Do Tell: Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

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Just the other day, a friend and I were discussing who we would invite to our fantasy dinner parties if we could choose anyone in the world. It’s pretty fun to imagine and I think hearing a person’s invitee choices gives wonderful insight into their personality.

I would choose to invite the following people to my Fantasy Dinner Party:

Gwyneth Paltrow – She is my ultimate style icon.

Brian Williams – He is my favorite news anchor. He is so insightful and he can be really funny. Plus, he’d have the scoop on what’s going on around the world.

Tina Fey– Brainy, hilarious…need I say more?

Jimmy Fallon – I think it would be fun to have him and Tina there. He is so funny and I love that he doesn’t resort to being mean or snarky in his humor. He is simply hilarious and maintains some child-like wonder.

Adam Levine of Maroon 5 – He is incredibly talented and he is super funny. Can you tell I like funny people?

Diane von Furstenberg – DVF is incredibly talented and is such a positive role model for women. I find her so inspiring.

Sarah Jessica Parker – I simply adore SJP and not just because of Sex and the City. She seems like the loveliest person. She is so sweet, intelligent and well-spoken. Plus, she is a major style icon!

Jeff Lewis from Flipping Out – What’s not to love about Jeff’s fantastically sarcastic sense of humor?

Andy Cohen from Bravo – Not only do I think Andy is a creative genius, I love the way he and Jeff play off of each other, so we’d need to have both of them there.

Nate Berkus- He is so sweet and talented. I would love to pick his brain about design.

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa- This would have had to have been before her Make A Wish Foundation scandal. She has been a huge influence in the way that I cook, so naturally she would be one of my picks. She and Jeff Lewis could also debate about who had designed the best House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year

Anthony Bourdain – What’s the Barefoot Contessa without a subversive counterpart. I love Anthony Bourdain because he is insightful and has such a no-nonsense approach to food and life. He has seen so much and I’d bet he’d have some great stories.


Now that I’ve given you a glimpse into my psyche (I guess I love funny people and Bravo), I’d love for you to share who you would invite to your own Fantasy Dinner Party. Do tell- who would make your list?

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  1. DVF (so inspiring), Rachel Zoe (would be so entertaining), The Pioneer Woman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp, Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Mcadams, Blake Lively, and Prince Harry.

  2. President and Mrs. Obama; Steve Jobs; Malcolm Gladwell; Daniel Pink; Ellen Degeneres; Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (I suppose her husband can come too); Oprah; Colin Firth; Anne Hathaway; Keith Ferrazzi; and that girl who writes Hyperbole and a Half. The conversation would be incredible!

  3. Johnny Depp & Heidi Klum for eye candy; Ronald Reagan & George Washington for politics; Gene Wilder & Mike Myers to keep things light; Catherine Deneuve & Carey Grant for some class; Kid Rock & Snoop D-O-double G for . . .less class?; and Charles Barkley to keep it all real.

  4. I would love to see Jeff Lewis and Jenni Poulos with some trashtastic reality stars that he is polar opposites with like Teresa Guidice from RHONJ or someone he could play headgames with like Kelly Bensimon from RHONY. I’d also like to invite some other guest who are totally self made style mavens like DVF and Kate Spade.

  5. My family and the Obamas would be a nice the first image..the striped tablecloth looks stunning with the exotic flower vase..i have shared images of my daughter’s room on my blog today..would love you to check it out..xx meenal

  6. Besides my family and a few relatives, I would invite Ben Stiller, Bethanny Frankel, Anthony Bourdain, President Obama, John Cusack, Ben Stein and Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Jobs and Sarah Jessica Parker. It will be so much fun watching these people.


  7. Oooh I love this topic and your list!

    Olivia Palermo. I would love to see what she’d wear and whether she’s actually nice in real life.

    Steve Carrell. Every party needs a funny guy and I’d beg him to go back to The Office.

    Michael Phelps. Equal parts inspiration and eye candy.

    Jeff Lewis & Zoila. Their witty banter kills me.

    Rachel Zoe & Brad Goreski. Ditto.

    Sarah Jessica Parker. I watched an interview with her and she was so thoughtful and articulate. She is not a classical beauty in my book but I find her to be the epitome of elegance.

    I will be coming back to see everyone else’s responses! Brilliant 🙂

  8. That is a great group! When people ask me that question I always think of a bunch of people who have been long dead, like Leonardo da Vinci, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant.

    But alive and well today, I would be honored to have the following as dinner guests in my home:

    John Saladino: great talent and wit, can tell a story with the original accents

    Steve Martin: most intelligent humor

    Tina Fey: she rocks!

    Andy Cohen: says it how it is

    Oprah: do I need to elaborate?

    Banksy: it is a fantasy dinner, right?

    Anthony Bourdan: food and fun – yum

    Richard Branson: creativity, vison & chutzpah

    Karl Lagerfeld: timeless vision

    Hally Berry: talent and beauty inside and out

    Queen Rania: beauty, intelligence, compassion



  9. Betty White-She’s fun and happy & works hard
    Thomas Kellor -To discuss cuisine and food trends
    Sheila Hicks & Thos.Moser – art and form
    Ray Romano- to keep a chuckle going
    Tory Burch-that girl has style!
    Elsa Peretti- inspires with her designs
    Brians Wilson- for his talent and being real
    Nora Jones- her music is cool and I’ll bet there’s stories
    Bob Dole- He’s a gentleman

  10. So many great ideas already! I love the idea of Leonardo da Vinci – he’d be a source of endless topics and I’d add Picasso. John Stewart and Angela Merkel (Germany’s chancellor) would be great for some intellligent wit and different perspectives on worldwide politics. I’d also invite a few of my friends to keep it real!

  11. Alec Baldwin – Because I feel like he would make fun of everyone’s intelligence without them knowing it

    Tina Fey – Because I want to see if her relationship with Alec Baldwin is the same as it is on 30 Rock

    Kelly Wearstler – No explanation needed

    Fabio from Top Chef – Because I can’t get enough of that accent

    Jeff Lewis – Because I really want to work for him and would harrass him to hire me

    Oscar de la Renta and @OscarPRGirl – Because we need a fashion icon and someone to tweet about our dinner

    Nene Leakes – Because I want her to say “boop” the whole night

  12. Wonderful topic. If I could have only one dinner party. List would be: Actor Dirk Bogart, Maggie Smith, Nana Mouskouri, Meryl Streep, Oscar Wilde, Luciano Pavarotti, Bill Clinton, Paulo Coehlo and my late parents and of course your good self Paloma

  13. I have a pretty random taste in people…or maybe it’s just curiousness:
    Valentino Garavani
    Woody Allen
    Chris Rock
    Penelope Cruz & Javier Bardem
    Berlusconi(no Bumga Bunga though :D)
    Ferran Adria
    Snooki – LOL
    Anna Wintour & ALT
    Russel Brand (Katy Perry can come too)
    Marilyn Manson with his ex Dita Von Teese
    and the favourites:
    Anthony Bourdain
    Tim Gunn
    Rachel Zoe + if she could come with Brad Goreski would make my day!