Look to Love: Jewel-Tone Interiors

Pinterest might be the most inspiring thing I have experienced in some time. I just pin away, selecting images that strike my fancy, but my favorite thing about it is seeing themes come together naturally in my board. While looking through my “Inspiring Interiors” board, I couldn’t help but notice a prevalence of spaces decorated with jewel tones: amethyst, turquoise, aquamarine, sapphire, citrine, emerald, the list goes on. There isn’t a single room in my home decorated in these colors (though I do use bright accessories), yet I am inexplicably drawn to them. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are fairly literal translation of fashion into interiors or maybe it’s because these colors look absolutely gorgeous together. Either way, I am a big fan! Do you decorate with jewel tones in your home? Would you?

{A Gorgeous Mix of Jewel Tones}

{Deep Sapphire Walls}

{Turquoise, Amethyst and Citrine Tones Co-Mingle in A Room Featured in House Beautiful}

{Miles Redd’s Ruby-Red Apartment in Manhattan}

{Designer Amanda Nisbet opted for poppy jewel tones in this breakfast nook.}

{Gorgeous Pops of Emerald in this Dressing Room Designed by Molly Luetkemeyer}

{Liz Bruce’s Statement-Making Morrocan Home}

{This Living Room features a variety of jewel tones, patterns and textures.}

{This lush velvet sofa is a perfect match for my birthstone, citrine, though I haven’t thought about birthstones in ages!}

{This Pucci store installation is probably about as close as one could get to being inside of a jewel box.}

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  1. Okay first of all that blue velvet sofa in the first photo made my heart leap. Hominahomina.

    Second…this is just about the farthest departure from how I actually decorate my home yet, somehow, would be exactly how I would decorate if I changed it up. How can polar opposite styles be your top two favorite looks?? Too much to love.

  2. *gasp* Beautiful!! and I too am from the school of “love it” just dont “have it” in my home. But this does inspire me to try and add a pop of it here and there with accessories. hmmmm Im thinking Christmas decor may have to have a punch of jewel tone velvet ribbon & baubles

  3. My bedroom is Moroccan influenced and there’s a lot of cranberry & plum and mulberry hues. I love jeweled tones. I just need to incorporate more teal & cobalt blues. I think it would look nice as an accent in my living area which is mainly black, bronze, & mocha hues. I wish this apartment allowed me to paint like my last one. Because I’m obsessing over teal walls but I have to stick with off white :-/

  4. I love this post! I just bought a new jewel toned bedding set from Anthro recently, so it is nice to see some other color combos I can incorporate into my room!

    I know you mentioned how inspired pinterest has been to you… well it has been that way for me too! In fact, thats what our blog is all about … its http://www.inspiredbypinterest.blogspot.com

    I would love to know what you think of it!


  5. Working on a emerald living room right this minute. Had no idea it would be so hard to find an emerald velvet…. same finish as the lapis sofa above- antique, washed. Any ideas out there??? Heart all of this!

  6. These pics are gorgeous! I love jewel tones, especially when mixed with lots of white, black and grey. My whole home is decorated with different jewel tones; I have navy and mustard yellow going in the living room, emerald green and aquas in the bedroom, orange in the living space downstairs and plums going into my office (all with grey or white walls and lots of black accessories)!