Do Tell: What is your fitness routine?

{Gwyneth Paltrow and her trainer, Tracy Anderson}

I need to work on my fitness. My crazy schedule as of late has sort of let working out fall by the wayside. Before I know it, the entire day has passed while I type away at the computer for La Dolce Vita, High Gloss, or one of my freelance writing gigs and my good intentions for exercising are blown for the day. Unfortunately, I am not one of those people who “needs” to exercise to get through the day, much like some people need coffee- I don’t need that either. I wish that I were disciplined on the exercising front or that I was addicted to something like running, but I am not. I am just a girl who isn’t exactly athletically gifted and who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise other than pilates, mostly because I am laying down for the majority of the time.

I know that I need to get back on the wagon, but I need motivation. I’ve heard good things about Tracy Anderson’s DVDs, though some people say they’re REALLY hard and that scares me. So, I’d like to know how you make time for exercise. What is your fitness routine of choice? Do you stick to the same thing or do you mix it up? How often do you work out? How do you keep yourself motivated?

{Do you like working out solo like Cameron Diaz?}

{Are you partial to the buddy system like Lauren and Lo?}

{Are you a runner? This is not happening for me in this lifetime. I have a bad knee.}

{Does your work out come by the way of being a busy woman/mom like Jennifer Garner?}


Do tell- what is your fitness routine?

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  1. I force myself to wake up at the butt-crack of dawn (well 5:45 or 6AM) before my kids wake up and I work out to a 45-minute work out video. I mix it up (kickboxing, pilates, cardiosculpt, yoga, etc.). Unfortunately, I havcn’t seend much of a difference on the scale- but my pants do fit better, so I must be doing something right!

  2. Nooo.. it’s not! And yes, I’m ashamed of that! 🙂

    I was planning on going back to the gym, but I’m pregnant and w/out any extra energy. Honestly, I know I should be doing some yoga (my fav), but I need to feel better first. Maybe when I’m on my 2nd trimester? In 2 weeks? I’ll try! 🙂


    Luciane at

    PS: This is fun!!! 🙂

  3. !!! seriously amazing diet plan and workout vids via youtube.

    They are such sweet girls, and have killer workouts that are hard but fun!

  4. Paloma– I am just like you, not athletically inclined and don’t love working out. Oh and BTW I DO love food and wine! After a particulary indulgant holiday season in 2008, I needed to slim down quickly for a February 2009 trip to Costa Rica. Someone suggested Physique 57– I dropped a pant size within 2 weeks! 2.5 years later I’m still addicted. I go to the studio in NYC but they do have DVDs, Tanya will motivate you like no other!

  5. I’m in a little different boat than you, as fitness has been integral to me my whole life. I’m not an “athlete,” but I enjoy staying fit for the health AND vanity reasons.

    It has become increasingly difficult to find time to workout, now that I have two kiddos. I’m not like some women who say they stay in shape chasing their kids around. Please.
    My workout is “me” time, where I can focus only on myself, and it in turn makes me a better wife/mother/person.

    I don’t know that my motivational factors are the healthiest, but I tend to get myself moving more when I have a trip or event planned where I know I’ll see people whom I haven’t seen in awhile. It just helps to have a “target” so to speak.

    I think you simply must find the kind of exercise that fits your style. Staying in shape is something that must be a part of your life/routine – much like brushing your teeth.
    Once you find something that fits your style, it will become something you want to do, rather than something you “should” do.

    It’s funny, though, because, as a blogger, I judge my success against blogs like yours, but there are many days when I say to myself, “Blog or workout?” And most often, workout wins because right now, that’s just a bigger goal in my life.
    Despite what celebrities lead us to believe, it’s VERY hard to have it all at once. It makes total sense that while your professional life is skyrocketing, your workout life is suffering. Wishing you the balance you desire.

    That’s my two cents!

    P.S. – I just received my Tracy Anderson dvds, so we’ll see if she can make me look like Gwynnie! 😉

  6. If it weren’t for group fitness classes, it’d be really hard for me to stay motivated! My gym has a class start at 5:45 everyday and it’s different daily: kickboxing, yoga, step, etc. The schedule keeps me going and the variety keeps me interested. Win-win.

