Dream Home: Small Shop Studio

Today, the fabulous Erika of Small Shop is sharing her “Dream Home” with us. You may recall that I shared a tour of Erika’s gorgeous actual home earlier this summer, so you’re definitely in for a treat. Erika has amazing, glamorous style. Enjoy!

small shop [a brand styling studio]

So honored to be included in this fun series! But I must admit I was surprised how difficult it was for me to nail down the look and feel of a house T.B.D. in all forms – the location, the shape, and all the countless goodies to fill it in. The possibilities are endless!

One thing I do know for sure: since my husband is an architect, we will one day build our own home, most likely here in Southern California. Another certainty: it will take on a contemporary shell of glass, concrete and wood (his style). The trick for me will be to soften up the interiors with sophisticated chic furnishings, accessories and art (my style).

First up, the exterior. Obviously lots of windows and light. A view would be ideal. (A head start, my husband worked on the house below left and right.) small shop: dream home exterior Right at the entry, I’d like to glam up the husband’s modern leanings while retaining the open, clean feeling of the architecture. Definitely need a pivot door. small shop: dream home entry Rich materials, and key pieces of furniture and lighting will be the starting point for my scheme. A James Nares painting or two will bring in a few accents of color. small shop: dream home living room Nothing is more sophisticated than carrera marble in the kitchen. But to keep it from looking cold, I’d add in some wood and a design statement like a Dixon copper pendant or a Goyard-patterned backsplash. small shop: dream home kitchen Also a definite must: dining on sleek chairs (preferably Milo Baughman, although the Fendi-upholstered pieces below right aren’t too shabby). Just need the Billy Cotton pick-up chandelier to top it off. small shop: dream home dining room By sexy I mean fire and fur; by chic I mean Missoni and Hermès. (Can you tell how much I really want a Dixon copper pendant?) small shop: dream home master bedroom Give me a place I can retreat to — travertine or marble, gold and glass. And I’d love to have a dressing room with natural lighting, if I were to be picky about it.

small shop: dream home bathroom

My daughter will definitely require a room that is pink. I will require that it is filled with patterns and pieces that surround her with a chicness she is already growing into. small shop: dream home girl's room My office, easy: Kelly Wearstler-esque, no question. Here I get to be as colorful and creative as I want, to be visually inspired each and every day. small shop: dream home office Lastly, our house would not be complete without an outdoor area for family fun and entertaining. small shop: dream home pool & patio Thanks for taking my little tour with me! And although I realize my style’s not for everyone, I hope you were able to get an idea or two out of it! ...xoxo All photo sources are available via my Pinterest board.

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  1. I love how authentic Erika’s style is. She really goes for what she loves and integrates it into her home and dreams and I am ALWAYS fascinated with her montages. So refreshing and different from the RH belgian whitewash look that has gone mainstream. I love her throwback vibe and love for modern architecture. She never feels like she’s copying anyone, but incorporating KW and FLW into her own personal style.

  2. Thank you Paloma for this opportunity to really sit and think about what was a vague mental list prior! I recommend this exercise for everyone actually. Really helps you focus in and get clear about your style and your wants. (And ironically, I make all of my clients do something similar for their brands at the start of a project. “Dream Brand” – I like it!)

    [small shop]

  3. Holy cow! This is GORGEOUS! I would so love to see how Erika would take on a little boy’s room, or a super masculine office. I am sure she’d find a way to infuse the glam but still have it be “manly.” And now I want a Dixon pendant, too!

  4. Dream Home- so wonderful Erika! I love your style. It IS so you and you captured some incredible images. It IS ok to dream and I think I may have to go for that exercise myself… so much to think about! love it!

  5. Amazing home! Two out of three of us have lived in apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows and that is something I’ll miss forever now that I’m a homeowner! These images are gorgeous! Cheers!

  6. I love Erika’s take on things. Her style is concise and focused while still bringing some fabulous unexpected elements. Cleaner and more modern than me, I still somehow feel we are kindred spirits. Oh and those Tom Dixon pendants are divine!