Do Tell: What do you collect?

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I am not a big fan of tchotchkes or clutter, but I am a very sentimental person and give certain items sentimental value. I can’t really say that I collect anything at all, unless you count the piles of design books in my home. I would really like to start a tradition of bringing home something special each time Fabian and I go on a trip. We’ve brought home mementos from all of the trips we’ve taken together, but they don’t really fall into the same category. We’re going to Spain in November to celebrate my 30th birthday and I’m hoping to have a good idea of what to bring home to start a collection of sorts.

Do tell—do you collect anything? Modern art, gorgeous Waylande Gregory pottery (I’d love to start collecting this!), Hermès Birkin bags à la Victoria Beckham, little Eiffel Towers like Suzanne Kasler in the photo above? What do you currently collect? Is there something you’d like to start collecting?

{Image via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles}

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  1. From travels, I collect postcards & magnets. Nothing extremely fab. I used to collect shot glasses in my younger days. I would put tealights in them and have them equally spaced out on shelves. Looked cool when the lights were out. I guess you can say I collect african masks & animal print items for my living/dining area. That’s really it.

  2. OH YEAH. I collect little bottles with shells and sand & other shell related things for my bathroom. This is a new one but people I know who’ve gone to tropical islands bring ’em back to me. I bought one when I visited Baltimore. Whenever I venture out the country, I will bring one back from beaches to put in apothecary jars.

  3. We spent my 30th in Italy and I brought back a watercolor from each city. Did the dame thing in Paris. Eventually I’ll have a ‘cities’ wall by different artists of places I’ve been. I’m also collecting coffee table books of famous museums I’ve visited. The books become both personal and pretty eye candy!

  4. I’ve been collecting Postcards and Coasters for years! I’m a Flight Attendant and usually travel with a small bag and don’t have lot’s of room. I put my Coasters in a big basket in my family room and it makes for fun conversation when friends are over.

  5. I’m not too into tchotchkes either, but what I collect in my travels are christmas ornaments. That way they dont clutter up my shelves and it makes putting up a tree so special.


  6. Well I don’t collect a specific item, but I do have a collection of sorts. We are military so we are always moving. I always buy one thing to include in our home from each place. A beautiful watercolor from Germany, a native mask from Guam, an antique coffee table from Colorado, etc. I love being able to point out the objects to our friends and family!

  7. I collect silver spoons that my grandparent’s started for me when I was born. But now, I collect purses and bags. I am a purse girl and display them in my closet! I also collect gems like turquoise and jewelry. Fashion styles come and go, but jewelry you will have forever!

  8. I’ve been collecting coasters for the past few years. It’s a fairly low budget item which is a HUGE plus, and once you start looking for them you’ll notice that they are EVERYWHERE! 😀

  9. Such a good idea – I don’t collect anything but always have a difficult time choosing things to buy when I’m traveling. Growing up I collected Albert Einstein books, posters and shirts. It’s a miracle that I’m married now, I know 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Spain, I’m jealous!!

  10. I love to collect things from nature (seashells, coral, antlers, horns, minerals, fossils, nests and feathers), painted French furniture, books, paintings and urns.

  11. I collect necklaces from every place I go. I love that they don’t take up much room and I can always wear them and get compliments years later.

    I also have a gallery wall in progress that includes prints representing every place that my husband and I have traveled together. If you have an empty hallway, it could be cool to do.

  12. art and coffee table books are my go to. but my husband and i started doing christmas ornaments together and its a nice thing to have that doesn’t clutter and fun to pick out together.

  13. I collect white beach stones (the smoother and brighter, the better), sea shells, and lockets.

    I used to have a few more collections, but, before moving to Australia, I had to get rid of about 90% of my belongings. Soon, life should settle down. Maybe I will start a new collection in my new homeland.

  14. Collecting unique treasures is one of my favorite things. One of the major collectible items are wood printing blocks used to create beautiful patterns on fabrics. I’ve hung a few and also have bunch displayed in a beautiful bowl.