    Also, cute workout clothes really keep the spring in my step 🙂

  7. I’m a Pilates girl too! I go to one private session a week and try to do a mat class during the week as well. That in addition to eating healthy is all I do… It’s all I have time for! Wish I could do more…

  8. I used to workout avidly, but haven’t been able to get myself motivated recently…if I do workout it’s definitely yoga, I hate running, and tortured myself enough yrs forcing myself to do it, so I”m done with that, haha.

  9. Paloma!

    I feel you, I am not a huge fan of running or DVDs. I love cycling and kickboxing classes. They are fun, only an hour, and you burn a lot of calories. Plus, you are surrounded by others and it keeps you motivated. I love your blog and High Gloss, keep writing.

  10. I am taking Barre classes twice a week, abs class three times per week, and short jogs. I use the Tracy Anderson DVD’s 1-2 times per week on opposite days of the Barre class. The TA workouts are really hard, but since I am taking the Barre classes, I am strong enough to finally complete the DVD workouts. It is tough, but worth the results.

  11. Hi Paloma, as a fellow Houstonian (for a few more weeks, anyway) I have to recommend the group workout classes at LA Fitness. The instructors are amazing, and being part of a group gives me the extra oopmh I need to get through my workouts. Take care!

  12. I couldn’t help but laugh when you wrote that the reason behind liking pilates is because you’re laying down most of the time…SAME HERE! lol

    My work-out routine right now basically is made up of choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator to my office. Horrible, I know. A few months ago my husband and I started P90x and after just 4 weeks I started to feel a lot stronger. After a while though life took over and it fell by the wayside. It’s an hour and a half each day which if you’re not an early bird, was really hard to fit in to our normal schedules. But I’m really going to take it up again, I need to, and this time I’m going to pair it with a much healthier diet!

  13. I understand… I really don’t like working out. Besides walking, which is getting more difficult since my kids don’t want to stay in the stroller:), I’ve been doing the Jillian Michaels 30 Pound Shred DVD. It’s a good workout. It would probably also help if I didn’t really enjoy Sonic Happy Hour and didn’t really like wine. Ha!

  14. I used to not worry so much, that was before forty and before my knees went caput!
    Always being active, riding and playing sports weight and fitness were never a huge part of my life.
    Then forty rolls in a couple of torn ACL’s later and now…….

    The eliptical has become my weapon of chioce against age. A very early workout before the rooster crows and for a couple of hours.. then its back to being mom the lunch maker,taxi friver and laundress brofre I can work and get my priorities done.

    And oh yes, the saddest part is the lack of bread!! A very favorite and sorely missed compadre!

    Oh, heres to looking at fifty, the NEW forty right??


  15. In December I started going to the YMCA three times a week during lunch. I’m not a morning person and I’m usually too wiped out when I finally get home from work and shuttling kids to sports, church and misc stuff so lunchtime has become “me time”. I do pilates one day, I either spin or do Body Pump another day and I do yolates (yoga/pilates) on the third day.

    I really feel physically and emotionally better about myself when I stick to 3 days minimum per week.

    My goal is to be able to get on my elliptical at home at least two more days…..we’ll see…..

  16. Crossfit is like no other exercise regimen I’ve ever done. It is high intensity and pushes you to exceed your goals, but the workouts are short. Most are 30 mins. are less!

  17. The only way I’ll work out is if I do first thing in the morning. I wake up 6 a.m. 3-4 mornings a week and just go the gym and get it over with! I also recently started running and its a lot easier than I expected. I won’t be running any marathons anytime soon, but I managed to lose 10 pounds training for a 4 mile race and am now fully committed to my morning work out routine. I’m home by 7:15 and it’s like the workout never happened!

  18. I have a 7:30-4:30 desk job, but fortunately it’s at a university so I can hit the staff gym during lunch. I go every day and they’ve tailored a program for me so I can work out 5 days a week there during my lunch hour. I’ve got it down to 30 minutes in-gym if I do all my core stuff at home before work. Yeah, I get sweaty but it’s not awful and I think of it just like another commenter mentioned – like brushing my teeth. I started running several years ago and have come to love it – I do short runs during the week during lunch and a long run on the weekend. I’m training for a half-marathon right now and because of my in-gym strength training workouts, am such a strong runner. My approach to working out is this: I must. I know I’ll feel awful if I don’t. All of my colleagues think I’m crazy but I can eat at my desk and frankly, I’m healthy, strong, and feel great! And I still have a life after work!

