Do Tell: Splurging vs. Saving

As with building one’s wardrobe, when decorating one’s home, two of the most important factors are often style and budget. We’ll usually find something we love and depending on whether or not it fits into our budget, we’ll either decide to purchase it or move on and find something else. It’s a rather personal process as taste, budget and relative value are all subjective and vary from one person to the next. However, it seems that there are certain items some of us are happy to spend our hard-earned money on. So, today’s question is this…when it comes to decorating your home, which items do you splurge on and which items do you prefer to save on? What makes an item splurge-worthy in your mind?

{Image Credit: Design by Ryan Korban, Featured on Decorati}

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  1. I’ll splurge on an item if it meets the little black dress clause: a classic, forever-in-style piece. The other thing I’ll splurge on is a room’s focal piece. Otherwise, I’ll wait patiently for something to come along with a lower price.

  2. Beautiful antiques are worth to splurge a little more. They just add in value with time. Save? Great finds at flea markets and stuff for kids… things for them always get too old too soon. 🙂


    Luciane at

  3. Beautiful antiques are worth to splurge a little more. They just add in value with time. Save? Great finds at flea markets and stuff for kids… things for them always get too old too soon. 🙂


    Luciane at

  4. Personally I think things that I spend the most time with and actually use day and in and day out are splurge worthy. Like a great sofa, really nice bedsheets, and a soft, comfy rug in my baby’s nursery where we lay and read books every day. While I of course love things like luxe silk curtains, I’m much more likely to DIY or customize some store bought panels to create a more expensive look without spending a lot of money. And then generally I never splurge on accessories unless it’s something really amazing and unique. Otherwise, I much prefer flea market finds for the character they can add to a space.

  5. I believe quality is extremely important, with that said I expect to get a lot of use of it or it should have a dual duty function. Something that can be used in different applications. I will splurge if I think it is timeless or I will own it for some time.
    I have made my mistake on trends, such as when I paid $300 for a pair of french grain sacks from the 1700’s. Guess what? they are still in the garage and I am not feeling good about that trend. I dont even know what to do with them. However a couch that can be recovered or slipcovered multiple times and in a classic shape, I would def splurge. I dislike furniture that is trend specific and needs to be replaced every year. I also believe in researching an item and company until the end of the earth. I always want a good deal. My hard-earned money is important to me so now I def have a process before I part with it. 🙂
    I do love fabric and that is something I grapple with but with the really expensive fabrics I would just use in smaller doses so that it is affordable. I have to keep it real, I have children and I dont want my home to be a musuem.

  6. Great question! Personally, splurge: entry way (the first thing people see when they enter our home), seating (a great couch will keep its shape and last forever), master bedroom (the couple’s retreat). Save- accents (coffee tables, accent tables, ottomans, picture frames, etc.), bathroom decor and hardware, guest bedrooms and home office. Combined, it all balances. My goal is to always look for a good ‘save’ look, and if I can’t find one, prioritize where my splurges should be spent. Again, great question and fabulous post!

  7. I think there are so many things you can save on and so many you can splurge on and vice versa. I think lighting and sofas are definitely something to splurge on. I think accessories and dining chairs can be scrimped on. I also think a rug rug is worth its weight in gold.

  8. Im with the “splurge on classics” group. classic furniture pieces that can be reupholstered -case pieces that can be refinished. But I do have a terrible weakness for lamps & fabric (even if I dont NEED them) I HAVE to buy them! Some women collect shoes, I collect lamps.

  9. Great question! I splurge on things I use every day, with the additional caveat that they must be unique and stand the test of time. I think it’s great to splurge on things that you can’t stop thinking about even after you leave the store, things that are really necessary to make your space livable, and things that have a great emotional connection.

    I save on trendy things or stuff that serves to ‘primp’ the room but not really make the space more user-friendly, such as expensive curtains or designer pillows. I also save by refinishing a lot of items myself–buying a vintage dresser and restaining/painting it myself is a lot more enjoyable to me than getting something from West Elm, plus it’s more personal!

    As you said, budget is really relative–a splurge for me on a grad student budget was buying a pair of really unique dining chairs for $70, which for another person is a total save! Ultimately, I think you need to splurge on things that make you happy and that are within your means. The final goal is to make a house a home, but you can be creative in how you spend your money to achieve that goal.

  10. I tend to splurge on things that I know will be with me for a while, like main pieces of furniture, rugs, lighting, etc. Then for accessories I usually try to shop around and be more budget friendly.

  11. If it’s something that I know I will use for a long time or it’s a key piece of furniture I am okay with spending a lot. I tend to try and cut the costs when buying accessories and things that can easily be replaced if I decide to redecorate the space.

  12. I splurge on art, our master bedroom and anything that I just have to have. Save – tables, bookshelves and rugs. We went through five rugs in two years because our Great Dane just destroys them.

  13. When the time is right, splurge on beautiful and expertly constructed curtains. If your solution is shutters, blinds, shades–my advice is to buy the best of quality. If unsure, work with a design professional who will properly advise you as to the best way to treat that window. There are so many choices and considerations. You don’t want to under or overdo! I have never regretted spending the money with my workroom to give me a healthy dose of beauty at my windows. Read and observe how the best of decorators handle their windows. Why put something on your windows that will detract? Quality does show at a window!

  14. I absolutely believe in splurging in the master bedroom too! It doesn’t have to be every purchase but I find I tend to spend more there. Also, an outdoor living area is a nice splurge. I enjoyed reading everyone’s responses 🙂