Currently Loving: Shopping Bags as Art

One of my many recent Pinterest obsessions is this fabulous idea from Erica of Moth Design. Over the weekend, I got the new Selma Riding Boots at Tory Burch and my husband commented on how much he liked Tory’s shopping bags and packaging, which totally made me think of this project. Why not get a little extra mileage out of one’s pricier purchases, especially when some of these things hold sentimental value? Erica chose simple, white frames from Ikea to showcase several different-sized shopping bags from some of her favorite shopping trips and hung them to add a decorative touch to her closet.

{Isn’t this fabulous?}

{A Different Take on the Same Idea}

Would you ever try this in your own closet?

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  1. My husband just suggested I try to make an art project out of all the beautiful shopping bags I’ve been collecting from boutiques around the world! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Always loved carrier bags. In fact used to collect unusual ones from other countries. The best were from Japan. Sadly they were all destroyed – should have framed them at the time. Excellent idea.

  3. Oh how funny, we were just cleaning out our hall closet and my husband tried to toss all of my collected shopping bags — he said, do we really need all these? UM YES! I’ve had this on my mind for a long time but have yet to implement. Thx for the motivation!

  4. Hm, I’m not so sure. It seems a bit pretentious. (Look what I can afford! Chanel! Tiffany’s! Hermes!)

    The bags are certainly beautiful, but this display is not my cup of tea.

  5. I agree with Sara, this is totally pretentious…even a little tacky.

    Even though I do own lots of these bags leftover from boutique purchases, I would rather have some gorgeous antique botanical prints or black and white family photography.

  6. Pretentious? Really? It’s a closet, for heavens sake!
    Anyway, I have a lovely bag from an Asian shop in San Francisco China Town, colorful and large, it is going on a blank wall in my closet tomorrow. I have a frame ready to recycle. Great idea.

  7. I think it’s fantastic! Especially for a closet. And not pretentious at all! If someone asks where you got the great dress, would you say Macy’s if it’s actually from Chanel? Probably not. If someone really loves fashion then displaying the bags in an artful way is no different than displaying an expensive piece of art.
    I doubt I will ever shop at most of these places though I love the designs. I wonder if they would let someone just purchase a bag?

  8. I know this may be a little late but you do not have to shop at these stores just to get bags! If you like this idea and don’t mind spending less than $10 on the entire project you can always find great conditioned bags on eBay and I’ve even found some really vintage ones on etsy!

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