  19. Being healthy & fit is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I’d start by taking a look at what you’re eating and what can/should be removed from or added to your diet.

    I’m a bit of a fitness freak, so you don’t want to know what I do or eat, but 30mins of cardio 3Xs a week (anything that gets your heart rate up – you and hubby like to dance?), is a good start.

    Good luck!


  20. I hate working out as well and it’s been difficult to find time to go the gym. So I have been trying DVD’s at home in combination with walking on our treadmill. The two DVD’s I have are of Jillian’s and Jackie Warners. I just started so I can’t tell you whether they work or not, but I can tell you that my muscles are sore!

  21. I like doing excercise videos -especially the ones that are 30-45 mins. Knowing they’re short gets me motivated to do it since I know I’ll be done in no time and I’ll feel great afterwards. Carmen Electra’s Fit to Strip is a favorite and I’ve recently been trying out a few on Netflix Instant play. My sister also just got me into Body by Bethenny’s yoga video. It works out your entire body (even if you dont particularly feel the burn while you’re doing it…you’ll def be sore the day after!) and the yoga moves feel sooo good after sitting at a desk all day long.

    Other than that I love to going outside, getting some fresh air and running/walking either alone or with a friend or family member. I particularly love running by the beach or near the harbor. The beautiful scenery makes it that much more enjoyable!

  22. Paloma, I have one word for you: ZUMBA. 🙂 You will be hooked. They offer it everywhere. What’s better than shaking your tush while burning calories? 🙂 Plus, it’s so much fun.

    For me, I like changing things up. I like working out with a partner if they are on my level or willing to work hard. I think our 2 dogs give me enough exercise for now 🙂


  23. I have a trainer 3 times a week. I am suppose to do more but it is hard for me to feel motivate unless someone is pushing me. I’ve done it all – Pilates, yoga, running, videos etc. Tracy Anderson videos are the best.

  24. I am addicted to crossfit training!! I do not like ‘normal’ gyms, I always find myself waiting to use things at them. I like crossfit because it is a class where you are pushed to do your best for only about an hour or less a day and I always feel amazing and that I accomplished something afterwards. I do not like running, but I try to force myself to go running outside. Good luck getting back into a routine.

  25. Up until this past December, I was just like you are now…I hate running and got bored with most forms of exercise. I joined a pilates gym in SF that also offers TRX and barre classes. It has been INSANELY effective and is actually super fun! The thing that keeps me going? Once you sign up for a class online, if you don’t cancel within 12 hours, you get charged a late cancellation fee. There are plenty of days where I felt like not going after work, but because of the fee system, I went anyway. Great idea to get people to stick with it!

  26. I love to sleep but made another mom give me a pep talk today about getting up to exercise. I have not been exercising at all and need to start again. I think your post was timely to help me get in gear- thanks.

  27. I absolutely love the Nike Training Club app for Apple devices – I use my iPod Touch. I work from home, and I do a 30-45 minute routine over lunch everyday. It tracks your total minutes and gives you ‘rewards’ for reaching new levels, which has brought out my hidden competitive spirit. There are dozens of different workouts, so you never feel bored. And…it’s free. Best free download ever!

  28. I think it’s simply about making the commitment to something, and making it a habit of going regularly. To a boot camp, Bar Method or regular gym workouts. Find something that you find bearable (you’re not going to love ANYTHING at the beginning). Make the commitment to yourself, to your body and to your family. After two weeks, it becomes part of your life!

  29. Fellow Houstonian here… your description fits me to a T, down to the bad knee. I use Sculpt, a pilates-based studio with SPX, TRX and spinning as well. Classes are small and offer a lot of personal attention. The reformer classes kick my butt in exactly the way I need. Heather is my favorite trainer. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  30. One workout I’d definitely recommend is the Bar Method. If you’ve got bad needs and enjoy pilates, I think you’d get a lot out of this workout. It’s designed to trip your hips and thighs, and to really tone your abs. I tried it for the first time last August, and not to sound like an infomercial, I lost an inch off my waist and an inch and a half off my hips!

