Do Tell: What is your favorite vacation destination?

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Every time I return home after a work trip, I always feel like I could use a vacation! I am currently debating between returning to London and Paris or taking a trip through the Andalucía region of Southern Spain. So, if money, time, and work commitment were no object, where would you jet off to tomorrow if you could?


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  1. Oh, Cabo San Lucas where we purchased and renovated a home this last year.
    The weather there is like it is today in Houston nine months a year.

    We have a big family trip planned and will be leaving March 11th for ten days.

    It cannot come soon enough!

    Vikki 🙂

  2. I feel the same way! If money were no option right now I would jet off to Italy or Greece! Italy is one of my favorite places on earth and I have always wanted to travel to Greece 🙂 Now I’ll be day dreaming about it all day ha! Have a great day 🙂

  3. My favorite destination of all times is The Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. Simply LOVE IT there! The atmosphere, stunning nature with lots of gorgeous flowers, fruits and wonderful beaches, the beautiful tropical weather and not to mention delicious food.
    If you haven´t visit, but the opportunity knocks on your door, grab it!
    xoxo Marie

  4. If I could choose anywhere right this moment it would be Spain. I’m completely smitten by so many of the Spanish designers that I’d love to go wallow in all the good stuff there.

  5. I’ve been lucky to have travelled all over the world. I live in Scotland and I adore London but talking if going abroad then I would always pick the French Riviera and LA

  6. My husband and I recently traveled though the south of France, and we found the Nice/Cannes region along the Mediterranean so picturesque and relaxing! Monte Carlo is 40 minutes by train, and Paris is only a few hours… Wherever you go, travel safely!

  7. I would jet out to Australia!! (that is if I had a jet) A beautiful place I’ve never been but always wanted to go!!
    I guess anywhere tropical and lush would do!
    This spring weather has me begging to go ANYWHERE!!

  8. It was New York City until we moved here (now it’s like a vacation every day!), so I’d say Paris (we’re going back in May).

    If money were truly no object, it’s hard to beat a week in a private villa in St. Barts. We’ve been twice and I’m sure we’ll eventually go back (when we can afford it).

  9. If you are thinking Spain, I’d recommend the Minho and Tras-os-Montes provinces of Portugal. Think amazing rustic cuisine, great robust vinho tinto, and gorgeous castles to explore. Also, Spain is just a short trip across the river!

    Have a fabulous trip!

  10. Florence, Italy. Art and architecture is to die for, the shopping is great, and the food is divine. You can walk the whole city and feel safe to explore! Second, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Its is the most breathtakingly beautiful place I’ve ever seen!

  11. I would go to Italy, but London is absolutely gorgeous in the spring.

    Make sure to spend plenty of time in the Queen’s Rose Garden at Regent’s Park. The scent of the blooming flowers is incredible!


  12. Although i’ve never been, I’d love to go to Italy! I think it would be so romantic and an awesome experience for my husband and I to have together!

  13. I usually love everywhere I’ve travelled… except Tangier, Morocco. Have you ever done the Romantic Road in Germany? I really enjoyed that! Also love Salzburg, Austria. Take the Sound of Music Tour if you go. The Irish seem to like Americans… always a bonus. One of my favorite layovers (I’m a flight attendant) is Spokane, Washington. A river runs through town and they seem to always have a parade for something. They also have a beautiful rose garden and quaint historic craftsman bungalows nearby.

    Last year I also couldn’t decide where to travel to and ended up in Costa Rica. Really beautiful!

  14. I live in Europe, and I also lived in London for about a year. I absolutely love London, but it’s a busy city. If you’re going for something more relaxing go for Rome. It’s the most beautiful city in Europe! Rome, Berlin and London are my favorites!

  15. Japan….it fits my personality..all over the place!! My eyes did not stop dancing at all the colors, and activities. Seriously the best people watching, food, etc. All the excitement of Tokyo, then head over to Hakone for the hot springs and relaxation, then take the bullet train over to Kyoto for the geisha sightings. Can’t wait to go back one day! (sigh!)

  16. GREAT QUESTION! i’m packing up now for barcelona and london (never been to either). but if i had unlimited funds, i’d love to travel to the south of france and stay somewhere on the water. 🙂 maybe next year!

  17. Used to be London, but I’m moving there in September for graduate school. I’ve never been but I would love to visit Greece. From what I’ve seen there are gorgeous beaches, delicious food and lovely people. Happy and safe travels everyone!

  18. I would go to Rio de Janeiro to have fun on the beach and visit some friends I only see every 5 years or so. But Paloma, if you happen to travel to Spain you should definitly visit Portugal. It’s very close and a beautiful country (can you tell I’m Portuguese :)?).

  19. Kenya, without a doubt. Nothing compares. Safari on Maasai Mara, a day or two in Mombasa, and as many days as you can spare on Lamu Island (to this day I’ve never been more relaxed than I was during the 6 days I spent on that Island a half a lifetime ago).

  20. If money and time were not object, I’d jet off tomorrow and not return. I’d go everywhere and anywhere. My favorite thus far has been St Lucia. The weather is perfect always, not too hot and a constant breeze. Later this year we’re taking the kids to Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany for 4 weeks. Our next trip will either be to Italy, New Zealand, or Ireland.

  21. Many places I would like to visit: return to Prague; visit Rio de Janeiro; Barcelona; Viena.
    And many places here in Portugal.


  22. Antartica! Cannot find anyone to go with me…so i guess i will have to venture by myself… off to climb Kilimanjaro in a few months…so Antartica will have to wait until next year…want to come along?

  23. Castellina in Chianti, Italy = AMAZING. I also love Positano, Italy.
    And you can’t beat an evening stroll in Paris.