Love It or Leave It: Moroccan Poufs

{via Décor Pad}

In this week’s installment of “Love It or Leave It?”, I’d like to tackle the case of the Moroccan Pouf. Neither a table nor a chair, this little multi-tasker serves a variety of purposes, but is mostly used to add a bit of cuteness or ethnic flair to a room. We’ve seen them in children’s rooms and more formal spaces and they come in virtually every color under the sun and are available in a variety of price points.

Do you have a Moroccan pouf in your home? If not, would you purchase one? Do you think they are classic, style staples with longevity or merely a passing fad? As per usual, I’ll save my opinion for the comments section later on.

{Serena and Lily}

{via Décor Pad}


{via Décor Pad}

{The Cross Design via Table Tonic}

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  1. cute/pretty but so-oh useless. you can’t sit on them – they’re too low and i’d have serious doubts about their ability to not blow at the seams. i vote no. -kelly

  2. i’m liking them at the moment..can be bit much at times..but if used a little less in that image from domino…it could cross over from a fad to something that lasts much longer..i loved your question and am keen to know what the others think…have a lovely day, paloma…its polka dots on my blog visit when you have a moment! xx meenal

  3. To me…they remind me of bean bags, and they were pretty darn functional, but I have been there done that.

    I personally do not have a pouf and probably would not buy one unless I am putting it in a kid’s room.

    I think the functionality of it will just take on a new form of fashion in the future. So it would be passing fad for me!

  4. I have always loved the moroccan poufs, but I do think they are starting to overpopulate the interior design world. They are a great way to add a pop of color, but I do think they are a very “trendy” item.

  5. Leave it! A bean bag with stithced detail…Cute for a kids room – but not functional, versatile or that interesting in my opinion. – EHH

  6. I doubt I’d ever buy one but I think they’re kind of cute. I’m not a fan of the orangy/rusty colored ones…they look too much like a big basketball someone left sitting in the room.

  7. I love them for their opportunity to add color and their multipurpose uses. I like the way the pink ones are used in the Decor Pad photo and in the Domino photo. If I get tired of them, I’ll stick them in a room I don’t really use everyday until I like them again!

  8. I love the pops of color, but you can’t sit on it, put a beverage on it or use it as a pillow, so I’m much more likely to use a brightly colored garden stool or side table, so I’m going to have to say leave it

  9. i love ours, and actually find it totally useful. we sit on ours, and we also pull it up for an ottoman. we don’t have a lot of seating in our small living room so it’s great when we have ppl over. plus the cat sits on it a lot and we like to say PUFFER ON A POUF!

  10. I definitely think these are here to stay. The spaces you chose from these photos are evidence enough of the pouf’s versitility! They are so unique but that is what makes them so wonderful, it is something that makes complete sense. It doesn’t take up too much physical or visual room, and can be the perfect space filler or accent piece just about anywhere. If I lived with more space I would definitely get one for myself!

  11. I love them and I find them super useful as they can serve as seating for extra guests, table with a handy tray on them or just add up to the decor. Plus they can be easily hidden away when not needed!

  12. Love! My grandpa had two of these in his den that he actually bought in Morocco in the sixties or seventies. He used to put his white patent zipper boots on them and ask one of the kids to take them off. So, it’s actually not a new trend but a re-invention of an old one in fun, modern colors. I have a hot pink one in my living room now and I drag it all over the house. It gets used a ton by grownups and kids alike. When my cat Fluffy sits on it, I yell “Cat on a hot pink poof!”

  13. I have to say I do love…BUT, I’m not sure that it isn’t just a fad. I must say…I’m am super excited that Calypso St. Barth is doing one for their collaboration with Target. I think it is the perfect way to try it out and make sure you love the look in your home before investing in a “real” one.

  14. I think it’s a fad, but a cute one at that. Personally, I do not own one and will likely not buy one. If I received one as I gift, I would put it in one of the kid’s bedrooms or the playroom.

  15. I just decided today that I want one for our living room. I don’t think they are going to be a classic. I think of them as I do pillows – an easy way to update and won’t be a huge waste when you tire of it. Joanna

  16. I will admit a pouf is my go to item of the “moment”… I would have to say it’s a fad yes, however when done right it can be forever gorgeous… If you were to buy a tan or brown leather pouf you can virtually put that in almost any space and it will always look gorgeous.

  17. i think they’re adorable, but for me, just not functional enough. i need pieces that have a definite purpose. maybe if i have some extra funds and the perfect space i’ll consider one but until then, not for me.

  18. Love ’em. They add whim and a punch of colors to rooms that (very often) need just that. Sure, these poufs may seem like a trend, but they’ve been used in decorating before our time for years and years!

  19. LOVE it. We have one in our baby’s nursery and I think it’s totally functional. I use it as an ottoman at the foot of our glider and I think it’s perfect for little hands to balance themselves on when they start experimenting with standing. Plus I love the pop of color it adds. I think it’s here to stay, at least for a while.

  20. I don’t have one personally, but I always love the way they look in a room, and despite the fact that they are so ubiquitous, still love them! Hope they are here to stay!

  21. LEAVE IT!
    When the fad first started there was a bit of the novelty in their favor. However, I find them impractical, and so over done. They’ll never make their way into my home!

  22. I LOVE them. Partially biased because my bedroom is Moroccan themed. I did a blog post on this a few weeks ago and we didn’t use any of the same pics. Goes to show you how popular they are.

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