    If you don’t have a Bar Method studio near you, check out the DVDs. These are a great introduction to the exercise.

    Good luck!.

  31. Nice post. For my birthday last September, I decided to give myself the gift of walking. My goal was to power walk 52 weeks around a neighborhood reservoir. I walk 12 miles per week. I am now on week 30. The impact on my body has been phenomenal. It has trimmed my hips, tightened up my legs and trimmed my torso. Amazing results. You need to walk fast though and consistently. Highly recommend it. I documented my winter walking on my blog in January.

  32. I was not an “athletic” person until about 5 years ago when I saw myself in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw…

    So I agree with Alison@MyHappyPlace.

    I work out 5-6 days a week – usually pretty early in the AM (it’s the most convenient and easiest time to do it). It helps me alot to stay motivated if I work out with someone else. So I have a personal trainer 2 days a week and I run in a group of great ladies another 2. You have to find what works for you and it will be come a habit.

    But I recommend a personal trainer to start out with (if you can afford) because it will jump start your workout and your motivation. And having accountability to another person even if you are working out alone (log in with someone else) will help with the motivation and habit forming.

    I have to say my healthy habit has helped me lose 4 pants sizes in 5 years. I’m now the size I was in high school, but it does take dedication (not every day is a joyous workout day).

    And it has allowed me to inspire and help others.

  33. I sort of love/hate Barmethod and do it 5 times a week. Same class every day because I have met so many amazing women and it’s a blast to start my day with exercise and a dose of friendship. I used to think I didn’t have time to workout every day, but now I am more focused and I spin my wheels less…I actually accomplish more when I start out with a barmethod class and I’ve never been in better shape.

  34. I recently quit my gym membership after 3 years to train myself at home. As a pear shape woman, I do Brazil Butt Lift 3x a week for my bottom and p90x 2x a week for my top with heavy weights. Understanding your body shape is important to know what type of workout will work for you. No alcohol, no caffeine, no carbs after 10am, and I gently steam my veggies so I can eat more of it. I eat a sweet potato and drink coconut water after weight lifting to combat muscles soreness. Replaced cooking oil with coconut oil. Only 2 months in, I’m seeing results already. Download the iPhone app to take your heart rate, if you don’t meet or exceed your target heart rate, you are not working out hard enough to burn enough calories for weight loss.

  35. I do it all, P. Classes… morning walks… weight lifting… bootcamp… yoga. I get bored easily (and so does the body) so I like to keep it fresh. This year I’ve added Zumba classes and am getting ready to begin tennis lessons. The real secret is eating healthy and staying active. Both of these consistently will do wonders for you. Lots of water, adequate rest and an active lifestyle will keep you glowing!

  36. I like you have a busy business, it is hard to make the time but tapes are the way to go because you don’t have to leave the house. I have Tracy Andersons DVD’s they are good, a little tough to get the dance moves down and have enough room. As far as the mat work they are great.
    If you want even better look into Physique 57 (Kelly Ripa’s workout) it is fabulous it won’t disappoint.

  37. I started doing 8 minutes workouts, they’re on Youtube and you dont have to buy any DVD’s!:) I usualy do 3 of them – Abs, Arms and Buns and I’m seing great results! It takes not a lot of effort and time so it fits me well. I’ve always been a bit lazy, since I’m not overweight, but now I’ve started to like me more! 🙂

  38. Tracey Anderson is AWESOME. albeit, hard, its awesome. I am on my third day now of her metamorphosis program and I am feeling muscles I didn’t know I had. The cardio is just like non-stop dancing but i haven’t been able to make it the entire 30 minutes. Its that exhausting (or I’m that out of shape :P)…
    I recommend it. It isn’t your normal run of the mill work out. its fun, and not a lot of instruction required 🙂

  39. Yes i totally agree with it. To transform our body we should do exercise in a regular basis. And also some eat healthy foods and drinks like juice. also require excellent choise fitness class, such as Anytimefitness is the best way for this.