Love it or Leave It: Layered Bracelets

{A Chic Take on Layered Bracelets via Michael Kors}

What are your thoughts on the stacked bracelet look? This seemed to be a huge trend in the summer with people mixing rhinestones, gold, and neon colored bracelets. Now that fall is upon is, the look seems to have veered in the direction of gold. I love jewelry, but I can’t bring myself to layer so many pieces together, though I do love the look in the photo above. Is this a trend you’ve embraced? Do you think more is more or are you from the Coco Chanel school of thought that states you should always take off one piece of jewelry before leaving the house? Do you love this look or would you rather leave it?

{via The Glitter Guide}

{via Mackenzie Horan}

{via Pinterest}

{via Pinterest}

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  1. Love the first look. I think this is beautiful when done right, but it is harder to accomplish than it looks. The layered look can look too bohemian or just simply messy when done wrong. I’m not sure the others pictured got it right and every time I’ve tried I end up more like them. Maybe I just need a few more pounds of really expensive gold jewelry!!

  2. I just love it! Although, its a bit impractical because all of them are super nice individually so I bet thats gonna be super expensive to acquire. I LOVE the pics you posted

  3. I love this look, especially the first picture! I’m 57 years old and, for most of my life, haven’t had any jewelry at all. However, now that I can afford it, I want to make up for lost time! Like Creatgirl, I avoid other jewelry when I pile on the bracelets.

  4. I love the layered look! I just love unique jewelry so trend is an opportunity to really embrace what you’ve got. It’s so fun and visually interesting…especially when someone is wearing gorgeous pieces (like all the pics you’ve posted)!

  5. Oh, without question LOVE…and I always have. I’ve been wearing a gaggle of bracelets with a chrono watch for years now. I love seeing how different people express their style based on their pairings.

  6. LOVE it, in moderation. I’m really liking the mix of textures of bracelets(leather with metal bangles) and watches like the first Michael Kors pic.

  7. I’m a huge fan of the multi bracelet. I can’t wear them all day (especially working) but so fab while out and about. I’m very into the gold too and love the watch thrown in there.

  8. I love it. It looks so chic with a simple outfit and really dresses it up. Unlike necklaces and earrings, you don’t need to look in a mirror to admire your bracelets. I wear them for me, and sometimes I need a little excess.