Love them or Leave Them: The Olsens

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While we’re on the topic of Bohemian Glamour after Vanessa’s post this morning, I can’t help but wonder about your thoughts on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Along with Kate Moss and Sienna Miller, the Olsen twins are often seen as the poster girls for the “boho chic” look. My feelings about the Olsens have been all over the place through the years. I was an avid Full House fan growing up and will always associate the Olsens with little Michelle Tanner and her cute lines like “You got it, dude!”.

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Fast forward several years while the girls built their massive empire catering to young girls and tweens. As a teenager, I had no interest in their movies and merchandise, but couldn’t help but notice when they emerged as fashionistas a few years after that. At first, I couldn’t understand what was so fashionable about them. For a good while, they sported the “dumpster diving, granny chic” look that I’ve never been able to get behind, so imagine my surprise as I have recently embraced their style evolution. I resisted liking Mary Kate and Ashley for a long time, but I am really loving their style as well as everything they have created through their fashion lines, Elizabeth and James and The Row.

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There are still times when they look a little disheveled for my taste, Mary Kate in particular, but other times, they look so effortlessly chic. How do you feel about the Olsens’ style? Are you a fan?

Check out this video from Net-A-Porter in which Mary Kate and Ashley discuss their style and their inspiration for The Row.

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  1. I absolutely love them and was going to include them in the post, but I understand people’s mixed emotions about them. I admire their sense of self expression (although I probably wouldn’t sport many of their looks). I think they’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years and love that they don’t use a stylist. They are unique and independent and don’t conform, which is refreshing!

  2. I am all over the map about them too. Full House was an afterschool staple for me which is probably part of the problem! I do agree that they have a certain allure about them or we wouldn’t be talking about them!
    Nancy xo

  3. Yes, they did seem to start off as kinda granny grungy, which I didn’t care for, but nowadays they seem a bit more polished. I think I prefer Ashley’s style a bit more though. Although sometimes Mary Kate can surprise you every once in a while.

  4. I really like them, I respect them a lot more than a few others who shall remain nameless oh about the age but have a lot less class. They are smart, accomplished, cultured and doing things with their lives…very impressive young girls and great role models to other young girls…..nice post.

  5. I never really liked them but have to give them credit – what smart young business women. They are clearly focussed and driven and The Row is one of my favorite lines – gorgeous tailored modern style!!