Love it or Leave it: Upholstered Headboards


{Room by Sally Wheat featured in High Gloss Magazine}

Upholstered headboards have been around for a long time. Reminiscent of a more glamorous time in history, specifically the 1950s and 1960s, they have made a huge resurgence in design. There are beautiful, high-end custom-made versions and really great DIY versions that can be made with a little elbow grease, some time and usually, $100 or less. I currently do not have an upholstered headboard, but I recently ordered Serena and Lily’s Pondicherry Headboard with Nailheads and am anxiously awaiting it’s arrival. Do you have any upholstered beds in your home? Is this another case of a classic that has been overexposed in the blogosphere or are they here to stay?

amanda nisbet3

{Amanda Nisbet}

bed atlanta homes mag

{Atlanta Lifestyles and Homes Magazine}

bed celerie kemble

{Celerie Kemble}



bedroom courtney giles

{Courtney Giles}

bedroom nuevoestilo

{Nuevo Estilo}

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  1. Oh, I think it’s here to stay. Do you know why I love it so much? I love it because you can add your personality to any headboard with the kind of fabric that you like best and also, it’s really comfortable. Don’t you just hate when you’re trying to read a book in bed and the wood starts to hurt your back? Upholstered headboards are great for comfort and beauty. Win, win! 🙂

    I hope you have a great day!


    Luciane at

  2. I absolutely adore the Sally Wheat-designed room up top — it tiptoes between masculine and feminine so nicely, has a touch of glitzy fun and yet is soothing and calm.
    Headboards can be a great way to punctuate a bedroom — that said, 6+ years into homeownership, I have yet to decide on one.
    So we sleep and dream quite happily sans a header.
    Cheers, Alcira

  3. I adore upholstered headboards. We just added one to my daughter’s room, the wingback style from Restoration Hardware Kids. The fabric didn’t work for us so we had it reupholstered in a beautiful charcoal velvet. It is stunning. Now I need one for my bedroom!

  4. I love me a tufted headboard. We just bought a new house and our master bedroom would look so good with one, problem is I have a beautiful sleigh bed that I would hate to get rid of.

  5. I upholstered headboards are great! I love love love that last picture and I tried clicking the link you posted but the site is hard to navigate since its in Spanish…could you send me more info? I’d love to see more pictures of that room or the rest of the house if they are available! Feel free to email me at

    Thanks so much, I love your blog!


  6. Upholstered are great , kinda which mine was but the bed’s a couple of hundred years old and I’d hate to mess with it. Nailheads are my pet peeve though! No idea why

  7. LOVE IT! Here to stay. I have my eye on one but my current iron bed is only 3 years old so I feel bad replacing it so quickly.

  8. Love it so much.I’m an interior designer, and daughter of an upholster, so I’ve been around upholstered headboards for as long as I remember, and I do not get sick about it. Wall my bedroom design squeems have them, made by my dad of course, and the result is always fab. They do dress up a room entirely, along with drapes, their my must have in bedrooms. Love the blog Paloma, and of course High Gloss, I think that my blog was the first one in Portugal mentioning the magazine.

  9. Upholstered headboards are here to stay, I think. They are so gorgeous, especially those with turfed button or the ones with nail head trim. A headboard with these two combination are definitely winners! I wish I had one for my master bedroom but our four poster bed is still looking good, so we won’t be replacing them in a while.


  10. Adore the look, but from an environmental stand point I totally dislike it. First off the wood usually is a cheap plywood that comes from a manufacturer that doesn’t use FSC wood. Second glue is applied which usually contains too many chemicals to list. Third then foam is applied and it contains many chemicals as well…all of which take a long time to off gas. Fourth the fabric is applied and if it’s not organic fabric it also comes with a slew of chemicals. Fifth just imagine the amount of bed bugs in them. For all of those reasons I would never buy one unless I made it in an eco-friendly way…it’s possible, but expensive.

  11. We love upholstered headboards right now! We’ve been experimenting with various shapes and having fun with it ( see the article in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles featuring the design half of SOM — Kay Douglass Interiors — for an example 🙂 ). We give a thumbs up to the upholstered headboard; they add an extra bit of softness to the room.

  12. I love upholstered headboards even though I don’t actually have any in my house at the moment. I’m thinking of getting one made in white ostrich leather for my master and getting rid of the one we have. As Luciane said, it’s so uncomfortable to lean on when I’m reading!

  13. I’m pretty sure they’re here to stay!! Some of them are just so ravishing!! My sister made her own headboard and it turned out great! The good thing about it is that you can easily recover it with different fabric once you get tired of the old one!

  14. I love them! I almost fell out of my seat today when I saw that Jonathan Adler is selling beautiful upholstered headboards on HSN starting at $420!!! I have to buy one right away

  15. Here to stay!! There are so many different variations, with shape and fabric-so versatile! I had an old bed reupholstered with white linen fabric and nailheads, and voila a new bed, that I love!

  16. I love the upholstered headboards. I am making one for my guest bedroom. I just finished stapling the batting to the frame last night.

  17. I love them, especially when they’re big and oversized with nailhead trim or covered in some ridiculously fabulous pattern.

    The only thing I DON’T love is when they have a cut-out pattern done in such a way that when pillows are stacked in front of it, you can’t tell that the headboard goes the full width of the bed. The orange bed appears to be this way. It just seems a bit incomplete when looking at it straight on. The black and white bed is a good example of the design being high enough to accomodate pillows.

    Okay, and I also don’t like it when the headboard doesn’t go fully down to the bottom of the boxspring or to the floor. Then it looks incomplete from the sides.

    But overall? Love love love love love.

  18. Nice collection of romantic headboards and beds. I like an upholstered headboard to bring softness to a bedroom without it being too feminine. Thanks for posting!