with a basic black and white striped tee and jeans a la Nicole Richie! 
Italian fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni rocks it so perfectly with a neon dress and stilettos. 
And I love how the chain can extend to wear it long or short.
Again Chiara wears hers with a much more conservative look and transitions perfectly!
Now gray with silver hardware is really quite lovely, but if I was going to drop that much I definitely would go with the classic black and gold. 
Lauren Conrad got hers!  Adorable with the red dress!
What do you think?  Totally worth it or total waste?  I would love to hear your thoughts!!!
Here’s to health and happiness this holiday season and I wish you all the best!
images via Pinterest
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  1. omg… omg… omg… (Can I say that enough?)
    ok, maybe… love…love…love.
    I am totally and completely obsessed with Chanel too (check out my blog today – I’m Chanel crazy). I have even taken on the nickname “Chanel” by friends. If you decide to go for it, ask them if we could get a group discount?!?
    Merry Christmas – and yes, a girl should have goals (and good ones at that)

  2. That is definitely on my secret wish list (secret because I can’t imagine feeling anything but guilt even asking for it…unless we were to magically become millionaires overnight…which I wouldn’t mind!). Gah. Why are the prettiest things so hard to obtain??

  3. am I going to be the only one to say total waste? I just don’t like to pay that much to be a walking advertisement. I love Channel style, and think the stuff is really well made. Take the C’s off, and I would be all over it.

  4. Worth it!!
    …but maybe I’m a little biased. I’ve been wanting the 2.55 classic forever and have been and am still saving up for it, so I can get it in 2012 as well!!! πŸ™‚

  5. I totally love it. I have 3 Chanels that I use all the time. And yes, the jumbo or the next smaller one is on my list for the upcoming new year. Did anyone happen to check out all the Chanel bags that were in the recent Liz Taylor auction – OMG !

  6. It is easy for people to say get it when it isn’t their money! If you have that much cash laying around then put it away. Then again I’m a finance person and I cannot understand spending almost five grand on a freaking purse despite it being a Chanel.

  7. ohh so sorry but Im a Bottega Venet Grrl ! That bag is ugly and tasteless to me ! But that makes my Bottega Veneta less expensive so I’m happy you desire something other than what I do !! Good Luck ~

  8. I have to weigh in as a recovered designer bag/stuff addict…
    A few years ago after several great gifts (via etsy at the time) from my husband, I decided to only buy jewelry & leather goods that are in support of small designers. I receive many compliments on my unique pieces & spend much less money. The leather goods were a little harder at first but, through great blogs like yours, I have found timeless items. The quality is often much better too. I consider my pieces original works of art and love the idea that a real person put their heart into creating them. That being said… this is something that makes ME happy and I hope you all find what makes you happy πŸ™‚
    BTW: your friend Annsley’s Maria bag is killing me!

  9. I’ve been wishing for this bag for years! My husband literally laughs at me and says he would never spend that much money in a bag. So I am also saving, I have been saving for almost two years. This post made me feel better to see that I am not the only shallow girl (I don’t consider myself shallow at any other aspect in my life, really) who dreams about a chanel handbag haha.

  10. I had been lusting over this bag for awhile now. I bit the bullet and just bought a vintage Chanel in a different style and am having it refurbished at I couldn’t justify paying those prices for new bags when ebay has tons for less than a third in price. I say go for preowned and buy 2!


  11. Hi, love your pics. I bought my first Chanel about a year ago and it is definitely worth every penny. I debated between the sizes and the leather and finally ended up with the Med/Large Caviar with silver hardware. Classic with a modern twist (loads of pics on my blog) I now have an itch for a nice Jumbo Lambskin with gold hardware. You won’t regret it πŸ™‚


  12. Oh my my…!

    I’m thinking about buying a new everyday bag and I was going to get a new LV then I’ve seen this one. This is absolutely gorgeous yet outrageously expensive.
    I’ve read all the comments here and they say it’s worth IT. I don’t know I don’t know….

  13. Go for it babe..

    I just inherited a vintage jumbo xl- omgosh its beautiful and big enough to fit all my crap…

    the one i have is old but still in great condition- you will love the bag <3

  14. Absolutely worth it .
    i bought my bag after loosing 65 kg weight ,but I bought a second hand one for abou 1100 euro (yes its real ,the bag came with an idntify card ) πŸ™‚

    Love my classic chanel bag !

  15. im starti g to be obsess aswell when i went to chanel and touch the jumbo caviar my God i wanted to buy it right away but i was thinking im not so pra tical and my restaurant business is not busy… i hope i will be able to buy it soon cant stop thinking about it