10 Things I Can’t Live Without: Emily A. Clark

Emily A. Clark
Emily A. Clark has found such a great balance between design content and personal anecdotes for the blog she shares a name with. Not only does she share her design inspiration, but she also frequently shares her own design work which lends a more personal side to her blog. She is super sweet and talented, so I am very happy to share her “10 Things” with you all today.
#1.  My family   

I can’t imagine life without them.  It’s incredible to me that God has blessed us with these three sweet babies.  They entertain me, keep me busy, drive me a little crazy and make me very happy.

#2.  Diet Dr. Pepper and Special K Red Berries

Or, as I like to call it, "the breakfast of champions."  It’s how I start every morning, and it has become a slight addiction.

#3.  Time with my friends

As I’ve gotten older, and the longer I’m a stay-at-home mom, time with my girlfriends has become more important to me.  It’s good to have those people in your life who you can really be yourself around. . .

#4. Seasons

As much as I love warm weather, I love the changing of seasons even more.  I can’t imagine living in a place where I didn’t experience the blooms of spring and a pretty snowfall, all in the same year.

#5.  Music

I love to sing.  I sing in the church choir, I sing in the car and sometimes, I sing in the shower.  It makes me happy (and entertains my kids).

#6.  Reality TV

Yes, I know.  But, it’s my little escape from reality after every one else in my house goes to bed at night.  And, doesn’t it make you feel better about yourself to know that you would never act like those crazy women on TV?  Sure it does.

#7.  Color
My home office

While I always admire those beautiful, neutral rooms online and in magazines, I can never resist throwing in a bold color in each room in my own home.  To me, color is exciting and instantly creates a statement.

#8.  Bargain Shopping
I found these lamps for my office at a home decor outlet for $8 each!

I have no desire to jump out of an airplane or climb a mountain.  I get my adrenaline rush from finding a great deal.  I love scouring thrift stores or walking down a clearance aisle to find a treasure that no one else was able to see the potential in.  And, I admit, I’m the world’s worst about telling guests how little I paid for something when they compliment it.  I take strange pride in this skill. . . .

#9.  House Projects
I found these dining chairs for $12 each and gave them an update.
Ask my husband, I’m Type A in a bad way.  It takes a lot for me to sit still; my mind is always racing about things I want to do or should be doing.  Nothing makes me happier than spray painting a piece of furniture and moving things around in our house.  Some people play golf; I play decorating.
#10.  Jesus

I’ve saved the best for last.  Without Him, none of the other stuff matters.  He is my joy and my salvation, and I’m glad to know that He is always with me.


Thanks to Paloma for asking me to be a part of this fun series! 

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  1. I’m the exact opposit in terms of adrenaline rushes, extreme spors is my thing. Not to say I don’t love a really good bargain though! What a lovely family too.

  2. What a perfect list! I love the breakfast. My running friend has a diet coke and two pop tarts for breakfast….yes, before she runs! Life is unfair!
    Lila Ferraro

  3. Emily is a wonderful designer to feature! I had the pleasure of meeting up with her in NYC last month and she is the real deal, a total doll, a classy lady through and through, with a fabulous eye for design. Fantastic feature!


  4. I absolutely love Emily’s line “Some people play golf; I play decorating.” That is the perfect come back to a pestering hubby/fiance who doesn’t like my purchases! haha

  5. Oh Emily, we have so much in common, with the exception of reality TV, you and I could be best friends! Love your blog and it was fun to get to know you better on this post!

  6. Thanks to everyone for your kind comments–you never know if people will like you or think you’re a total weirdo 🙂

    Paloma, thanks for having me. It’s always an honor to be on your beautiful blog.


  7. Better late than never. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post and that Emily has been a huge inspiration to me. Love the list Emily!