Do Tell: What skill do you wish you had?


I think we can all say that there are people we admire for their various abilities whether that means having a great singing voice, athletic prowess, innate style, an ability to not care what others think of them, or even mathematical genius. There are many skills that I would love to add to my repertoire. I love to sing, but usually only do so when I’m alone in order to spare others of my off-key voice. My poor pup, Tate isn’t quite so lucky and I sing to him a lot throughout the day. I also love to take photos, but I am a complete amateur. We purchased a DSLR, the Canon Rebel Xsi, to be exact, last year, but I am yet to learn how to use it. The more I work on photo shoots for High Gloss, the more fascinated I become with photography and yearn to kick my photography skills up a notch. I would also LOVE to learn graphic design. This might have a little to do with the fact that I horde stationery like nobody’s business, but I would love to learn my way around PhotoShop and InDesign and create cool graphics for my blog. I realize that these skills can be learned. All I have to do is find the time to do so!

So, do tell, what skills do you wish you had?


{Image Credit: Garance Doré}

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  1. I have no natural rhythm, so I always feel awkward dancing. If I could only pick one skill, that would be it, but of course there are many others I’d love to have/learn too.

  2. I’m with you on wanting to improve my photography skills. I have an Olympus EPL-1 which I have yet to use on its manual settings but plan to take a course at the local adult education center soon. There are some online courses available, too, from reputable photography schools that you might try if there are no evening programs in your area.

  3. I also wish I knew the graphic design programs of PhotoShop and InDesign. They would definitely come in handy at work since I work in marketing and it would provide the possibility to have a freelance job on the side. I also wish I had the ability to speak Italian. I grew up in an Italian family but they never taught me the language growing up. Hopefully one day I will sign up to take classes to learn these skills!

  4. I would personally love to be a totally uninhibited dancer with some majorly fly moves. I’d also love to have more business savvy and facility with number-crunching.
    Luckily, life is an ongoing adventure in personal growth and self-betterment, I find — that is if one prioritizes it to be so. Self-acceptance must come first and then the branching out and stretching, the pushing out of the comfort zone, the experimentation and the realization that we are not Everywoman 😉
    Have a great day, Alcira

  5. Good morning, Paloma!

    Skills can be learned, as you said. But some people are just so talented, right? I try t find my own talents and the more I live the more I discover them and it’s being a journey to give me some credit for having them… but I’m learning to to it.

    What I’ love to be able to do without driving myself NUTS is being more handy around my house. I admire people that can transform “trash” into treasure. I wish I could do that too! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!


    Luciane at

  6. I actually have a true talent of drawing, and a real artistic ability in that regards, yet I do absolutely nothing with it.

    I wish I could actually take the skills I have and give myself the motivation/direction I need to actually become a successful person using those talents… right now, it’s not happening! lol.

    Oh, and I wish I could play the violin. I only signed up for an art class way back when because they told me violins weren’t exactly an option for our school’s marching band. haha.

  7. As a word of encouragement here for all the ladies that want to learn photoshop — trust me, once you dive in and just start playing around, you can pick it up. So I say go for it ladies!

    As for me, I love music, and I wish I could sing really well and/or play an instrument like the piano. I’d love to walk into a room, see a piano, and immediately sit down and play!

  8. There are many talents I wish I had, been able to play the cello and sing would be amazing but more than anything I wish I had the time and skills to help those who are less fortunate in the world – I need a master class from Bono

  9. I want to learn many of the same things. Some classes have helped my photography improve, but I still have a long way to go. I’m also interested in learning more about graphic design, drawing and lately I’m drawn to watercolor. Now that I’ve been in Houston a year and can get in-district tuition I’m thinking of taking some classes at HCC.
    Singing would be cool too, but that just isn’t going to happen in this lifetime 😉

  10. My camera as well! I too have had a camera for over a year that I still haven’t figured out how to use properly! I just learned a few days ago that it has a pet mode! Who knew a thing existed? I have to admit it works great on kids that won’t sit still as well! Good luck!

  11. If I had one wish and only one, I would wish to be able to sing! truly, that is way way at the top of my list. in a very distant second i am also hoping to learn better photography skills too. i dont know why i keep procrastinating on getting a new DSLR, but i will soon!

  12. My wannabe skills are very very similar to yours … I would LOVE to learn how to sing professionally, definintely photography is at the top of my list {just need to buy a good camera first}, photoshop is definintely a must too, and lastly I would LOVE to learn how to use a sewing machine and make my own curtains and pillows 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. since becoming a blogger, I have been wanting to learn some graphic designing as well. Not to the point of going to get another design degree (outside of my already Interior Design one) but enough to jazz up my blog without having to depend on someone. I’m STILL waiting on a banner a friend is making but I do understand the delay.

    I’d also like to be more hip to electronics. I wish I knew how to hook up all things without having to call my brothers or male cousins. This independent woman thing can get very DEPENDENT easily when it comes to electronics LOL 🙂

  14. One thing I’m very good at is drawing, it’s been a gift that I’ve been known for my whole life from the school days with kids & friends to now as an adult. It’s helped a lot in my profession as well but one thing that would help even more is sewing. I forgot to add that. I want to make fly window treatments and jazzy pillows. One day in life…

  15. I would love to learn more about graphic design. It would really add to my passion for interior design. Taking the time to learn something new at the moment seems so very overwhelming, but very worth it.

  16. I wish I was a better artist. My mother was blessed with a natural ability to paint the most lovely water colors. Unfortunately I was not so blessed, but I am working on it. I keep a sketchbook hidden away full of my artwork. My goal is to one day have the confidence to share my own art with the world.

  17. YouTube is a great (free) teaching tool for those of us who don’t have the attention span to read the instruction manual. I’ve used it to learn how to do my own flower arrangements, how to play chess, how to make stuffed eggplant…

  18. I know how to use the Adobe Suite from college, but I’d love to be better at it. My skills at this point are pretty elementary. I’d also like to learn french, and use a sewing machine to sew pillows and curtains!

  19. I would love to get over my phobia of public speaking!…it’s such a necessary skill in life…I’m a graphic designer so the creative/designy part was always natural but getting up in front of people and talking is a big
    I’ll trade some graphic skills with you for speaking ones since you’re well-versed enough for the bloggers conference that just passed!