Do Tell: Do you veer towards silver or gold?

Suzie:  Kelly Wearstler!    Gold & celadon green chic office design. Love the large gold leaf ...

In my younger years, I always chose silver over gold, but for the past few years, I have fallen in love with gold for everything from jewelry to lighting and home accessories. While most people tend to like both silver and gold, it seems we usually have a preference for one over the other. Today’s question is simple: do you veer towards silver or gold?

silver fox

bedrooms - silver headboard silver pillows rustic nightstands silver lamps gray tapered lamp shades silver charcoal gray metallic bench  Caldwell

{Design by Caldwell Flake}

{Source Unkown}

Suzie:  Sally Steponkus  chic foyer design with white studded cabinet credenza, silver ribbed ...

{Sally Steponkus}

{via Santa Barbara Chic}

{via Pinterest}


midas touch

living rooms - gold klismos chairs gray fabric gold mirror gold leaf frames fireplace sisal rug  Courtney Giles  chic living room with gorgeous

{Courtney Giles}

living rooms - Nate Berkus orange yellow sofa gray chairs settee gray chairs mirror  Nate Berkus  Gold leaf mirror, gold rug, linen settee, table

{Nate Berkus}

entrances/foyers - copper gold yellow garden stools silver mirrored Parson desk console table copper modern lamps black metal sunburst art gold copper silver metallic geometric wallpaper entrance foyer mirror mirrored table

{David Jimenez}

{The Covetuer}

{via Pinterest}

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  1. I’ve also been drawn more to gold over the last couple of years too! I definitely love a silver setting for say, and engagement ring, but I’ve lately paired mine with a tiny gold band my husband gave me for when i wear my gold Michael Kors watch. I love mixing the 2 with jewelry, but for interiors, gold is just so rich! Absolutely stunning!

  2. I love gold! I tend, however, to stick with silver (usually brushed nickel), for household finishes such as lighting and cabinet hardware. I just get bad flashbacks to the 80s with the shiny brass business. I think either is more beautiful in matte though…

  3. When I picked out my wedding china they told me blonds always pick gold and brunettes alway pick platinum. I think its true.

  4. I love silver because it makes me think sleek and clean, but I like warm gold accents around the holidays. Actually, I’ve really taken a liking to the richness of copper lately too.

  5. I have gold accents on my first floor (black and gold entry way with b/w chevron rug… fun), I’ve blended both nicely on the second floor thanks to a gold and silver table runner brought back for us from India, and my third floor has silver accents in the bedrooms. I guess I just can’t pick one 🙂

  6. Always a Golden Girl! But I do mix my metals too…Preferrably Gold and Platinum for my cool shade. Even my wedding rings are a chic combo that I designed by in 1991!

  7. Right now I can’t get enough of GOLD but just a few years back I was completely in love with SILVER … I think I still like both and don’t mind mixing … even my engagement ring was originally a mix of both gold and silver tones


  9. Thats funny you ask this because it’s something i have thought about lately. I use to only wear silver or like silver for interiors but now as im a bit older I only wear gold and absolutely love it for interiors but I do however think its more of a mature look for the house so I still have silver in my house. I can see myself doing gold when im older though 🙂 My mum is gold mad in her house (its so beautiful).

  10. So funny, as a child I was *very* much a fan of silver. In fact, if you’d asked me about gold, I might’ve even said “Ew.” But now I just adore it. I think it’s easy to take it too far. Maybe that’s what I like about it;)